Friday, August 31, 2007

Driving under stress

Although I got my driving license at 20 years old, I am still a new driver. In Taiwan driving is more dangerous, so my father is afraid to let me drive and I have almost no chances to drive. However, the driving environment in America is safer and far away from my father; it's my chance to practice.

For a new driver to control a car is really stressful. Many fast cars surround you, and the one who sits next to you appears to be nervous or tells you what to do all the time, which are all stressful, and make you crazy. At that time I just want a quiet driving circumstancs.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I hope to teach after I finish my major. My major is Electronic engineering. I want to work at a college in my country. If I can’t find a job in the college, I will go to look in the synthetic industry. May be I will face some danker in my work. Also I might spend a lot of time when I choose synthetics. My major is difficult to study for and difficult to work in. usually any engineers in my country get a good salary. I like my major because it's more fun and more technical. Electronics is very important in our lives.

Mohammed Radwan

Monday, August 27, 2007

Mechanical engineer

In the future I will be a mechanical engineer. I think it is not a bad job, because I will get a salary that is not bad. But a good salary means high stress. Every day I need to work over eight hours and I need to work in the middle of the night. Long working time will make me have less sleeping time, have no time to hang out with my friends and or get a girlfriend. I also think it is not a long career for me if I want a healthy body. But I think it is good training for me to have a good experience.

by Jeremy

My Interesting Job

I am to wrk in a human resource department. It is kind of helping people increase their work effectiveacss. In there departments they are also reponsible for hiring new workers and interviewing them. This department has become more and more inportant in many companies, because companies can save money if they accentuate human resources. For example, companies can train their employees to get many different skills, and get them to do many different jobs. Therefore, companies do not hire many people. In this department, they have to control their emotions. Employees may have complaints about their salaries or something. So, human resource workers have to deal with their problems, also, they have to listen about their complaints.

By Kevin


Architectural designers are one of the most tough jobs, so they always try to make a new designs and works overtime. They take a cautious attitude foward people, architectural designers usually have a time limit their work, and they always work hard all day for quality of life. I think that they devoted their life to social service and they have developed civilization to a high degree. Architectural designer is an inventor and a creator in present-day life.

some job cause stress

This is a famous popular job. We can appear on televison so that we are superstars. We can have a lot of fans and we can earn a lot of money. But it will be stressful because we have a lot of work because we can not sleep well and we have to give up some sleeping time. Then, we have to keep a good appearance and we have to have a good face, and a skinny body. These things will be stressful to us. For me, keeping a skinny body and not being able to sleep well is difficult for me to do.

By Yalanda

fluency exercise

I'd like to be an electrical engineer. This job has a good future in my country. My father has this job. I liked this job when I was 12 years old. This job is done inside on the computer. The man who has this job can make enough money for his family. The money can be enough for you when you retire. When you graduate there are many companies that have a job for you in this major. I heard that the major for this job is very difficult. I don't want to change it because I like it.


Fluency EX.1

I think that an interesting job is actor. An actor can be famous in public. Sometimes they can be an idol of the young people. They like to get fame. However, they can't use their personal time, because many people in the public know them. Also the paparazzi always follow the famous actor. They even catch their personal life. So the actor may feel really stressful. They need to prepare before they go outside. I think that they feel stressful about their personal life. -EAP1 Moon-

political affairs

I like so much being a political man, administrator, minister or one of the influential members of the country, especially the president of the republic. It's a really good and interesting job. But the most stressful thing about this function is to deal every day with problems thinking about solving social conditions of the people, struggling every day against the pressure from the opposition. It would be sometimes difficult to solve all the problems at the same moment, because there are so many -Economic, Security, Education, International Affairs, Financial and others.


Fluency Ex.1

Nurse might be a interesting job. I think that when you are a nurse,
it is rewarding to take care of people, make them more comfortable, and
make them become better and better.

However, to inject them, and to see the painful faces on patients is
stressful to me, especially when a patient's situation is getting worse.
I think I have a kind heart, but I can't handle the emotion in the ward.
When I was a student nurse I usually cried privately, because the pain
seemed to be on my own body or on those of my relatives.

Maybe I should control the feeling or change to another interesting job.

by Corina


One of my dreams when I was young is to be a doctor. The main reason is to help people who are suffering of sickness. There
are other reasons, for example, it is a respected job, you can get a good salary and people can't live without doctors. On the
other hand, there are some negative points .for example when someone has a dangerous disease and you can't help that make
you feel you are useless .another reason is when you do your best to treat a patient , then one of his/her family said that you
killed him /her. Some people don't know that I like to see them fine, in good health and in a good mood.
Furthermore I hate when some patient comes late and says, help me, and I can't do anything for him/her .in my mind the most
stressful thing is when someone died in front of me.

Mohammad A

Fluency Ex.

It will make people tired because they can't taking a picture all the time and all of sistuation. Some good things are in picture myself. For example, can take a picture whatever and make some crazy acting or funny face on camera. But it is will stressfull because if want to take picture themselves with background. And I think always same acting, not much way to take a picture.

Also people who have a big head or face the camera just take a face not else. So it will be stressfull, too. They will be kind of social loner because acting and everyting in the picture think alone. So people will sick of picture yourself.


To Be A Pilot !

My interesting job is pilot. However, to be a pilot is not easy. It requires good vision, language ability, strong body and clear mind. Beside these, you should have a smart brain to solve many problems in the airplane. When you fly in the sky, security is the most important thing to everyone; many things would influence you, like wind or weather. Making plane and making passengers safe is the pilot's job. You should control everything in the plane. Although being a pilot is difficult, I still want to try it. I want to make my dream come ture, and also hope that day will ccome soon! (Patrick)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Welcome to Illinois!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Chinese Talk: The girl lives in the moon

A long long time ago, there were ten suns in the sky. They lived in the cave at night, and they would go outside to keep the world light and warm in the daytime. But there was a special rule in their jobs, that was only one could go outside per day, or the earth would be dry and the creatures would die. Therefore, they took turns and each one would stay in the cave for 9 days, and had one day free. That made them feel bored, and they often complained about that. One day, they made a decision that they would go outside together, and one day they did it.
It was terrible for ten suns to appear in the sky. Human and animals could not stand the heat and a lot of creatures died. This condition kept on for a few days, but smart human could do everything for that. A few months later, when the earth almost lost all life, the hero appeared. He was the #1 shooter, and he shot down nine suns, and left one. As soon as possible, the earth recovered, and the people smiled again.
The people let the hero become their king to thank him. But it was the wrong decision for the people. The hero lost his humble heart and was more and more period. He hurt his people every day and didn’t care for his people. Moreover, because he wanted to control his kingdom forever, he found two miracle herbs which would not let him become old or die. Why did he get two herbs? He had a beautiful wife, and he wanted to share the kingdom with her. His wife loved him deeply, too. But she was very kind to her people, and she could bear to let her husband hurt the people. So she took both herbs to prevent her husband from living forever.
Unluckily, both herbs were too much. She felt her body become more and more light. At the same time, her husband found out she took both herbs, and he felt so sad. He tried to chase his wife back, but he could. His wife was too light, and flew into the moon. The king was so angry, he tried to shoot the moon down, but a god made him lose the power of the shooter. His wife received a new life and lived in the moon forever.

By Fred