Friday, February 27, 2009


To help me pass the TOEFL test I think I need to improve my reading skills and grammar skills more than anything else because of many reasons: TOEFL has many reading parts and it includes grammar, so if I get more practice, I will answer most of them and improve my score. My listening skill is better than the others. I think I need to read more about different topics to increase my vocabulary, grammar and reading.

Person should prepare for TOEFEL test before taking it for long time, should go to TOEFEL class, make practice for the skills, read a lot and study grammar. The night before the test, she should sleep early and relax. In the morning, he /she should wake up early, and eat a good breakfast: If you like to drink coffee, should rat a cup before starting the test. During the test they should be relaxed, confident, listen carefully and be careful when they answer. Believe that what you will get is still a good try.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Q: What skills do you need to pass the TOEFL? We know that you need listening skill,grammar skill,reading skill, in general,but What else? What are parts of those major sections that are most difficult?
A: I think that TOEFL asks for many skills. For instance, saving time,prioritizing,concentration,etc. These are very important things.Particulary,we don't need blanks.We have to check every question.While we are solving a question,if we face a difficult question,we had better skip the question. In my case, leading part is the most difficult.
Q: How should a person best prepare for the TOEFLL? Give them advice about sleep,food,wakefulness,exercise,coffee,or whatever you think is appropriate.How should a person feel on the morning or afternoon of the test?
A: To pass the TOEFL is little difficult. So,we need some kinds of effort.First of all, We have to listen to English through TV,radio,and other audio.Next, we should get accustomed to writing in English.For instance,we had better write a diary in English everyday.Finally, we had better take the exam as a real situation.If we did the above things,we will get a higher score. In my case, I want to take the test in the afternoon beacause I can concentrate in the afternoon.

Wook Je Choi


The most i want to improve is listening skill. I have a lot of troubles to improve my listening. When i watch the video or shows, i can almost know what they said. But when i practice Toefl exerices, i only can undrstand half the meaning of sentence. I don't know how to improve my toefl listening. So, do you have some good idea to make my toefl listening progress more?

I think that enough sleep is very important for preparing the Toefl. If you do not have enough sleep, you will be tired and your brain will be not clear to take the exam. Then, you need to eat enough food as the normal level, because it takes you a long tme to take the toefl exam. At last, i think tests in the afternoon are better than tests in the morning, because we have enough time to prepare exam and adjust our mood.

Dan Dong


There are many ways for a person to be prepared for the TOEFL test. The ways that we can improve our performance are: sleep, exercise, practice strategy and being motivated. First, it is necessary to have a good sleeping situation such as sleeping on time at some hour in a good place and environment, because it makes you feel good in a good mood and surge of energy next days. Second, exercise any kind of sport at least 30 minutes 3 times per week. For example simple and easy exercise should be running, swimming, meditation, moreover, aerobic exercise should be good. We may include walking and using stairs I our daily life. Third, we have to practice strategies learned in TOEFL class because it helps us to solve difficulties faced on the test, lets us take less time and do better. Finally, motivation is another important factor that improves our performance. All these are ways to get better results on the TOEFL test.

Name:Artur Canumbila



TOELF is one of the tests in the English language that test our ability and fluency in English . Normally, TOELF requires speed, reflection, precision and coherency at some time. Consequently, I think, all these items much be in combination in order to finish the test on time. Time is critical for everybody . My suggestion is that improving speed on the reading comprehension is a key to success. All in all, I need to improve reading and grammar skill because I believe them to be the key of TOELF score success.

Name:Artur Canumbila

TOEFL - quick write

Most difficult section in TOEFL

When I take a TOEFL exam, I run out of time on the reading part. It is impossible to read everything. I need skills to figure out sentences, and to know which part is important and which one is not. I have to find out for answer the question, because reading is long and time is short.

Prepare for the TOEFL

Of course, we should study our weak point. When we study TOEFL exam, we should check the time. It is important to adjust to the real TOEFL exam. After practice, we were not chased by time.


What skills do you need ot pass the TOEFL? We know that you need listening skill, grammar skill, and reading skill, in general, but what else? but what else? What are parts of those major sections that are most difficult?

Before studying foreign language, I think we also have to study our own language, because It's also a language. I don't think our foreign skills will increase even if our own language is not developed yet. Speaking is also important. Actually when people know how to speak it means that they already know much about grammar, reading and listening. TOEFL is an exam, so when we don't know the answers; we need a kind of luck. reading is the most difficult part for me to do it, because I don't know much about vocabulary, and I hardly practice reading parts.

How should a person best prepare for the TOEFL? Give them advice about sleep, food, wakefulness, exercise, coffee, or whatever you think is appropriate. How should a person feel on the morning of afternoon of the test?

Some people didn't get much sleep because of studying, but it's not a good idea. Sitting in a chair for a long time doesn't mean studying hard. We need concentration when we study, so we need enough sleep. Exercising a few times a week is good for our health. When our body is healthy, we can do a lot of things for a short time. I don't think coffee is good, because coffee has some materials that cause sleep disability, and it bothers our thinking clearly. I don't recommend drinking coffee when you are studying. I've read from books that said morning time is the best time to do something when it required concentration.



What skills do you need to pass the TOEFL? We know that you need listening skill, grammar skill, and reading skill, in genera, but what else? What are parts of those major sections that are most difficult?

During the TOEFL, listening is the most difficult parts of every international students. The second language has different pronunciation; the local dialects are very fast, so it is not easy to listen. For the reading parts, the time is too short, and there are lots of readings, so we need to read as quick as possible. Using the lest time understand the meaning and finish many readings; however, we can't do that.

How should a person best prepare for the TOEFL? Give them advice about sleep, food, wakefulness, exercise, coffee, or whatever you think is appropriate. How should a person feel on the morning or afternoon of the test?

Afternoon for the test is the best time. We can wake up later, have enough time to sleep, so that during the test we don't feel sleepy. Maybe take coffee and drink it at the test. Before the test, we will eat some food, not too much, and don't feel full is good for the students who will do the test. In the test, relax yourself that you will get the best scores.

Quick write by Maiko

To get higher score, we need to have skills without knowledge. First, concentration skill is one of the most important skills. In my case, when I feel tired or do not have strong motivation, I couldn't get higher score, but when I have higher motivation and have enough rest, I tend to be able to concentrate and get a higher score. Also, It is necessary to have controlling skill. People ned to control themselves to prepare for TOEFL and make themselves be ready for the test. In addition, I think grammar section is the most difficult because I don't remember grammar and I used to hate grammar before I came to America.

To get higher score on the TOEFL test, people should go to bed early and get enough sleep before the exam. To get enough sleep, it is good to exercise the evening before. Also, they should not drink coffee before going to bed. They can drink green tea to reduce stress level. In the morning, they should be full of challenge spirit to get higher score, instead of be nervous.


I think i need the gift of learning another language. We know that we need listening skill, grammar skill, and reading skill. Also, we need speaking skill. Maybe it is not important for the sections of TOEFL. But by the speaking skill, you can practice all of the sections in TOEFL. Also, I think the most difficult part is reading. There are many different kinds of knowledge in the reading part and many vocabulary. So i think the reading part is most difficult.

We need a long time to prepare for the TOEFL, because it is really difficult for the second language speaker. But do not be so nervous about the test. Keeping you body healthy is the most important thing. You should sleep on time and wake-up on time. Eat some healthy food, do not always eat fast food. You can do some excise to keep you body strong. But do not do a lot of excise, you will be too tired to study. One day before the test, do not do any excise of TOEFL. You just need to relax, watch a movie or do something else. I f your TOEFL test is in the morning, remember to eat breakfast. If your TOEFL test is in the afternoon, make sure that you don not feel sleepy during the test.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Journal Question #6

For some of you this is your last CESL term. You are about to leave CESL and head out into the University, maybe to SIU or somewhere else. Now I am asking your to think about you best memory of CESL. What was something that happened to you while you were at CESL that was very memorable for you? Why was it so good? God forbid that you haven't had a good time at CESL, but if you cannot think of a good moment but can only think of a bad one, please tell me that too. Do not mention anyone's name. Please post any pictures you have that relate to this!
If you don't want to talk about CESL, but your time here in Carbondale or in other parts of the US that you visited to, was it anything like you expected? What did you learn from your time here? What would you do again?
As long as your answer has something to do with this topic I'll love it. Also....PICTURES!! Please? (e-mail some to me at If you do, I'll love you forever...and you'll be forever immortalized in the CESL Today!)

DUE 3/2 at 5PM. 10 SENTENCES.

Last Question of the Term....enjoy it!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Journal Question #5

Hello All!! (Sorry this question is up a little late but I know none of you really do them until after Friday, so I think it's ok).
I just came back from Chicago because I had an interview for the JET program. If I get the job I'll be helping to teach English in Japan this coming July. I was a little nervous because I have wanted to travel my whole life. Though, I don't think that I was the most nervous that I have even been before.
This week I want to ask you what was a time in your life that you remember being very nervous or anxious about. It can be an exciting event, like getting to do something that you have always wanted to (an interview for a good job etc...), or it could be before something very negative, like having to do something you don't want to (give a speech or something like that.)
If you have a picture, awesome! If not, that's sad...

REMEMBER: 20 SENTENCES (I count the periods!!!!) Due 2/23 at 5pm!!!!


Monday, February 09, 2009

Journal Question #3

This next Saturday is Valentine's Day. As far as I know I think all of your countries celebrate this holiday, though I know that each our your cultures celebrate this holiday differently. If you don't know this holiday, it's simple to understand. This is a day for Lovers. It's on this day that you tell the person you love most all about it. Also, sometimes people give gifts to their family and friends.
My question for this week asks about the kind of person you would want to marry. What do you want them to be like? What personality or what kind appearance?
If you are blessed enough to be married now please tell me about this person. How did you meet them? What are they like? What are you going to do for them this weekend?
If this question is a little too personal for you, tell me past experiences with this holiday in your country. How did you celebrate this day as a child?
DUE 2/16 at 5 PM. 10 Sentences.

(Also, I will be out of town this next Monday so I'll be getting your grades back to you a little late!!)

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Hey all!!! After reading many of your journal #2s I was really impressed. I learned a lot of new things, and then heard some things that I had to learn about the hard way after meeting many international students. On my personal page I wrote my own reaction. It is my opinion and should not be taken as a personal attack to anyone in particular.I love internationals, but this is something I have wanted to say to foreign students here, and to people I have met when I left my country, but never was able to say. Read it if you are interested. I couldn't pass up the chance to do the same thing that you all did.
Here is the Link.