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Why discrete Math Is Important

1. Reference:

David, P. (2004). Why discrete Math Is Important. Retrieve 2005, from CESL

2. Summary:
In P. David’s article ”Why Discrete Math Is Important, ” he states that discrete math has been considered the most important approach of mathematics science a few years ago. In the past, discrete math got a little less attention in math curricula of secondary and high schools than other approaches because advanced examinations in schools and tests to enter college didn't depend on them. In contrast, he points out that discrete math has become more and more significant because there are some causes. First, discrete math is necessary to succeed in math materials of undergraduate degrees. Second, most computer experts and staff of accounting firms need to learn it. Third, a student must have enough background in discrete math if he want to compete in math competitions. Also, most problems in discrete math can be solved with a few tactics. Finally, he maintains that materials of discrete math are more interesting than other approaches. In conclusion, a student must learn some important parts of discrete math if he want to study in science departments.

Friday, April 17, 2009


In the ARI J.'S article " Is Gold Really the Safest investment?", she states that why the price of gold increasing and gold is not the safest investment in the world. First, we can know what the relation between dollars and gold is. Second, there is the reason why the gold price increasing in the whole world. Third, the price of gold or the value of gold is unpredictable and volatile. To sum up, the suggestion is that we should not be blind buying gold or selling your jewelry.

I agree with the author's opinion that gold is not the safest investment, because the price of gold is unpredictable. But is a little safer than dollars, especially when the world is in trouble whit financial crisis. I think that is the best way to keep the value of your money is by using all 50% of your money to buy gold and keeping the other 50% of money in the bank. Whatever which side is changed, you always have 50% of the money, and get a chance to earn more money.

Dollarization, Economic Growth, and Employment

Nelson Carrasco
Core Class
Monday, March 30th, 2009.

In Raimundo Soto´ paper “Dollarization, Economic Growth, and Employment” (*), the author established the effect on employment levels and economic growth, and the relationship between them, after the Government from Ecuador made the decision to eliminate the national currency and use American Dollar in its place. First, he introduces a brief point about the economic situation of Ecuador before and after dollarization. Second, he describes the Econometric Model used to analyze data, which consisted of a multivariable Log-linearizing equation of regression. Then, the author explains the main discoveries when he ran the model for the long and short term, which are high and positive correlations between employment levels and both the Gross Domestic Product and Real Exchanges Rate; on the other hand, the opposite effect was found for the Cost of Capital and Real Wages. He concluded by saying that the dollarization process of Ecuador has been controversial, because it has coexisted with two different effects, and said that in order to increase the employment levels the government will make policies which help the economic growth and avoid fixing a high minimum salary.

(*) Soto, R. (2008, April) Dollarization, Economic Growth, and Employment. Retrieved March 20, 2009, from CESL

Personal Financial Planning(JOE)

Lawrence J. Gitman and Michael D. Joehnk. (2005). Personal Financial Planning. P32-34.

In Lawrence J. Gitman's and Michael D. Joehnk's book " Pepsonal Financial Planning", the authors tell us what assets are and how much money you have. In the authors opinion there are four kinds of assets. The first one is liquid assets, liquid assets are the things can change to cash and not devalued. the second is investments, and it's hard to know what is investments. Investments are pay for money fires and can get more money back after a long time. Third is real property, the real property is things used every day and can appreciate. The last is personal property, the personal property is things that can move but these can't appreciate. It will be devalued. In this articles, the authors also tell about the liabilities, and they tell you how much money you have and what to do with your libilities. Use different ways to do between long-term and short-term libilities. The authors also tell us what can be listed on a balance sheet and what can't.

Depression in Teenagers: Experts Say to Screen All

The article” Depression in teenagers: Experts to screen” by Lyon. L discusses some new research on the topic the screening is a good way to find the depression. Though the screening, doctor can find some depressions that they can’t be found by clinical. Scientists forecast that screening can reduce the risk of suffering depression. On the other hand, screening can cure the depression in different ways.

According to the author’s paragraph “Save more for yourself and America” the author state that American people should pay more attention to save money from detail and the way to change your saving polices.
From the article, the author said that we should cut down money from some detail thing, and shouldn’t worry about the others. We should do some sacrifice when we face to lure. Maybe bearing is a good way to solve. And we can take some current deposit for the rainy day.
All in all, saving a lot from every smart polices is a good suggestion for us.

Kids' Emotions in Play Therapy

Kienlen L. (2008,29 Apr). Kids’ Emotions in Play Therapy. <. > <. > Last Retrieved Mar 27,2009, from

In this article, “Kids’ Emotions in Play Therapy” the author discusses that play with our kids is a useful way because it will help us to know about their emotions and what they feel. Some children are suffering after shock but they can’t talk about their feelings. We can help them to express their emotions by playing at home or asking a good psychologist to help. At home, we can play with them in different ways. Such as, drawing pictures and talking about it, reading stories which talk about something similar with what they feel and express our emotions to let them know that we are suffering from something but we will feel better when we talk. Other wise, we can visit a professional psychologist to help our kids.

Crime statistics reveal little

Danny Shaw (2002, Jun. 13). Crime statistics reveal little. BBC home affairs correspondent. Retrieved Mar. 23, 2009, from

Danny Shaw’s article entitled “Crime statistics reveal little” alleges that the statistic, which shows that in England and Wales a crime happens once per 5 seconds, an arrest occurs once per 15 seconds, can’t tell us the truth. The author points out a big mistake. Although the data was provided from the government, the data can’t use the snapshots directly. Except that they are just a record of one day, no other information can be known. Even though the amount events of wrongdoing, seizing, probation service and Victim Support seemed large, some numbers of them should be cut out, like the shots leading to transfer from one department to another one, cautions and acquittals. We have to know the details for the events, or deeply know how many police staff deal with the events. All factors should be considered for the analysis. So actually the statistics could only be used to promote them for working hard and how large their tasks are, nothing else. The best revised way is using the average daily caseload per year to stand for the snapshots on May 01. That will make the statistics more reliable.

Vocabulary Teaching:Effective Methodologies


Metha, N. Kumar. (2009, March). Vocabulary Teaching: Effective Methodologies. Retrieved March 23, 2009, from


According to Naveen Mehta in her article “Vocabulary Teaching: Effective Methodologies,” She explained the importance of acquisition of the word in the language. Also, she said that there are several ways to acquire a new vocabulary that used in the English language. First, listening carefully to the words, and dividing them into parts help the student to remember the vocabulary. Second, pronouncing any vocabulary from the teacher will help students to get it quickly, when they read it or hear it. Third, the teacher should not use the translation of the vocabulary while he is teaching the student. In addition, she mentioned the methods that help the student to get benefits. The teacher may use definitions, self-defining context, antonyms, synonyms, and dramatization. Also, the teacher can use pictures and drawings, reading the word, and writing the word. In conclusion, a good teacher makes the language easy, when he explains the vocabulary for the student. Also, the student should show attention by learning new vocabulary.

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