Saturday, October 20, 2007

welcome to 076


work done below this picture was done in 075, August-October, 2007.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fluency Ex.#1

I want to be an intervewer. I want to work on The television for news or programs, because i can see myself doing very well when i work on this job and talk about pople's problems, or i can send massege by TV to the public. So, any kind of people can see me and maybe someone will like my point and he can improve my idea by helping people.


TOEFL is test number one by definition for anyone who wants to enter any university in some century. TOEFL is stressful, especially for international students. I have to pass the TOEFL to pass to the next level or university. There is not a specific book for studying. Also, the time is really short and the sections are long. The most stressful section is reading, because it comes when I am tired. Next, when I see many of the words don’t understand, I feel bored and can’t be successful or miss. When I study hard for the classes and I remember the TOEFL, I feel like I failed. I’m really really sick when I hear TOEFL.

Monday, October 08, 2007


I will write about the best way to study vocabulary. Actually, there are many ways to study vocabulary such as writing them down and speaking, making words cards and reading them every time. It is just up to people's study style. In my style, I make vocabulary cards and read them daily when I have free time. I try to remember the selfsame thing about vocabulary. Vocabulary is the most important thing in studying English. I think that vocabulary is the basic element of English. Therefore, people always try to remember vocabulary at any time.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Taking TOEFL

In my opinion, the most stressful aspect of taking the TOEFL, is the time given. TOEFL is a test that needs a maximum amount of concentration to understand the questions and the exactitude to answer them. For example, in the reading section, you are in front of five long texts and fifty questions to answer, but all of that must be done in fifteen minutes. That's what makes stress, because when you look at the time and you realize that you did not finish reading and answering all of the questions, you feel stressed and you lose confidence; you start hurrying up so that you can finish all of it in the right time.

Learning Vocabulary !

If I see a vocabulary word I don't understand, I will use the dictionary to find the word's meaning. Then, I study the meaning of the word and make a sentence. I think it is the best way for me to learn vocabulary easily. Some people have trouble learning English, especially vocabulary. They don't know how to remember and use the word. Today they will learn the vocabulary, but they will forget it tomorrow. If you are learning some vocabulary and using them regularly, you will remember it. This is the way I learn new vocabulary. Anyway, more listening, speaking, reading and writing can improve your English. So do it your own way!

Smoking experience........

I don't smoke, so I don't have any experience with smoking. My father was smoking before, but now he quit it. When I was young, I always saw my father smoking, but he didn't smoke too many cigarettes a day. I don't like smoking. It drives me crazy. So I told my father to quit smoking, because smoking will harm your health. It also influences your family's health. So please quit smoking. Six months later, my father quit smoking. He told me he was never smoking again, although he has stress at his work. When he sees his friends smoking, he will tell them not to smoke. Now, we have a healthy environment to live in, and also have a strong body. So please quit smoking for your health.

My interesting job !

My interesting job is pilot. However, to be a pilot is not easy. It requires good vision, language ability, strong body and clear mind. Beside these, you should have a smart brain to solve many problems in the airplane. When you fly in the sky, security is the most important thing to everyone; many things would influence you, like wind or weather. Making a plane and making passengers safe is the pilot's job. You should control everything in the plane. Although being a pilot is difficult, I still want to try it. I want to make my dream come true, and also hope that day will come soon!

Campus Life!

I love the SIUC campus! It is so big and beautiful. When I first came here, everything attracted me, even the trees or animals. This campus also has a big lake. There are many animals in the lake, tortoies, fishes, and ducks: it looks like a beautiful picture. If I have free time, I like to walk around the lake, and enjoy nature. Beside these, there are many beautiful buildings on the campus. Although they are old, I still like it. The landmark of this university is a bell tower. Every day, we can hear the sound of the bell. Dear friends! If you can come here, I will take you visiting around the campus, I believe you will love it!

This make it difficult for you to remember

Learning vocabulary is sometimes easy, but sometimes it is very difficult. I say it is easy because it’s shorter than an article, but has a lot of vocabulary, and has a lot of words that look similar or one word has a lot of different meaning or some of the words read the same. So here is a question; if you try to remember a lot of words that have similar spelling, what can you do? Sometimes I have the same problem. I do not know these words, or they have the same meaning but are used in a different way, which makes me feel confused. This makes some words harder than others.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Fluency Exercise #5

We must score over 520 points on the TOEFL test to pass CESL(Center for English as Second Language).

That will be so much stress for CESL students.

Actually, many of the students prepare for the TOEFL but the TOEFL score wil change according to the person's condition. So to take the TOEFL and get a high score is so much stress for students. In my case, in the TOEFL test, I got a high score in the listening part. But structure part always beats me.

So people who want to get a high score in the TOEFL, should study all the parts of TOEFL.

The most stressful aspect of the TOEFL

Not only taking the TOEFL, but also any other test is stress for me. But especially taking the TOEFL is the most stressful, because all kinds of sections of the TOEFL are hard, such as listening, reading and grammar. Among those sections, I have the most difficulty with the listening section, because I’m not good at vocabulary. Even though I can hear some words, I don’t know the meaning of those words. So it makes me stressed.

The experience of smoking

When I was a middle and high school student, the policy about smoking of students was very strict in my school. My family has no people who smoke. I think that’s why I’m a nonsmoker. When I was in the army, I had tried to smoke, because living in the army was the most stressful time in my life. But whenever I smoked, I felt a headache and was sick to the stomach. I think smoking isn’t suitable for me. After that, when I felt stressed in the army, I usually played soccer instead of smoking

fluency Ex#5

The most stressful time is when we are taking the TOEFL. First of all, time is the most stressful part becuase when we tahe the exam we are always worred about the time becuase is it limited. This can bring more stress. However, there is another problem besides the time, and that is how you sleep before the exam. This a big problem, becuase if you don't sleep well you can't focus on the exam. The reading section is the hardest part of the exam, becouase there is a lot of reading and you should understand and pick up the right answer quickly from the articale; if you don't understand you are going to miss all of the questions. Sleeping early and eating break fast before the exam is very importnt to avoid stress; I prefer to have breaks after each part during the exam. This can help students to relax and refresh ther minds and avoid stress.

Fluency Ex. #5

When you take the TOEFL exam there are many things that give you stress. In my opinion the room that you take the TOEFL exam in it is the first thing that gives you stress, because it is large and there are many students with you. The second thing that gives you stress is that the teachers who are with you when you take the TOEFL. The control of time makes many students have stress. Some students don't have control of the time so they are in trouble. If you think that the TOEFL gives you stress, just forget that, then you will see that the TOEFL won't give you stress.

TOEFL is the most stressful thing for CESL students

It is very stressful for everybody to take the TOEFL test. During the night before the day of the TOEFL test, some students feel stressed. They can’t sleep very well and some of them can’t sleep all night. When they are taking the TOEFL test, the most stressful aspect is the time control. They have the same experience that they can’t finish all of the questions in the test time. They usually spend a lot of time on a confusing question. When they think that they don’t have any time to answer other questions, they just hope that they have luck to choose the right answers. So practice makes perfect. They can control their time by practicing the TOEFL test in their free time. They will become better and better at controlling their time and finishing all of the questions.
By Jeremy


The most stressful aspect of the TOEFL is the TOEFL itself. There are many reasons making the TOEFL a very stressful event. For example, first, I can't sleep the night before taking the TOEFL, I just keep thinking about the test. Second, I worry about how I can manage my time during the TOEFL test. Third, I worry about I can keep concentrating during the TOEFL test, during the three hours. Fourth, I always think about the TOEFL as the door I should open to study in the university because it is required. Fifth, the last two weeks before the TOEFL test, I usually keep doing many practice tests to be in the mood for the TOEFL and that gives me stress. Sixth, some people make noise during the test by keep moving their feet on the floor and that is really stressful thing for me. Seventh, the third part of listening is very stressful because it always becomes as a long lecture about some majors I didn't study before. Finally, the TOEFL test conditions cause many physical and psychological reactions.