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Why smoking start whit young people
Smoking is very common in today’s society; however, more and more young people smoking are very much common today. The young people’s smoking has become popular in newspaper and TV programs. There is some mentioned that smoking is like a killer in our life; it can affect a person who is getting cancer or other health system illnesses, such as lung disease, especially in children. Another group is over twenty-five year-old males and females who smoke cigarettes in American. Lots of people smoke because they feel relaxed when they smoke. On the other hand, if people who smoke for lifetime, they will not be able to have good health. Instead, the secondhand smoking is more serious than for the person who just smoked. From this problem, some reports have shown that secondhand smoke is more harmful to health. Another equally essential thing should be mentioned that, there is a lot of females also smoking. Thus, People are looking for a answer. What kind of temptation could cause people to smoke, especially young people; moreover, they want to find a solution for how we can reduce the number of people who are smoking.
Our purpose was to look for general reasons why some people smoke. We wanted to know about how often a smoker smokes. Next, what happened that caused a person to star smoking. As far as I know, to find out whom a smoker usually with whom, in addition, we wanted to use people’ suggestion to help people who smoked.
III- Hypothesis:
In my opinion today, the more and more females are suffering from the stress, which come from different fields. Therefore it is a useful way for females to reduce the stress. In the modern society no one can deny that, male smoking has been common condition, from the pass until now. Moreover perhaps smoking never failed to fascinate young people. I thought that they were curious about smoking with a strong passion. The children usually used to imitate some behavior from their parents.

We named around seven to nine questions for the survey. And this survey was not only about smokers. Non –smoker were asked too. We asked what feeling a smoker has, and when they smoked, and we tried to find the answer from the non-smokers; how did they feel about why the people usually smoke.
We asked about 40 people on our campus; in CESL we just interviewed a few people, and we also did this in the student center. There were more people there than in CESL. Moreover, from the interviewed, we did all of this study, including the males and females, at the same time; some people were young people.
Seal, B. (1998). Smoking. In Academic Encounters: Human behavior. pp.31-33. New York: Cambridge Aviv. Press
VI. Data
See appendix B.
VII. Results
According to the chart 78.9 percent of males smoke; 21.1percent of females smoke. Also these people usually smoke alone and with other people have a number is 12.5 percent. However, people who from these group smoke in public only have 8.3 percent, and some of them smoke in the private with 25 percent, but people who smoke in the both place has 66.7 percent of these people. Many smokers smoke because of stress and because of their friends also smoke with 49.2persent. There are 39.5 percent people give suggestion to help people who smoke to quite smoke. So the survey shows that people care about themselves even if they smoke.
VIII- Conclusion And Discussion
My hypothesis was similar to my survey; there are just a small number for female smoke, and there has a big number with people who care themselves. I learned that people who always smoke in the public always with other people. If I have a chance to did this survey again, I will make other question for the survey, and make some plane for people who smoke to help them to quite smoke.
IX- Reference
Seal, B. (1998). Smoking. In Academic Encounters: Human Behavior. Pp. 31-33. New York: Cambridge University Press.


Understanding Smoking group of Young People
I. Introduction

Recently, the numbers of smokers have grown fast, especially among young people in our society. Smoking makes many bad consequences for a body. It affects people’s organs’ health a lot. People will have many uncomfortable symptoms such as high blood pressure, respiration problems, and emotional problems. Seal said” (1998). Cigarettes will make concern for human’s body. Smoking is a harmful thing for society and young people, because young people comprise an important group in society. For young people’s responsibility, they must contribute positive things for society with a healthy body. First, their healthy body can create economic growth. Smokers comprise a large percentage of the population. Therefore, they play or have an important role in society’s economy. Next, their healthy body connects with their life and society’s resources. They should a have healthy body to create their new life. A healthy body can supply energy for them. So, they can make their life become better without society’s help. Finally, they should use their healthy body to contribute to society. Young people are a big group that leads society into success. Therefore, they need to have a healthy body to help them.

II. Purpose

We wanted to know which gender has the higher proportion, why young people tend to smoke, and non-smokers’ opinion about smokers. We decided to survey the CESL students in Carbondale, Southern Illnols because there are many international students there. We wanted to get different views of smokers who want to quit in different countries and find out why smokers tend to smoke and which ways smokers want to quit.

III. Hypothesis

In my view, the rate of female smokers would be lower than male smokers because females care more about health than males. Smokers would say they started to smoke because of their environments and non-smokers also would have the same thinking.

IV. Materials

We surveyed young people with several questions. Through the survey, we discussed smoking with them and got new information about smoking. We collected these materials to make exact data. We had forty- three surveys, including twenty- two males and twenty- one females

V. Methods

We went outside to get smokers and chose people who we did not know. We wanted to understand most international students’ thinking about smoking behavior through the survey. We wished to get some general ideas of smokers and nonsmokers about quitting smoking. These clues would help us know how to treat smokers. In the survey process, these people enjoyed to answering our questions and gave us different views of how they thought of smoking.

VI. Data

See appendix A

VII. Result

Male smokers number was more than females. We have fifteen male smokers(71%) but only four female smokers(18%). Both smokers and nonsmokers had the same ides; they thought environments make people start smoking, such as friends smoking and family member smoking. Smokers want to have a program of training to help them quit smoking and most of them(62.5%) said they were not addicted.

VIII. Discussion and Conclusion

In conclusion, Our hypothesis was correct. Smokers tend to smoke because their environments affect them a lot. It is a worthy survey because it shows that most of smokers are not addicted and they want to quit smoking. We will try to understand what kinds of program of training they want to have at next time.

IX. References

Seal, B. (1998). Smoking. In Academic Encounters: Human behavior. Pages. 31-33. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Smoking Survey

I. Introduction

Smoking is a serious problem in most countries. Smoking affects the smoker in social, health and economic terms. Smoking also affects the environment. In social terms, people will stay away from smokers because of the bad smell of smoking. In health terms, smoking causes many diseases like bronchitis, emphysema, larynx cancer, and pancreatic cancer (Seal, 1998). In economic terms, smokers will spend more money on cigarettes, so they will have low income and smokers will have trouble with money in the future. Nowadays both men and women are smoking; “about 35 percent of adult men and 25 percent of adult women in the United States smoke cigarettes” (Seal, 1998). People start smoking, often when they are adolescents, for different reasons; some smokers smoke because their parents smoke, and some of them smoke because they have stress in their life. It is difficult for smokers to quit smoking after they start to smoke. “People become psychologically dependent on smoking as a way of reducing anxiety and coping with different situations. Because of these physiological and psychological forces, quitting is difficult and the relapse rate is high” (Seal, 1998, P-31).

II. Purpose
We did this survey about smokers for both smokers and non-smokers. For smokers, we did it to know why they smoke, where they smoke, with whom they smoke, who smokes more, males or females, and what the best way to quit is. For non-smokers, we wanted to know what they think about smokers and why they start smoking.

III. Hypothesis

I thought males would say that they smoked more than females because females cared about their lives more than males. I thought half of males would be smokers.

IV. Materials

In our survey we asked eight questions, three questions for both smokers and non-smokers. Two questions were for smokers and one question was for non-smoker people, so we could cover all types of people. The types of questions were yes/no questions and multiple-choice questions.

V. Methods

We asked 43 different people from different places around SIUC like Faner building, the library and the student center. We went outside and we asked anyone. We asked males and females of different ages and from different countries. We asked both smokers and non-smokers to get different answers. We gave the survey and waited until they filled it out to have the result at the same time. I think we have a good survey about smokers, because we asked different people in different places and the people were very kind to do the survey.

VI. Data

See Appendix A

VII. Results

According to our survey, 78.9% of smokers are males and 21.1% of females are smokers, so males are smoking more than females. 75% of smokers are smoking equally both alone and with people, and 12.5%, said they smoked mostly alone or mostly with people. 66.7% of smokers smoke both in public and private, and 25% of smokers smoke in private only, and 8.3% of smokers smoke in public only. 42.9% can equal percentage, of smokers smoke because they have too much stress, and because they have friends who smoke. 9.5% of smokers smoke because they have exams, and 4.8% of smokers smoke because they have a family member who smokes. 29.5% of non-smokers think that the smokers start smoking because they have friends who smoke, and 25% of smokers smoke because they have too much stress, and 13.6% of smokers smoke because they think cigarettes are tasty, and an equal percentage of 11.4% of smokers smoke because their friends pressured them to smoke.

VIII. Conclusion & Discussion

According to the result, my hypothesis was right that more males are smoking more often than females. I don’t think that our survey was perfect because we asked only 43 people, which is not enough for an excellent survey. In my opinion, the best way to have more people is to put the survey online. Next survey I would like to concentrate on only smokers to have specific information to learn a lot about why smokers smoke and what is the best way to quit smoking.
IX. References
Seal, B. (1998). Smoking. In Academic Encounters: Human behavior. pp. 31–33. New York:
Cambridge University Press.


I. Introduction

Since smoking is a hot issue all over the world, people care about their health more seriously. Seal said, “smoking has been conclusively linked to many other diseases as well, including bronchitis, emphysema, larynx cancer, and pancreatic cancer” (1998, p. 31). This survey is about what percentage of males and females smoke, why they keep smoking and what is the best way to quit smoking.

II. Purpose

EAP1 Writer’s Workshop members did this survey together; we wanted to find out what percentages of males and females smoked, and why they smoked and for smokers and non-smokers, why smokers can’t quit smoking, and what they think is the best way to quit smoking.

III. Hypothesis/ Hypotheses

There are more and more female smokers nowadays; smoking is not just man’s thing anymore. Maybe there is much pressure for females in this society, and females reduce stress by smoking? Do they think smoking is cool? Non-smokers started smoking because of their friends smoking? Are smokers addicted? Is there any way to quit smoking? We wanted to know the percentage of smokers for each gender, why they smoke and what they think is the best way to quit smoking.

IV. Materials

The survey questionnaire is one page; all of the questions are multiple choice. It’s separated by male and female first, because I think that’s pretty important in the smoking problem. There are seven questions for both male and female and for smokers and non-smokers. And there are three questions for smokers; generally it’s about whether they smoke alone or with people, whether they smoke in private or in public, and are whether they are addicted. There are questions for both smokers and non-smokers about why they think smokers started smoking and what they think is the best way to quit smoking.

V. Methods

We asked forty-three people, all CESL students in SIU around the campus on a Thursday in July. And I was waiting for them while they finished the survey and gave it to me. I think it was pretty fair and convenient; of course they are not representative of all students and Americans. We just surveyed forty-three students at the same university.

VI. Data

See appendix A Appendix A

VII. Results

From the Excel chart, it showed that only 21.1 percent of smokers are females, and another 78.9 percent of smokers are males, from the 43 people who participated in this survey. Female smokers are a quarter of male smokers, in the survey data there are many more male smokers than female smokers.

VIII. Discussion and Conclusion

The result were different from my hypotheses. I think the reason is that we just surveyed the CESL students, the participating number is too limited, and maybe they lied to us, because we never met before and maybe they thought it was not that important and they felt embarrassed. there are no doubt many female smokers all over the world; I can see many female smokers in the campus. If I do this experiment again, I will survey more people and not just CESL students, also survey American students and people who are out of the campus and other states people as much as I can, so that I can get the average number of smokers and more correct data.

IX Reference

Seal, B. (1998). Smoking. In Academic Encounters: Human behavior. Pp. 31-33. New York: Cambridge University Press.

X. Appendices A, B

Mini Survey

I. Introduction

The smoking problem has been treated as a big issue from many years ago. According to Seal, smoking has caused many diseases such as bronchitis, emphysema, larynx cancer, and pancreatic cancer (1998). Especially, an adolescent smoking is more dangerous than an adult smoking. Moreover, the example of parents and pressure from peers can be reasons for adolescents smoking. Actually, the rate of smoking went up very fast, so cigarettes companies started to produce cigarettes with warnings, and the media also tried to give knowledge about how dangerous cigarettes were. For these reasons, the rate of smoking has gone down.

II. Purpose

Our EAP 1 WW class wanted to find out about basic knowledge about smoking. First we wanted to know male’s smoking rates and female’s smoking rates. Next, we wanted to know about smoker’s smoking behavior and know whether they are addicted or not. Third, we wanted to know from smokers about why they started smoking and we wanted to know from non-smokers about why they thought people started smoking. Finally, we wanted to know about the best way to quit.

III. Hypothesis

I believed male’s smoking rate might be higher than female’s smoking rate, because I saw most smokers were male in front of Faner Hall. Also I believed that they didn’t care about smoking alone or smoking with others, but I think they will smoke in private, because most non-smokers don’t like them to smoke in public. Also I thought they might start smoking due to influence of parents. I believed a program of training was the best way to quit, because it might be hard to quit without other’s help. Actually, I saw many people fail to quit smoking.

IV. Materials

Our survey paper is formed of alternative question of male or female and smokers or not, and we also have multiple choice questions about smoking behavior, reasons for starting, and best way to quit.

V. Methods

We asked forty-three people in Faner Hall and outside of Faner hall. These people were mostly CESL students. Although they were not my friends, I just asked them. I did the survey in the last week during free time. When I did it, I met each person and waited for them to finish filling it out. After the survey we collected survey papers and made statistics of smoking. Even though it is not a survey that many people are participating, it might be pretty similar to whole American's result.

VI. Data

See appendix A Appendix A

VII. Results.

According to the appendix, 78.9% of smokers were male, while 21.9% of the smokers were female. They usually didn’t care about the places, whether private or public. 66% of smokers responded that they smoked in both places. A small percentage of smokers responded they just smoked alone. 75% of smokers smoke whether they are alone or not. Moreover, 37.5% of smokers answered that they are addicted. Smokers started to smoke due to influence of friends smoking (42.9%) and stress (42.9%). It shows a similar rate to non-smoker’s response. They also thought both of those were the biggest reasons people started smoking. Both, smoker and non-smoker, responded that program of training is the best way to quit smoking (39.5%).

VIII. Conclusions and Discussion

My hypothesis and survey results seem similar with respect to smoking rates, smoking behavior, reason for starting smoking, and best way to quit smoking, but not smoking places. I was really surprised at that result. According to the result, most smokers didn’t care about the place. Even though we just surveyed around Faner Hall, the results were not much different from all of U.S smoker’s survey result.

IX. Reference

Seal, B. (1988). Smoking. In Academic Encounter: Human behavior. Pp.31-31. NewYork: Cambridge University Press

Smoking Survey

I.- Introduction

Smoking is a serious problem that has affected us from many years ago. No one has proved that yet; there are physical reasons to start smoking. The body doesn't need tobacco the way it needs food, water, sleep, and exercise. Almost everyone knows that smoking causes cancer, emphysema, and heart disease; “Despite these deadly effects, about 35% of the adult men and 25% of adult women in the United States smoke cigarettes, averaging one and a half packs a day for a national grand total of some 600 billion packs a year”(Seal, 1998); that it can shorten our life by 10 years or more; and that the habit can cost a smoker thousands of dollars a year.

II.- Purpose

We wanted to do a survey, because we wanted to find out how many smokers are in SIUC, and how many of them are women and men. Also we were interested in knowing what the reasons are that people smoke, and if they have a particular preference for doing it, alone or around people.

III.- Hypotheses

I believe that from this survey, it is going to prove that more males smoke than females. Also that the most common reason to start to smoke is for stress. In addition, the majority is not going to admit that they are addicted. And it’s going to be more common to smoke around people than alone.

IV.- Materials

We used a questionnaire with 8 questions in total; for some to respond was yes or no; for others it was multiple answer, and in the rest they had to given their opinions. Some of the questions are, do you smoke; do you smoke mostly alone or with people; do you smoke in private or in public; are you addicted; and what’s the best way to quit.

V.- Methods

An 8-item survey was administered in SIUC in many different places like the hallway of the Faner building; to students of the summer CESL program; also outside of the library, and in the Student Center. We asked males and females of different ages; most of them with different backgrounds, and cultures, and from different countries.

VII.- Results

According to this survey it is very clear that males smoke more than females; there exist a very high difference in the result. The survey shows that 78.9% of the smokers are males and only 21.1% are females. Also we can see a distend preference that most of the people smoke in both ways, like with company or alone, with 75%. However just a few of them prefer to smoke in private; this option reaches 25%; but 66.7% of the people who took the survey don’t pay attention to that, and smoke with people too. Just 37.5% recognized that they are addicted, but 62.5% don’t. 42.9% of the people started to smoke because they felt a lot of stress in their life. And the majority believe that people start to smoke because they are influenced by their friends. And 39.5% also think that the best way to quit smoking is a program of training

VIII.- Conclusion

I had proved with facts many of my points from this survey; for example that more males smoke than females. Also I confirm that the most common reason to start to smoke is for stress; I think that is the major reason, because many people had told me that they feel relaxed when they smoke. In addition, I corroborate that the majority doesn’t admit that they are addicted; maybe it’s because they felt shame and they don’t want to admit that they had a problem.

IX.- Reference
Seal, B. (1998). Smoking. In Academic Encounter: Human Behavior. Pp. 31-33. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Smoking Survey Report


Smoking Survey Report

I think people had problems with smoking because it causes many diseases. Many people had cancer, so they died and that was because of smoking. Smoking is important for some people for their health. People begin to smoke because they have exams, because family members smoke, and because of too much stress. If a person starts smoking, this person will never quit unless this person went to programs for training. Smoking causes huge problems to our environment (Seal, 1998). It also affects the education for students. Some programs can really help smokers stop, and smokers often stop once a while. For so many reasons many diseases can affect us indirectly very quickly and a lot of second hand smokers die earlier than smokers (first hand smoking). People think that smoking is relaxing for them, but it is really dangerous for their health. And (Seal, 1998). So, the reasons of this survey is really to make people know that they are wrong about why should they smoke.

The purpose for doing the survey is because we wanted to find out why people smoke. Also, we wanted to know if people want to quit smoking or what are the reasons that people should quit. And because of our survey we want to help other people understand why other people smoke.

My guess was that males smoke more than females because males like to smoke because of stress about academic exams. So, the way I see the problem here is to give people some nicotine gums or patch, cold turkey or training program to make them quit as soon as possible.

We put eight questions on a survey so we could ask many people, and it wasn’t only for smokers, it was for both smokers and non-smokers. These questions were about where these people smoke, whether they are addicted, how they started and what the best ways to quit are. So, we wanted to know how smokers and non-smokers think about themselves.

We asked about 43 people. Some of them were in the Student Center and outside the Student Center. And we waited for these people to fill out the papers. These questions were made for everybody, not only for CESL students; it was for all people, males and females. So I went to the Student Center because it was the only place for me, which is full of students. So, we did pretty well in these surveys and we asked many people. We were trying to find many people and we did.


According to the chart 78.9% of males smoke; 21.1% of females smoke. Also, these smokers smoke alone and with people with percentage 12.5%, so they smoke with both equally with percentage 75%. So, where do these people smoke? Well, some of them smoke only in public with the percentage 8.3%, and some of them smoke in private with percentage 25%, but the rest smoke in both places with percentage 66.7%. Some people are forced to smoke with percentage 37.5%. Many smokers smoke because of stress and because of their friends also smoke with percentage 42.9%. All people suggest that programs of training with percentage 39.5% are great way to quit smoking. So, these surveys show that people care about themselves even if they smoke.

My hypothesis was right, because males smoke more than females. And I think that is because males can handle smoking. Also, I learned that people smoke always with each other in public and in private. If I did this survey again I would make many changes to these questions so I could learn more about smokers.


Seal, B. (1998). Smoking. In Academic Encounters: Human behavior. pp. 31- 33. New York:

Cambridge University Press.

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This was a reporter of Thaindian that based the article in a recent interview with Stuart Backerman, who was the publicist and a close friend of Michael Jackson’s he talk with the Local Vancouver Sun Friday said that stress was the causes of the star’s death. He also said that the performer got financial problems with debt between $300 and $500 millions. On the other hand that he was taking too much Demerol to deal with his stress. He had used this painkiller since 1984, when he had an accident in the location for his Pepsi commercial. Backerman described that the physiological problem of king of pop began in that period. He started to wear wing and act strange since then. Also he never grew up, and maybe that was one of the reasons why he felt a connection with younger boys. So many things had been told about him but the clearest reason is that stress contributed to his death.

Stress killed Michael Jackson, says ex – publicist. (2009, June 27). Thaindian News. Retrieved on July 6, 2009, from news/stress-killed-michael-jackson-says-ex-publicist_100210075.html


This was a reporter of Thaindian that based the article in a recent interview with Stuart Backerman, who was the publicist and a close friend of Michael Jackson’s he talk with the Local Vancouver Sun Friday said that stress was the causes of the star’s death. He also said that the performer got financial problems with debt between $300 and $500 millions. On the other hand that he was taking too much Demerol to deal with his stress. He had used this painkiller since 1984, when he had an accident in the location for his Pepsi commercial. Backerman described that the physiological problem of king of pop began in that period. He started to wear wing and act strange since then. Also he never grew up, and maybe that was one of the reasons why he felt a connection with younger boys. So many things had been told about him but the clearest reason is that stress contributed to his death.

Stress killed Michael Jackson, says ex – publicist. (2009, June 27). Thaindian News. Retrieved on July 6, 2009, from news/stress-killed-michael-jackson-says-ex-publicist_100210075.html

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Hard Times to Adapt

Another country’s environment is hard to adapt in. Some people in my country have a hard time to adapt in other cities. Some people adapt fast when they travel to another country and some people adapt slowly. When I came here to the United States, I adapted very fast because I like it here in the United States. Many travelers said that the adapting part is very hard in other cities or countries. Also, when people want to know how to live in another country, they should at least live in the same place for one week or two weeks top. I know many people who said that they do not have a hard time to adapt in other countries. So, people should have a lot of friends when they want to travel, so they can help each other. Also, they may want to change their strategy before they travel. Many people did that, and now it’s working for some travelers.

Today, that technology system has play an part indispensable part. There is variety technology things established by human beings. such as telephone, air conditioners and cars, and these things act in in important roles in our life. before, people just had to mail a letter to each other as a way to communicated, because at that time we have moved in to the most important stature in the world. When I studied in primary school, the teacher told us that the first computer was established in American, its size was as big as three classrooms. On the other hand, the technology has given us a lot of convenience. Because of the computer, we do not have to send a little anymore, expect sometimes when we need to send a letter. Moreover, people can use the computer to study from the internet At the same time, people can keep touch with their parents or friends on the internet by the computer. As a result, since the technology was established, people have lived in a different world.

Stress of Technology

During the past years, as technology has become an increasingly prevalent part of our lives, we have to watch it’s development and impact on people in their personal lives, their family and their work environment. With the fast increase of the technology, we have lost quality time with our family, we don’t enjoy life in the way that we have to. For this reason, more people are suffering from stress these days. Many people can’t live without a computer, or their blackberry; they feel incomplete and it is very harmful to their health. I think that in the old days the people were more relaxed; the technology is very important and helps us in so many ways, but we have to control technology, not let technology control us.

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Fast Food in America

Fast food is a public food in America. Most American people love to choose it over other food. For me, I love fast food, too. For example, I love pizza and hamburgers. I love these kinds of food because these kinds of food are not public in my country and I seldom eat them. I am interested in fast food. There are three reasons that I love to eat fast food. First, fast food can be made in a short time. I can eat it as soon as possible when I order it. Next, fast food includes rich materials. These materials are new things for me because I never eat them. Finally, there are many different kinds of fast food in America. Fast food supplies many flavors for people to choose. I can choice many things that I want to eat. However, not every kind of fast food is what I like to eat because some fast food is unhealthy. For instance, fried chicken involves too much oil. I will not choose fast food that is fried already. I only love fast food that made in a healthy way.


Smoking problem has been treated as a big issue from many years ago. In the past time, companies that produce cigarettes just made cigarettes without any warning. So, the rate of smoking went up very fast. Then people started to get a bad disease. Also many people died from this disease. Then people realized dangerous cigarettes were and the companies started to produce them with warnings. Media also tried to give knowledge about how dangerous cigarettes were. The social system also led people to stop smoking and gave them medicine. For these reasons, many people try to quit smoking. The Smoking rate is going down for both, men and women.

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How You Can Get Away From Stress

The author told about two young lawyers who are told that they have only the weekend to prepare a report on a complex case. One of the lawyers feels threatened and fears that she might not solve this complex case. The other lawyer feels challenged and excited. As this example helps to show stress comes from the way in which people react to the events. According to author, a sense of control can help to reduce the negative consequences. The rats that could exert control had less ulceration than their helpless partners. It is easier to cope with the expected death of a loved one than the sudden death of a loved one. For example, students have more stress when they have surprise quizzes. The research proves that some people have a relatively stress-resistant personality. To control one's stress depends on whether people feel in control of things that give them stress, what they are doing and whether they welcome a moderate amount of change. According to the author, healthy people are more likely to cup with stress. Finally, people have different ways to cope with stress, so each person chooses the best way for him to control his stress.

In my opinion, I disagree with the author that healthy people are more likely to cope with stress. I think it depends on the personal behaviors and how they react to a sudden situation, whether if he is a healthy person or not. In my county we divide people into hot people and cold people. Hot people are people who react very fast with any situation and cold people are people who do not react at all about anything; that are a bad thing for cold people, but it is very good for not having stresses for cold people. I will talk about different ways to avoid stress or at least reduce the amount of stress, like exercise talking with friends when you have stress, and always being ready to accept sudden change in your life.

First, the research comments that when people do exercise they are less likely to have stress, especially relaxing exercise like yoga and similar exercises, because it helps the body to be productive in a sudden situation. Also when we do exercises we balance our body. For example, when we do exercises our blood pressure is balanced, and your body will be always active and ready for any sudden bad news.

Second, if you have stress, the best way to reduce that stress is to talk with other people like friends or parents, and explain to them what your problem is and you will feel better to share your problem and get advice from different people to solve your problem. Also, when you are nervous, angry and upset, remember that it is better to change your place to another place you like. For example go out with your friends to a comfortable place to reduce the stress.

Finally, when your body is ready to accept any change in your life, it helps to reduce the amount of stress. For instance, when people laugh at someone, he or she should be relaxed or not care about them. So, people should not be serious all the time about small situations.

In conclusion, we can avoid the stress with different ways. It depends on the personality of people, and not all people have same amount of stress-resistant personality. Each person has to learn the technique of how to cup with stress. In my opinion, smoking, drinking alcohol and using drugs will not help you to cup with stress.

Seal, B. (1998). Coping with stress. In Academic encounters: Haman behavior. (pp. 15-16). New York: Cambridge University Press.

Friday, July 17, 2009

There are not all of stress can affect people

In the article, “coping with stress,” it states that people have a different attitude about how to deal with stress problem; some people have self-control that on the stress, and also the personality can decide people how to face the stress. There are two examples to prove that people deal with the stress in different ways when they feel stressful; therefore, they have a different result, which is illness, or other is a fighter. Issues of consequence come form a text from two rates: the people who have the ability to decompress by themselves, and one’s ability to keep well psychologically and physically. On the other hand, if someone could know that they family member dead before, thus, it will be reduce, which feeling, the whole pain and surfing. Or someone can control the bad situation. However, death for people is very fearful for anybody, but it is also a serious thing. Furthermore, on the contact, whose illness is cause by stress; even though, the person will not have a good health after have stress. So, whatever what happened to cause the person to have stress, we still want to live in the world; therefore, we have to learn how to face up to the fearful situation, look at it as a war, and try our best to compete with the war.
The stress is a big problem in the modern time. People, who have the different attitude about their stress, also have a different ways to solve this problem, the personality cause the people have a different situation on stress; I had not thought that for people to knows the bad news before is a good things; also, people who have challenge found out fear stress is really braved.
First, as I know, when the people have an emergency situation, different things will happen. For example, when I was in high school, every time we had an exam, I just wanted to go to the bathroom before the exam began, even sometimes I had a stomachs, but I still could get a good score, I do not think this stress caused my situation with illness, the stress is just a mental nervous reaction. But it is not an illness that can cause people to be unable to work well.
Second, actually, the stress is most because of the people who have stronger emotion; they may easily get angry, or sometimes get too happy. But if a person knows this stress bout themselves, they do not have to control. Because this problem dose not seem like mental illness, so if we put most energy into control ourselves, that will makes themselves, whose situation getting seriously; it is not a good way to deal with stresses. I thought that for people to do some interesting things is a good way to face stress.
Third, the people do not have to know about the death before someone died. You can imagine what would happen knew you would die next week? How is your feeling? I am really afraid of this. It is a story about my family. My grandmother passed away 5years ago; we knew the bad news about her cancer situation the time is three months before she died, and it was too late for her to survive. We do not think it is a pity; we know that, if we had known it early, we still have no idea to do anything. Therefore, just know it on the right time, because if you know it early, you may not do anything well.
In conclusion, the different people have the different situation to face stresses, to control the stressful about emotion might cause people to have more stress, and also there is no benefit about knowing death. Try to do some interesting things when you feel stress. Try to talk about your stress to your friends. However, do not struggle with yourself.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fried rice

Fried rice is a delicious food and people can cook if by themselves easily. It is easy to cook in three ways. First, people need to have rice. People should prepare rice that was cooked yesterday. Second, people can choose any vegetable and meat that they want to eat. Many kinds of food involve rich portions and fiber so people can choose them. Third, vegetables and meat are cooked with rice. After people choose vegetables and meat already, they should fry them with rice. People should try to cook fried rice because they will know how it easy is to cook.


Carbondale is kind of boring city, but there are some places to recommend to others. the first place i recommend is nearest from Carbondale, and called 'Giant City Park'. We can hike there and we can meat there. That place is accepted to cook. Another place where i recommend is the winery. Actually, there are various types of wineries such as European style and American style. You just can choose from them. Each winery has its own wine. You can also sleep there. You might have a new experience there. An other place which is a little far from Carbondale is called 'Little Grand Canyon'. If you have been there, you might be surprised, because there are lots of mountains formed of rock.


The most stress thing in Carbondale is the weather. I remember it was very cold when i first got here in March. Sometimes it turns very warm, so that I can put on thin clothes. But after several days it turns very cold suddenly. It is very different from China, I cannot stand it. And now, it is too hot and wet outside, but in the CESL office it is so cold that I need a cardigan or coat with me every day. I don't like wet weather because when I walk outside at night, my body turns wet, and makes me feel uncomfortable. It is always terrible to breathe hot and wet weather first when I go outside. I hate tornados every May each year, and Carbondale doesn't offer electricity for us. It's terrible to live in Carbondale without all electronic things.


As the ever lasting theme in human history. Music has played an indispensable part in human history. I like music very much, and the music is to me as perfume is to the flowers. In fact, i like the rock music best. i always can get the energy from the rock music. I will become excited after i hear the rock music. Fantastic music like blood fills of my body. When i hear the rock songs, i often dream that i am a famous singer. Rock music is the source of the wisdom. It is the corner stone of my life development. It is the backbone of my confidence. My life without rock music is as the world without sun. The rock gives me the feeling that the best is still ahead.

Monday, July 06, 2009

We'll miss you, Anna!