Tuesday, August 22, 2006

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Pulliam Tower Sunrise

Things done below this picture were done in 064....above it, 065!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Educating girls is a real lifesaver


In the article, "Educating girls is a real lifesaver" by Victoria Brittain and Larry Elliott, the authors say, the education of girls is very important to reduce the poverty. There are many young girls who are not educated and have problems such as early death, serious diseases, and they live like slaves in poor countries. Moreover, as these girls are growing, this pattern repeatedly happens dooming even the next generations. The authors state poor countries can break the cycle concerning the fate of girls by educating girls. Also, educated girls can help the development of economies when girls are in schools.

Girls who are educated can help to improve national economies for two reasons. One, girls are more intelligent, in specific part, than boys. When people educate girls for the development of a girl’s abilities, their abilities might increase the income of companies in these poor nations. For example, girls have a better language ability than boys, fluency and verbal expression. For that reason, there are many announcers and reporters in broadcasting stations, and employers hire many girls who are educated. Also, girls are good job at handling many tasks. so many companies that produce detailed stuff want female workers and teach females.

Two, educating girls has a very good affect on the next generation. In order words, when girls who are educated become mothers, they raise their children wisely. Educated girls know how important education is. They teach their children when their children do not know something or have questions about class work. For instance, many mothers tend to stuffy English more and more in Korea. They want to help their children with school work and teach their children themselves. Moreover, wise mothers teach their children how to use money. This means that children gain an understanding of the word economy, and then they can save money.

In conclusion, educating girls is an effective way to start a growing economy, and this is a root cause in order to be a strong nation.

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Educating Girls Is a Real Lifesaver by Ayu Usui

Ayu Usui
  In the article ”Educating Girls Is a Real Lifesaver” by Victoria Brittain and Larry Elliott, the author s discuss how many people know that the schooling of girls is a certain way to help poor countries economically, and individually. Actually, there are many countries that don’t educate girls because of customs that started long time ago. Girls were excluded from education for this reason, and continue to be presently. Some people think girls schooling isn’t the way to escape from poverty. Presently, this thinking is changing to be more progressive. However, in many countries that still have conservative societies, there are many women who still don’t have access to education and they sacrifice themselves for their families and societies. The author states that education is the way to decrease baby death. In fact, that’s true and we can say that this kind of problem cause some environmental problems so we can’t neglect these changing.
  Schooling girls is vital problem because that causes many other problems such as economical, social and environmental. Also the problem is related with not only girls. First, schooling girls has some effects on economic because when girls are educated, they can get the jobs. And decreasing employee has some good influence on economy. It helps the country’s economic level, that is, the level is going up and the country will be wealth. Second, for raising social level, girls should be taken education. If they get education, the social level is going to high because people who are educated are orderly except special people. For example, the crime rate is high in low education class and its opposite in the high education class. And it’s proved by researchers, that no education cause many crimes. Third, environmental problems are caused by lower level education. If people got enough education, they can think about environment and take care of that. However people who don’t have enough education use the ground selfish. Therefore, the problems such as global warming and raising sea level happen. In conclusion, there are many serious and urgent problems because of no or low education, so girls must be received education.
Brittain,V. and Elliot,l.(2004). Educating Girls is a Real lifesaver. In Mikulecky,S,B. and Jeffries,L. (Eds). More reading Power. (pp23). White plains, NY;Pearson Education.

The Path to Successful Future

Hassan Muslli

The Path to Successful Future

What high school students care about is what they’ll do in their weekend, want kind of boy or girl they want, when they’ll get a new car or get out of school. But the main point here is how this students wake up and thinking about their future without a clue from their parents and their teachers, and it’s important to know how they decide of which major they take. Students must start to plan for the future from the first year of high school.

Making a plan about the major is very difficult especially when the teenagers don’t have much information about the majors and jobs. So, the beginning will be from the teachers and give the students more information about all majors and give them the freedom to see themselves in these jobs. Let them to take some tests and show them how they did in these tests. Moreover, it’s more important to understand their skills and theirtalent. The plan will be easier if there are some help.

When they finish the high school here will be the next step. Choosing the path of the future, and it’s the time to decide what the students want to be. This is not easy specially if the student didn’t take the tests or learned about the different major. So the problem will be what they are going to do. So they just see what their friends doing and do the same thing. And here is another problem. They discovered in the meddle if the way that major is different from their skills, so they change the major to something else.

Future for the children is just to be rich and successful, and this is something good to choose. But what happen in high school is like a nap from this stuff and leave it to another time so in the last year in high school they mention that they need to choose the way to be famous and successful, so they want to be doctors or engineers. In addition. They need important help to wake them up to start planning to the future from the first year of school. In conclusion, if we teach our children about good jobs in our life their mind will discovered there are a lot of important things to care about like choosing the path of the future.


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