Monday, January 30, 2012

Article report- Nuhad

Author: Michael Dresser
Title of article: O'Malley to unveil new approach to wind power.
Publication: The Baltmore Sun.
Date of article: 01/23/12
short summary
Gov.O'Malley's bill is promoted off shove wind power which is borrowed ideas from New Jersey bill signed bu republican Gov.Chris Christie . this Bill situated 10 miles off the ocean city coast. the bill is too expensive and requires from electricity customers to pay an extra $2 a month. the way is used to promote the plan by creating jobs in so called "green" industries.
Issues that you can find: what are the electricity customers opinions about adding extra $2 to their bills to pay for wind mills?
My opinion:
I think that the renewable energy is safe foe our environment compared with used oil or gas. the government should encourage the people to use the clear energy.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

article report-Jungwon Moon

Author : There is no author's name By AP
Title of article : 3 inch nail removed from Illinois Man's brain.
Publication : TIME
Date of article : January 21, 2012

short summary :
Dante Autullo has felt nauseated, his friend Glaenzer suggested to him to go to hospital. The result of X-ray, surprisely 3-inch nail floated in his brain. He had successful surgery.

Issues that you can find
lodging nail is unsual, but extremely rare.
The nail went through the ear.
The nail came within millimeters from the part of the brain that controls motor function.

Your opinion
It is an impressive thing for me that they removed a lodged nail in the brarin. Actually lodging nail is very surprising happening.