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Comparison between book "Rifka" and the movie "Fiddler on the Roof"

I want to compare the book Rifka and the movie Fiddler on the Roof, and I will go over the comparison as points:

* The family in the movie and Rifka's family share their clothes.
* All of them are Jewish.
* The difference between them, the members of the family in the movie father, mother, and five daughters. Rifka's family members are father, mother, daughter, and five brothers.
* The father in the movie has a brother in low in America. The Rifka's father has three sons in America.
* The family in the movie broke the tradition when they danced as group.
* they are -Rifka's family and The family in the movie- persecuted by the army.
* America was their destination.

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Yuki Shiozuka

This is a simple instrument which was invented by an
African American. It has been used ceremony such as
annual parties, celebrations, or traditional festivals. The
sound is like birdcalls. To play kazoo is not easy because
you must vibrate air from their lugs. If you require it, you
can play melodiously. Nowadays, kazoo becomes famous,
so you can buy it in gift shops. In terms of price, metallic kazoo is cheaper than wood one. Some
of musicians use it at their concert, and children play it as a toy. Kazoo is not only for traditional

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RRJ #1

Playing 'Pong' With the Blink of an Eye
ScienceDaily (Mar. 26, 2010) — University students have developed a computer game that is operated by eye movements, which could allow people with severe physical disabilities to become 'gamers' for the first time.

Imperial student demonstrates how neurotechnology works. (Credit: Image courtesy of Imperial College London)
The students, from Imperial College London, have adapted an open source game called 'Pong', where a player moves a bat to hit a ball as it bounces around the screen. The adaptation enables the player to move the bat using their eye.
To play the game, the user wears special glasses containing an infrared light and a webcam that records the movement of one eye.
The webcam is linked to a laptop where a computer program syncs the player's eye movements to the game.
The prototype game is very simple but the students believe that the technology behind it could be adapted to create more sophisticated games and applications such as wheelchairs and computer cursors controlled by eye movements.
One of the major benefits of the new technology is that it is inexpensive, using off-the-shelf hardware and costing approximately £25 to make.
Eye movement systems that scientists currently use to study the brain and eye motion cost around £27,000, say the researchers.
Dr Aldo Faisal, the team's supervisor from the Department of Computing and the Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College London, says:
"Remarkably, our undergraduates have created this piece of neurotechnology using bits of kit that you can buy in a shop, such as webcams. The game that they've developed is quite simple, but we think it has enormous potential, particularly because it doesn't need lots of expensive equipment. We hope to eventually make the technology available online so anyone can have a go at creating new applications and games with it and we're optimistic about where this might lead. We hope it could ultimately provide entertainment options for people who have very little movement. In the future, people might be able to blink to turn pages in an electronic book, or switch on their favourite song, with the roll of an eye."
Mr Ian Beer, who is a third year undergraduate from the Department of Computing, adds: "This game is just an early prototype, but we're really excited that from our student project we've managed to come up with something that could ultimately help people who have really limited movement. It would be fantastic to see lots of people across the world creating new games and applications using our software."
Researchers in Dr Faisal's lab are now refining the technology so that it can monitor movements in both eyes. This would enable a user to carry out more complicated tasks such as plotting a journey on screen. This might ultimately allow them to use eye movements to steer a motorised wheelchair.
Student team includes: William Abbot, Department of Biomedical Engineering; Oliver Rogers, Department of Maths and Department of Computing; Tim Treglown, Department of Maths and Department of Computing; Aaron Berk, Department of Computing; Ian Beer, Department of Computing.
A video demonstrating how the computer game works can be downloaded and embedded from YouTube:

Xinwu Chen
Mar, 30, 2010
Computer engineering
ScienceDaily (Mar. 26, 2010). Imperial College London, from
Neurotechnology: n. one kind of technology of human’s anxiety
Bounces: v. jump
Infrared: n. red light, not by human beings
Prototype: n. example
Sophisticated: adj. not easy
Applications: n. be used
Approximately: adv. almost
Supervisor: n. the worker who is the manager of the other workers
Bioengineering: n. biology engineering
Enormous: adj. huge, large
Optimistic: adj. one kind of human behavior like happy life
Ultimately: adv. finally
Entertainment: n. public shows
Motorized: adj. auto things
This article is written about a student group invent a new technology program in the U.K. It’s about a helpful hardware on a glass. You can control the computer with human’s eyes. The student in the group told us, this skill can be used in a lot of ways. On the other hand, this skill is cheaper than another same tech. Because it’s only cost £25, another skill from some sciences has cost £27,000. The students in the group are very happy to be a member, and the y will continue working with this program.
Did you feel very exciting? When I watch the video and the article, I feel good. This article is describe a very famous tech. Think about you can control your computer with your eyes, it’s very fantastic. If I go to the university, I can do the same thing as they did. It’s unbelievable, if you can control computer with your mind. But it’s really true. From this essay, we can see that we don’t have to do something with a lot of money. There is a massage “Just do it!” explained the action, that means do something by my own hands and trust myself can do it.

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Dream catcher (Native American)

Naser Alajmi

In Ojibwa culture, a dreamcatcher (or dream catcher; Ojibwe asabikeshiinh, the inanimate form of the word for "spider" or bawaajige nagwaagan meaning "dream snare") is a handmade object based on a willow hoop, on which is woven a loose net or web. The dreamcatcher is then decorated with personal and sacred items such as feathers and beads.Traditionally, the Ojibwa construct dreamcatchers by tying sinew strands in a web around a small round or tear-shaped frame of willow. it is used as a charm to protect sleeping children from nightmares. The Ojibwa believe that a dreamcatcher changes a person's dreams.they say only good dreams would be allowed to filter through . . . Bad dreams would stay in the net, disappearing with the light of day. Also good dreams pass through the center hole to the sleeping person. The bad dreams are trapped in the web, where they perish in the light of dawn.

Arrowhead ( Native American )



The Native Americans used the arrowheads for hunting animals for their food 5,000 years ago. They made the arrowheads from the stones, and made them sharp, and strong. There are many types of arrowheads, which represent the different Tribes, especially the points for their arrows; for example each tribe has a type of arrowhead. The Archaeologists have found several different types or arrowheads in one area; that explains that they used them as a weapon.

Train man statue, downtown Carbondale

Rayan Bakhashwain

There is a man who is standing on a stage. he is wearing a uniform for the train company. One of his hands is higher than the other. He looks like a man who is giving a speech. He has a cap, and his clothes are beige color. He is wearing military boots. He looks like an important man, and he also looks like an elderly man. He looks like a CEO (manager for a train company). It means to continue work, and it shows the value of the workers.


Pinata is a container filled with candy and toys,which is made of some colorful tissue paper or some carboard and it can be designed in any shape.It always in suspended from a heaght place;someone who blindfold uses a stick to beat the pinata until they break it open.

It usually as a welcomed game for children in a party when someone break the pinata ,all the children get to gather the goodies and they can share their goodies with others. It is an intersting game that people can have a fun time in a party.

Bona Zhang

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indian corn

Indian corn was a very important crop for the people of the northeast woodlands. It was the main food and was eaten at every meal.Indian corn is the same as normal corn; the only difference is color. It has a lot of color different from other corn. Sometimes, one ear of corn just has one color, but sometimes one ear of corn has many colors, like purple, yellow, blue,white and re. Before you take off the leaves from the corn, you can see the yellow leaves cover the corn's body. In Indian,all parts of the corn plant were used. Nothing was thrown away. The husks were braided and woven to make masks, moccasins, sleeping mats, baskets, and cornhusk dolls. Corncobs were used for fuel, to make darts for a game, and were tied onto a stick to make a rattle for ceremonies. Indian corn was unknown to the Europeans before they met the Indians. Indians gave them the seeds and taught them how to grow it. Now in the U.S.A., more farm land is used to grow corn than any other grain.

Kilt (Scottish clothing)

The kilt is a native dress of Scotland.
The kilt is cloth with a skirt pleat.
The kilt is tartan of the lattice.
The waist is bound with the belt.
The edge of the cloth is stopped with the kilt pin.
The kilt has the length to the knee.
The kilt has the pleat from side to the back.
One can put on the kilt as full dress of military forces.
The kilt also has the one that pochette of the skin called sporran.
The kilt is cloth that is rolled in the waist.


Since many Native American Indians were nomads at one point, and many would travel and move with the buffalo that would serve as a food staple for them, they had to have housing that was easy and quick to move. That is a reason Native American Indians created teepees. The word “Teepee” comes from an ancient language which means houses human beings lived in. A teepee consists of a set of 10-20 poles, a cover usually made of bison skins, an optional inside canvas or skin lining; and a canvas or skin door. The construction of a teepee was from poles as triangle; they pegged the skins to the ground and covered triangles. Teepees are not only convenient to move quickly but also are comfortable for life. The opening at the top and the smoke flaps, which allow the dwellers to cook and heat themselves with an open fire, and the lining that is primarily used in the winter, which insulates while providing a source of fresh air for the fire and dwellers, are two crucial innovations of teepees. Most teepees would not be painted. But many of teepees were decorated with pendants and colored medallions.

"Here"sculpture (SIU campus)


This sculpture is made by Nicholas Vergette who is professor in SIU. It's arranged shape of circle. There are more than 10 stone pillars. Each pillar's shape, color and pattern is different. For example, one of the pillar has scroll on the top. When i saw this sculpture, i thought that is looks like "Stonehenge". Stonehenge is
prehistoric monument. It is composed of earthworks surrounding a circular setting of large standing stones. Some scientists propose that the stonehenge was part of a religious complex dedicated to the dead. I think that is inspired Nicholas so that he made "HERE". Most of "HERE"sculpture are bigger than me like "Stonehenge". All pillars have a line regularly. If you want check the HERE's charactheristic ,
plese click here->


The scarecrow is made with straw. Alot of farmers use scarecrows to protect their crops. Farmers cannot protect their crops 24 hours a day. Therefore, they came up with an idea to make a scarecrow to protect their crops because scarecrow resembled humans. Birds are not smarter than human. Therefore, birds will think that the scarecrow is a human standing up on the farmland when farmland has the scarecrow. Thus, birds will not eat the crops if the farmland has a scarecrow present. The scarecrow is able to prevent birds from eating their crops, but you cannot use a scarecrow to protect your crops forever because some smarter birds will know that the scarecrow is not humans. Therefore birds can still eat your crops even if you have a scarecrow. However, the chance of crops eaten by birds is minimized.

"Saluki Symbol"

- The name was official on March 19, 1951.
- Students by voting made the name official for the SIUC mascot.
- They are the oldest pure-bred dogs (going back to 3600 B.C)
- They are presently in Egypt, mostly.
- The salukis are Egyptian hunting dogs.
- The salukis are known for speed and hunting prowess.
- In Egypt salukis were accepted as the finest animals a family could possess.
- They are well-represented dogs (kind of dogs)
- 22 different saluki dog have graced the campus.
- Famous examples are Grace, Shabaka and Debbie.
- And the first and best known is king Tur, which came to SIU in 1953(He died and is buried in a premade grave)

Appalachian dulcimer

The Appalachian dulcimer is usually 75 to 90 cm long. The Appalachian dulcimer is a fretted stringed instrument of the zither family, typically with three of four strings. The body extends the length of the fingerboard, and it fretting is generally diatonic. It s hourglass shaped and features a spruce top and Acaia Koard back and sides. There are four same size hearts on the dulcimer. There are 17 fingerboards on it. There is a belt for people to carry the instrument. The instrument is made of wood. It is painted in brown. The top is similar to fiddle.
This is a picture for Appalachian dulcimer

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"Here" sculpture, SIU campus

train man statue, Carbondale

Welcome back, CESL students!

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Mom and Dad Love(d) Me Best. Are You Sure?


Newman, S. (2010, January 10). Mom and dad love(d) me best. Are you sure? Psychology Today. Retrieved January 27, 2010, from


According to this article, only one child can get parents' attention very easily. If there are more than one child in a family, it is very difficult for parents to give the same rights for each person. Every child wants to become the favorite. For example, the author tells her experience to us about her two daughters. Then, she shows the other people found that the kid will have his/her own idea when they feel it is unfair with other brothers or sisters. Maybe, the kid will think about the negative things in his/her mind. Finally, Newman shares two ladies' experience to us.


I agree with the author, even though I am only one child in my family. In China, the government has only an one child policy. We can not have brothers or sisters in one family, except if they are twins or triplets. However, Chinese children have cousins in the family. If s/he can easily get your parents' attention, you will get jealous or get mad about him/her. I had this experience, I have a cousin whose age is close to mine. When I was a primary school student, my parents always asked me to get an A, and become the best student in school, and then they would take me to some place for travelling. I got an A and I was the best student in school; however, they did not take me to go anywhere. My cousin does not like to study, also he always failed the exams. But his parents and my parents gave him some gifts and wanted him to improve his score. I did not have anything when I got an A. I felt so bad and thought about negative things; at that time, I hate of my cousin because I thought that he was my parents' child and he took all of my parents' attentions. Now, my cousin has become my best friend in my family. I like talking to him for everything like a brother; also he can keep a secret from other family members.

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Ji-yun, Lee RRJ

Miller, C. (2010, Feb 22). Selling a celebrity look. The New York Times. Retrieved on Feb 28, 2010, from

When the pictures of celebrities by a paparazzi were put in a magazine or blog, the fans and readers analyzed the photos and wanted to know about their clothes, what the brand is, and wherethey can buy that. So publishers, bloggers, retailers, and fashion companies established a strategic alliance with each other. For example, the publishers gave information, brand, cost, the similar products, location of shop, and so on, to readers and they received a small fee from retailers or companies. Customers, especially young women, pride themselves on having products which are the same products as celebrities, so they want to buy the products which are the same as those of celebrities. If it costs a lot, they decided to buy similar one by any means.

It is a new way to advertise in the fashion industry, because in the past a picture was everything to advertise clothes. So the retailers and companies made an effort to reveal their products by celebrities, so they provided clothes and accessories to celebrities who came into the spotlight. The effect is really powerful; for instance, when the paparazzi snapped photos of Sienna Miller in Hollywood, she covered her face with a Korean cosmetic brand’s shopping bag; the name was Amorepacific. At that time Amorepacific was an unknown brand, but now it is the best brand among Hollywood stars and celebrities because of that photo. Sometimes the companies try to shoot fashion commercial photos look like paparazzi’s photos because it is easier to get attention from the customers. And they usually provide expensive products to celebrities because they believe customers’ tendency will help companies’ profit.

Then, why do people want to buy the same goods as celebrities’ even when it costs a lot? I think that tendency came from person’s desire to want to look like them, gorgeous and cool. So they always care about celebrities’ fashion, life style, and everything.

Takako's RRJ


Wentz, L. (2010, Feb 18). Canada's marketers celebrate Olympics. Advertising Age. Retrieved Feb 21, 2010, from


A lot of Canadian companies rolled out their advertisements in order to boost the Olympic games in Vancouver. These ads are evaluated highly, and Canada's ad industry is focused on as much as the athletes in the Olympic games. There are some interesting ones among these ads for the Olympics. In terms of the one by Taxi, Bombardier, which designed the 12,000 Olympic torches, created the spot that demonstrated that the torches are weatherproof even in wintry Canada. Bell, Canada's telephone and telecommunications company, has bought air time for more than 2,000 commercials during the Winter Games. Its agencies created various ads, 24 English-language and 23 French-language TV spots to prevent people getting tired of the Bell's ad. The spots appear to sell Canadian niceness as well as their merchandise. Tim Horon's, the Canadian coffee shop, rolled out a tear-worthy spot dubbed “Welcome Home” during coverage of the Olympic opening ceremonies. The spot shows a tearful story, a reunion of family. The family seems to have been separated for some time; the husband reunites with his wife and two kids at the airport with the winter coats that he prepared for them, and he hands his wife a cup of Tim Horton's coffee and welcomes her to Canada. Tom Horton's offers consumers a place to tell their stories and upload videos and pictures; the spot is based on the one of their stories. Wrigley, a chewing gum manufacturer, is donating a portion of their gum sales to Canadian athletes. People can participate in its financial support for the athletes by chewing more of their gum, and they also can see the amount of the donation on giant digital billboards updated every 60 seconds. Wrigley changed the package of gum to the one printed with an image of a Canadian athlete, and added a small Canadian maple leaf to each gum piece.


The Olympic Games cause big economic effect to each country whether it is the site of the Olympic or not. Therefore, companies all over the world create various ads for the Olympic to boost their sales, and these ads tend to be better than their usual ads. The Tim Horton's spot expresses human's delicate emotion well in a 90-second spot. The husband welcomes all visitors to Canada as well as his family in the spot, and the Tim Horton's coffee warms his wife; also “the Tim Horton's spot” warms our hearts by the tearful story. A woman watching the family with a smile in the spot reflects audience who are watching the spot; we are in the same situation that is watching the tearful reunion of the family. I think that we feel a sense of seeing ourselves in a mirror when the woman appears in the picture, and we may make a similar expression as her. The spot uses various techniques to make people move their emotions; one of them is that they created the spot to be based on a true story contributed in, a place where consumers tell their stories. People can feel the story closely and the spot highlights the connection between Tim Horton's and customers. Wrigley also attracted many people by its interesting strategy, large-scale fund-raising for the Canadian athletes and showing the amount of the donation on giant digital billboards. People can participate in the fund-raising by buying their gum, and they can feel more of a sense that they support the Canadian athletes when they look of the billboard. These provoke people's consumer appetite because they want to support the Canadian athletes, and Wrigley offers people the way to support them in an easy way.

Satomi's RRJ


Schmid, R. (2010, February 20). Research finds brain link for words, music ability; finding may lead to better stroke care. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved February 22, 2010,from,0,5341031.story


Natural partners such as words and music work together obviously. Scientists are thinking that these abilities are connected in the brain. Also, a new study mentions that extensive musical therapy may help stroke patients to improve their speech. In addition, music education can give a good speech for children who have developmental dyslexia or autism. A long time ago, there were some reports about stroke patients who couldn’t talk but could sing. Today, researchers are trying to find the answer if music can help them as a therapy. According to director of the Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory, new studies mention that musical training can improve the ability to do other things in the brain. Musical experience enhances important abilities such as understanding the nuances of language more accurately in our life. When people learn to talk and talk to babies, they usually use musical things. Many years’ musical training will be able to improve how sounds are developed in language and emotion. Also, music involves large parts on both sides of the brain. Some scientists think that musical ability in humans may be developed before language.


I’m listening to music almost every day. I can hear many kinds of sounds in daily life. Before I read the article, I heard about music therapy just a little. I was thinking that it is just for relaxing, but it has many abilities to improve speech skills. I was surprised that playing an instrument has some benefits, and it involves our brain. Also, I was interested in that some people can’t talk, but can sing. They have some problems with speaking in their brain or mind; however, they can communicate by using music. It is an amazing research because I didn’t know music has such great power. People have to have some experience with musical instruments for many abilities in future. According to the article, we can get a good hearing system if we have these experiences. Therefore, it is good for learning language. It will be good to hear the different words as music, not as just words.

Eunsu's RRJ

Hubble Images Show Pluto Changing Color

¤ Reference

The Associated Press (2010, February 4). Hubble Images Show Pluto Changing Color. The New York Times (Space&Cosmos). Retrieved on February 15, 2010. From

¤ Summary

Pluto’s color is changing to red. Astronomers who study planet’s colors are surprised. When people who don’t study planets see this picture, they might say it’s a yellow-orange color, but astronomers say it is 20 percent more red than before. These pictures show us that ice frozen nitrogen on Pluto is changing. Astronomer Marc Buie of the southwest Research Institute in Boulder said, “It’s a little bit of a surprise to see these changes happening so big and so fast.” Pluto didn’t change its color from 1954 to 2002. Buie can explain the red color on the planet, but he doesn’t explain why changing color is recently so fast. The planet has a lot of methane, which tends to make the planet red or dark. These pictures were taken in 2002 and studied why it changes so fast, but they didn’t find why. At the same time, the picture of the Pluto’s moon was also taken but it didn’t change. Thus it’s not an instrument mistake. The reason of difficulty of studying Pluto is that Pluto cycles the sun every 248 years. So, even astronomers don’t know what is going on when the planet is in the farthest position from the sun.

¤ Reaction

The situation in Pluto is really interesting to me, because nobody exactly know what happened in Pluto. Pluto is in the solar system and the farthest planet in solar system. Pluto has about -382 Fahrenheit spot. After Apollo went to the moon in 1968, the industry of the Universe has been developing. Many people including me think we know many things about the Universe and have defeated some part of solar system, because many movies show us a spacecraft and an alien. But the real world is not like that. The moon is the nearest planet to the earth. Also, going to the moon is not easy. I think the Universe has many mysteries and potentialities. We may find new resources that we need, but we can’t find them on the earth. Therefore, people should invest more in the Universe. I also worry about the life span of the planet. I heard every planet has a life time. Nobody knows why Pluto’s color is changing fast. If Pluto’s life time is almost at the end, and if it is just the beginning to the end of another planet’s life, this is a serious problem. Thus I believe we need more attention to the Universe, especially the solar system.

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Salamone, G. (2010 February 21). “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter designed to delight wizards and muggles alike” NYDailynews. Retrieved on February 23, 2010 from


There is such fantastic news for the fans to Harry Potter movies; the theme park titled “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” will be coming soon. As we know, the author, who is named J.K. Rowling, became a well-known writer after her first edition of Harry Potter was published. Meanwhile, Harry Potter movies are so famous that it influenced the entire world; that’s why this theme park has attracted many people, even it is still under construction. Talking about something important in this theme park, it concludes 20 acres of amazing amusements, such as eateries and shops. Another thing that I want to highlight is also necessary; Hogwarts castle would be seen beyond the gates of Universal, and if has new technology and other characters we are never seen before. Another primary thing is the amusements, “a family-friendly roller coaster, flight of the Hippogriff, is a re-theming of the park’s Flying Unicom ride”. A little funny thing is Hagrid who is the half-giant would teach the visitors how to “ride” a hippogriff, this animal mixes the characters of a lion, an eagle, and a horse. Then shopping in this magical world also is exciting for fans. Zonko’s Joke Shop, Honeydukes Sweetshop, which appeared in the movies, are certainly kept in the theme park. By the way, Chocolate Frogs and Berty Botts’ Every Flavored Beans, are some foods that are traditional; instruments and keepsakes in the movies cannot be forgotten. The last thing I need to mention, the official opening date would be set at Also in the official website, you could figure out all of the details.


Firstly, I admit that I am a fan of Harry Potter. So after I read this article, I could realize how exciting be a fan. The first reason is that this theme park would make our dreams, which we extraordinarily want to participate in this magic world become true. Imagining this, when you walk around the alley of the park, the magic things are fill in the park: the owl is flying above your head, many wizards are slaving strange and fantastic mana potions, and many shops are described by hurricane lamps, magic stones, and wizards’ never extinguishable fire. Like in the real movie, or you can say “we are in the real Harry Potter’s world”. Even though, some people are not the fans for Harry Potter movies, they would feel how exciting and unbelievable if is through the amazing flight of the hippogriff, the interesting goods they have never seen before, and fantastic castles and groceries shops funny shapes. Another news are about the main actor named Daniel Radcliff who plays Harry on the big screen. He was very excited to hear these news like most normal fans. “I remember I would some out of films when I was younger and absolutely just wish that world could be real and I could be a part of it; it’s fantastic that people will actually get to realize everything they’re seen on screen”. It is easy to see, joining this world is really cool and funny, even the “real” Harry Potter. Well, on my own, I am looking forward to this theme park coming soon, and participating in this magic world right now.

Tingting's RRJ


Dybas, C. and NSF. Cain, E. (2010, January 28). dinosaur discovery helps solve piece of evolutionary puzzle. National Science Foundation directorate for biological sciences (BIO), George Washington University, retrieved Feb. 1, 2010, from


This article tells us about the new evidence of a kind of dinosaurs, which looks like bird, but does not belong to birds. This kind of dinosaurs is distinct from the birds. National Science Foundation supposed some scientists’ expeditions. They went to Xinjiang Autonomous Region, a part of northwestern China. This place is famous for Late Jurassic fossils. After through many of expeditions, these scientists found many interesting fossils. Especially, they found the fossil of Haplocheirus, which was their major discovery. Haplocheirus is a transitional fossil; it displays an early evolutionary process, so it reflects the process that the later alvarezsaurs develop and change from earlier predatory dinosaurs. And this kind of fossil also proves the scientists’ predictions-the Alvarezsauridae is used to develop in the Late Jurassic time period. Besides, according this article, the Late Jurassic period is very important in that the birds evolved in this time.


After reading, I feel this expedition was historic. The new fossil can return a real situation of the Late Jurassic period, and let our people find the truth of the dinosaurs’ evolution. Before I held the same view with scientists, that the birds are evolved from the group of Alvarezsauridae. Even though this result is announced to republic but I was so shocked that I could not believe this fact. That is because it is totally different; the knowledge that students learned before was the opposite. In addition, as a Chinese I’m very proud of our country; this most important historic thing was found in China. This new discovery can help us to fix the erroneous theory, and let our students obtain the right knowledge; it is good for our science development. I realize that sometimes the firm knowledge maybe is wrong, even if people believe it for so many years. When we have different views, we should point out our questions, not just follow the rules.

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Welcome Salukis!