Saturday, September 29, 2007

The most stressful aspect of taking the TOEFL

The most stressful aspect of taking the TOEFL is sleeping. If you have to take the TOEFL then you will have a problem with sleeping the night before taking the TOEFL because you are thinking about the TOEFL. When I took the TOEFL the first time I had many problems but the most stressful problem was with sleeping. I was thinking about how hard it is and how I’ll do on it. After the TOEFL I went to sleep and I forgot everything about it. The second time I took it I felt less stress than the first time. I wasn’t thinking about it. I just think that I’ll do my best. I didn’t have to think about how hard or easy it is. Now I didn’t have stress before the TOEFL or after it because I just thought, that I would do my best. I didn’t care if I did good or bad on it because I did what I could do and that was my best.

Friday, September 28, 2007


I think that the most stressful aspect of taking the TOEFL is the new language problem. I'm Korean, so I must learn my country's language and study the rules of Korean spelling, even construction. I always try to study English, but sometimes I'm getting confused between my first language and my second language. Moreover, I have restricted my time on the TOEFL. I try to take the TOEFL within 3 hours. The most stressful aspect of taking the TOEFL is for me to change linguistic habits.

Fluency Ex #5

The most stressful aspect of taking the TOEFL in time pressure. I've taken the TOEFL three times in CESL. I think until now the time pressure was the most stressful aspect. It is very painful, because we can take the TOEFL once a term. Also, before taking the exam, most students were sensitive. During that time if I get time pressure, it makes me suffer. Also, we need to prepare with time management skills but it is also hard.

Trouble with learning vocabulary

Indeed, some words are more difficult to memorize than others. How could that be? First, some words have more than four vowels. If they are easy to divide into common roots, they would be remembered quicky, like transportation. Otherwise, it would take more time. Second, words that have different prounciations or are hard to pronounce also take more time to learn the spelling. Finally, I think words which are not used in a common way or in daily life are still hard to know or write down.

In my case, when I encounter these situations, I'll practice more time, no matter to read or to write them down. Especially I'll write one word on a paper, making the words fill in the paper and trying to write beautifully. If I have more leisure time, I'll connect them to other words and read the examples, in order to remember new vocabulary deeply.

The best way to study vocabulary

When you talk to people and can't use the correct words or don't even know the words, you might have too little vocabulary in your mind. I'm trying to create my dictonary since friends and teachers gave me directions.

Reading articles, news, watching TV shows, listening to music or shopping etc, all things in daily life are resources to study vocabulary for fun. I have a notebook to record new words every day, trying to connect to other similar words and phrases, and study words that I wrote down yesterday. Actually, to study it alone is boring, and you should find some interesting teaching programs or share the words with your friends or try to use them in daily life.

To write them isn't enough, but you should remember how to use them, too.

Plagiarism : of Importance in the American University

In this modern world we can get information from TV programs, magazines, newspapers, and the internet. When I studied in the university, there was a lot of homework about reading reaction and projects. A student usually found the articles on the internet and copied other people’s opinions to become their homework. Sometimes I also did that, too. When I came to SIUC, coping an opinion or researching from other people and not mentioning where this research came from was a big problem for students. They even were kicked out of the university. So plagiarism is a serious issue to students who study in the university. This also gave me a good understanding about respecting thoughts and researching from other people. I also don’t like other students to steal my research and opinions. This is a good view to everyone.

By Jeremy

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Studying vocabulary words form shows

The best way to study vocabulary is watching TV and movies, because it's an easy and free way to study. In the regular way, people usually get vocabulaary from a textbook or a newpaper. These vocabulary words are learned from the boring way. Uusually people will feel annoyed and have no energy to study. If these vocabulary words come from movies or TV shows it will become interesting. Peple usually watch the show they like. So, we can choose some foreign shows we like to watch then we will see some vocabulary we don't know. But we like this TV show and movie so we will not give up. We will want and try to find out what that vocabulary means. We will want to understand the show. Finally, because we like the show we will watch it very often. Therefore, we can very easily and freely study a lot of vocabulary.

Fluency Ex #4

I decided to write down about the best way to study vocabulary. Actually, there are many ways to study vocabulary such as speaking and writing down, flash cards and take out vocabulary and read inside much of time. It is just up to people's study style.

In my case, using flash cards is the best way to study vocabulary. Also, many CESL teachers recommend that way. Vocabulary is the hardest thing in studying English. First time, people of course do not remember.
You have to take time with a relaxing mind.

fluency EX# 4

I have been a CESL student about a year. and I face a lot of problems and stress like vocablary and reading. However, the most stressful is the TOEFL exam, because the exam includes reading, lisening and a lot of vocabulary also. I get nervousness dering the TOEFL because the pressure that i get from limited time. And i try to answer and do my best to get all the questions right with out any break. Also i face problems the night before TOEFL exam i couldn't sleep well because i all the time thinking about how to pass the exam. On the other hand, there is no way to avoid the stressful.

Fluency Ex.#3

SIUC is a nice place. The question that a lot of my friends ask me is "How is your college in USA?" and i say, " SIUC is the quietest college that i have ever seen",because I think this college is the best college for any international student who wants to stay in USA. SIUC has nice programs to make the students ready for doing any thinking by themselves. I will say to my friend that SIUC has a beautiful natural view, nice weather, nice people and also it's the best place to study, because it's a small town and it's very safe. I will describe SIUC to my friend, that SIUC has a strong program to make the study easy to learn. And all the time i say to my friend I am so lucky to be here in SIUC.

Fluency Ex.#2

Smoking is the worst habit in the world. Before six years ago, i had a big experience with smoking. I started to smoke because my friends pressured me to try it, and it was a big mistake I made in my life. I smoked for two years and because i have asthma the docter told me if you don't quit smoking, your health is going to be a problem in the future. This experience made me think a alot about my life and my health. Maybe some people don't understand how bad smoking is. Before i went to the hospital i was fighting to get oxygen and i understand now that smoking is a very bad behavior. I understand my health is more important than anything in the world. I feel sorry for any people who smoke, especially my friend because I don't want to see people have the same experience as me. I hope to all people health; "Dont get hooked by smoking".

Fluency Ex. #4

The best way to study vocabulary is repetition studying vocabulary is really important for those who want to study English; also. it's basic English. I think one of the reasons that people fail in studying vocabulary is they don't repeat. If we repeat the vocabulary once a week, we can remember better. Then we can gradually remember step by step. However, it's indeed hard to keep the rules. So when we are determined to study vocabulary, we should have preparation of a strong will. -moon-

Fluency Ex. #4

I think English language learning depends on vocabulary. If you are without vocabulary, you might have bad reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. I think studying new verb is good every day. Reading is really good to improve your language. When you study new vocabulary, you should try to use it in speaking. If you don’t review what you are studying, you can’t improve quickly. You should try to use an English to English dictionary. Ask your teacher when you hear any new word. You should try to talk in English with your friends. When you are talking in English for fun, I think you will learn better.

Fluency Ex. #4

We know smoking is bad for human health. I am one of the people who smoke, and when I smoke I know these cigarettes will hurt me. But sometimes I think smoking is good for me, because I get angry too fast and smoking helps me to calm down. Also, when I read something or try to understand something, I think when I smoke I feel that I understand more than before. For example, when I study I feel a headache, then I don't understand what I studied; smoking lets me repair and go again without the headache and I can understand what I read.


There are many ways to improve your study of vocabulary. First, try to read more articles, magazines and newspapers. Next try to write down all of the new words that you didn’t understand. Translate the new words using an English-English translator machine or book. List the new words into groups, for example, medical group, economic group and accounting group, etc. Then, try to read them and keep them in your mind by using them the next day. Moreover, you can write any small article for yourself using the new words. Suffixes and prefixes will help you to know more vocabulary. For example, there are many suffixes that lead you to know what the word is, noun or adjective. Finally, it is important to know the different kinds of the part of speech.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The best way to study vocabulary

There are many way to study vocabulary. You can use your dictionary to learn it in your own language. When you learn it in your own language you will be confused when you speak. The best way to learn it is that you learn it by its language. You will see that it makes it easy in speaking and writing. If you have a problem in writing the new word correctly you should write it more than one time. There is a good way to learn new vocabulary by writing. You will see that because when you write something you will not forget it. There are many different ways to learn vocabulary. These two ways are the best ways to learn vocabulary.

Studying Vocabulary

In my opinion, the best way to study vocabulary is by reading, listening, and also by being curious. When you spend your time reading novels, books, journals, or any sort of documents, you learn more about vocabulary, such as new words and expressions. Being curious means while talking to someone who speaks better in that language, don't hesitate to ask for a word you did not understand well, that would help to keep that word or expression in your mind so that you could use it one day in your speech. In addition, by listening too, this way helps you to get the sound easily. For example, when you are listening to the radio, you hear the sound of the word. If you cannot catch that sound, just check the dictionary.

the best way to study vocabulary

Vocabulary is very important in English. If you want to study English very well, you need to know more vocabulary, so a lot of people choose to remember everything. This is very hard and easy to forget. If you know all of it and never forget , you may not know how to use it. You need to write am article, you have a lot of good vocabulary to use, but you don’t know how to use it. I think remembering vocabulary is very important but you can choose other ways. You can remember the whole paragraph. This can let you remember not only a word, but you can remember the grammar. This is a good way to study, I think this can kill two birds with one store and save you time to study grammar.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

The way to beat stress.

I'm really likely to get stress, because my feeling is changed easily. So if I can't cope with stress; I was already crazy. Because I really like to play sports and to watch them, I usually cope with stress by sports. For example, when I get a bad grade in my school, I call my friend, then ask him to play basketball with me. After playing basketball for many hours, I forget my concern about the grade. Somtimes, it's a problem to forget so easily.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The most stressful aspect of social life in the USA is culture. I lived in a tower, so everyone comes from the USA; sometimes I do something I think in my culture is ok, but some of my friends will say “Renzhi, what are you doing, you are so wild.” So now when I do something I think is ok, it’s very stressful; I worried that after that they will say the same words to me. Because culture is different, they think they can do something and can not do others, but I think both of them are ok, so culture gives me a lot of stress in the tower. Now I try to study American culture and it makes me have less stress.

SIUC in my eyes

SIUC is a university in Carbondale, a small town, and life here is very easy and comfortable; it does not have too much noise and trouble like a big city, it has no pollution or traffic problem. There is only a good life here. At SIUC, there is beautiful scenery, only in southern Illinois. You can see deer and squirrels everywhere; this is very beautiful. Students have nice space to study and live in, a beautiful lake and small forest. History buildings and new buildings blend and give us a nice memory. This is SIU in Carbondale, a nice small town and beautiful university. This is where I live and study.

The first impression in SIUC

Study in SIUC is really a wonderful experience. The classes will give you many learning opportunities, which are truly different form Taiwan. You must talk or communicate in English and get used to American teaching culture, which will improve your expressive skills, especiallly the students from Taiwan. Because the students are shy, the custom of keeping quiet is used in Taiwan. So moving to an English environment not only promotes your English, but also changes your bad study behaviors.

I'm still learning to build and get a better attitude and better behaviors. Besides what teachers give you, you should create your own way to improve English. So far, no matter the study environment, the people or the classes, I'm enjoying SIUC.

Monday, September 17, 2007

My Major

I hope to teach after I finish my major. My major is Electronic engineering. I want to work at a college in my country. If I can’t find a job in the college, I will go to look in the synthetic industry. Maybe I will face some danqer in my work. Also I might spend a lot of time when I choose synthetics. My major is difficult to study for and difficult to work in. usually any engineers in my country get a good salary. I like my major because it's more fun and more technical. Electronics is very important in our lives.

My favourite job

My future job is what I can do my best - Computer, because I have loved computer and study for nearly 11 years. I am very good at programming, so in my future I will choose this job. To become a good programmer you need to know a lot of things about math and computer. Programming is very interesting and you need a good group and you must remember here is not only you, all people must help each other and that will make it easier to succeed. One of the things that is very important is that you need patience. You cannot feel anxious. But a difficult thing is this, which is insipid. You need to sit in front of your computer for one month to do it. So this is hard for people. Sometimes I can not sit there for a long time. But I will try to do my best and this will make me become a great programmer.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My American life in SIUC

I am glad that I can come to America to learn English and know American culture, and I am able to be a student again. In the last term of CESL I went back to my country, Taiwan. I went to meet my dear parents and visited my best friends. How did I describe my American life? The best way was that I had a good lunch or dinner with my friends and showed the pictures about my daily life in Carbondale. I could tell them about CESL classes, my trips in the U.S., my new American friends and international students from anywhere in the word. I also told them my special experience while studying in America, such as my experience of going to a hospital, a special culture which is different from culture of Taiwan, and experience about shopping in the U.S. There are a lot of differences between Taiwan and America. Students in America usually drive cars and ride bicycles to the campus, but students in Taiwan usually ride scooters. In the university, I can make a lot of friends from all different places in the word. This is a special experience to know friends from different countries.
By Jeremy

Saturday, September 15, 2007

resist stress

When I have some stress, usually I will do nothing. I will not really do something to resist stress. I think I just go to sleep to relax. I sleep a lot every day, maybe because of this I feel I do not really have too much stress. And another thing I will do is I will watching a movie, drama, play game, listen to music or talk with friends. But I think the important way to make me feel less stress is sleep. Sleep can relax me, and after sleep I feel more free and easy. I won't think too much. And I will just do something hard in my own way. That's why I think I am happy, not depressed, and it seems that nothing happens to me every day.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Fluency EX.3

I will tell my friends about campus life here at SIUC; sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's hard. It is easy because everything is close to you. Also it's cheaper than other campuses. The life here is good to study because it's a small town. But some people think it is hard to live here because it is a small town and there is nothing to do here. Also it is hard because it keeps you away from your family. Moreover sometimes you can not find the stuff that you need in your study or your home. But my advice is that if they want to study, they should come to SIUC.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


When I face any stressful events I start to be confused for about 10 seconds. Then I start to analyze the situation or the stimuli. If is it a big stressful event I try to calm myself down and try to solve my way of thinking quickly. Because when I arrange myself, in my mind, and my ideas, I start my reaction against it. Then I try to convince myself it is easy and and I can pass it. Sometimes I take a deep breath and count from one to ten calmly. How does that work?? It depends on the stressfulness and how harmful it is. Sometimes I pass the stress very easy. And other times I couldn't because it is more than what I can resist. But before I sleep on the day I faced the big stressful event, I should figure up a solution and do my best to go with it the next day.

Fluency Ex.#3

I feel the affirmative about animal rights protestors, because I'm partial to animals, too. We can find easily on the internet animal cruelty articles. Many people both agree or disagree about that. I think that animals also have a life. We can't account for the value of life. Humans should coexist with all nature. I don't think that people can't live without nature which is animals and plants. I think one of the way of the protection of natural environment is keeping the ecosystem. Totally, I agree with the animal rights, so we should protect them. -moon-

Fluency Ex.#2

I think that most stressful part of being in CESL is writing Essays. EAP1 and EAP2 class have a lot of Essays. And Essays require my brain to storm with all of my knowledge. Usually, when I finish writing on Essay, I feel tired and sick in my neck. So much information translated gives me stress. -moon-

SIUC Description

I have some friend who is thinking about to transferring to SIUC. I described three students; now they are here at SIUC. Also two my friends asked me some questions yesterday. I said, it is a nice University but the city is boring. You can stay in the weekday but you cannot in the weekend. The SIUC campus design looks really old. It is without paints. I do not like the SIUC campus and activities, but I like to quietly study and I like the people in Carbondale. If my friend likes to sit in the home very much I will advise him, but if he likes more fun, I can’t advise him.

Campus life

About campus life at SIU, i would tell my friends a good testimony, because since I've come here I was always enjoying the life of campus here in Carbonale. First of all, the multiculture: I've met so many people from different countries, especially people from Asia with different languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Malaysian; that is very interesting for me. In addition, I'm living with my brother in the same place; he graduated last semester at SIU, thanks to him I also met a quite a few of people from the continent, mostly African people. They are really interesting, they welcomed me well, we often play soccer together and sometimes go for the walk each Friday and Sunday together. And also they are very serious about their studies. Furthermore, something really important that I could not miss telling about is the Student Service, because I've noticed that some students are working for the university in the bookstore, in the computer lab room, in the library and in other places on campus and they are paid for that. That is very appreciable.

In conclusion, about campus life I would tell my friends about the Multiculturality, Sports, Service of Students, and the African Association, because I joined this association and I don't know how I could express my feeling about that organisation which seems to be very important for me and I liked it.

Herve mukuna

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fluency Ex #3

I'm really likely to het stress, because my feeling is changed easily. so if I can't cope with stress; I was already crazy. Because I really like to play sports and to watch sports, I usually cope with stress by sports. For example, when I get a bad grade in my school, I call my friend, then ask him to play basketball with me. After playing basketball for many hours, I forget my concern about the grade. Sometimes, it's a problem to forget so easily.
By ChaChung.

Fluency Exercise #3

I'm living in Carbondale because I want to go to SIUC. I want to induce my frinds if they want to study abroad. SIUC has been given good condition by a resourceful environment. Carbondale is a peaceful city and quiet place. Carbondale people are very kind and modest. At SIUC in Carbondale, most students and professors are passionate in habits and try to become a developing university. If you are an SIUC student, you can enjoy many educational places and kinds of recreation.

When I Feel Stress

When I feel stress I just think about how to forget it. I get stress when I’ll have any test or exam. I study hard to forget it. When I have done the exam I forget everything about it. Sometimes I get stress when I see my grade in the exam, but I think to myself, what can I do? I have thinking on it, then I forget it. Sometimes I get stress when my cell phone rings during class time. I always make it silent but sometimes I forget it. When it’s ringing I feel stress and I don’t know what I should do. I turn it off directly when I feel stress, then after class I make it silent for the other class and forget that it was ringing in the last class.

Fluency Ex #3

I would like to recomend campus life in SIUC for my Korean friends. First, it has nice rec-center. I heard from someone that our rec-center is one of the biggest places to exercise in the United States. So I am very proud of it. I will tell my friends about that first. Next, the campus is big enough with nature. The campus is pretty big, has a lake and many places to take a rest. It is good for students, because the place will be good place for a date or for running or fishing so I recommend SIUC.

Finally, it's located in a rural part of America. So it is good for study. Nothing to do in the town but we just exercise, hang out with friends and study. It is good for students. In conclusion, I totally will recomend it to my friend. SIUC has many nice things for students.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

RRJ # 2


Reference: Mintz, J. (2007, July,18). Google expands sales of print ads. USATODAY Retrieved from n.htm


In Jessica Mintz's articel, "Google expands sales of print ads", she explains how Google influences internet space and how it makes good use of advertisements. The author claims that Google, which has a self-serve site, started with only a few advertisements, but nowadays many large companies want to put their advertisements on Google. The author also discusses that advertising through Google has faster impacts on viewers and that Google is getting to be a bigger company because it's cooperating with other companies.


I learned about marketing of company six years ago because I have worked to my parent's company for two years, and I believe that the Internet has infinite possibilities. So I was interested in reading about Google expands sales of print ads. I harly read any newspapers, but I always use the internet web sites or find some information to Google. I got some good effects by this article. It is the internet offers us infinite possibilities. One of the possibilities is that it is easier for people who have limited funds to do what they want and to be successful. Advertisements on the internet are very effective because people all over the world use the internet.

RRJ # 1

You,Byung-Hyuck (Tez)


Potter, J. (2007, July, 9) Choi wins Wood’s inaugural tourney at Congressional. USATODAY Retrieved from n.htm


In Jerry Potter’s article, “The Tank wins Woods’ first tournament at Congressional,” he explains who the champion is, how he learned golf, and how he won the tournament. First, the author claims that Choi of South Korea has marched to victory in a championship hosted by Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. Choi has physical stamina from his boyhood so that most people are calling him “The Tank”. Next, the author explains that Choi learned how to play golf in South Korea from a celebrated golfer’s autobiography. Finally, he says that Stuart Appleby was the leader until the third round, but it was Choi who won the tournament. The way Choi played in the final round reminded people of the way Tiger Woods plays. In Potter’s article opinion, he tells us that Choi got popular because of his fortitude, and gives us important information about his perseverance and efforts.


My major is architectural design, but my other major is golf, so I was very interested in reading about this Korean champion at the recent golf tournament. The article gave me some strong points and impressions. Choi, who is the winner of the golf tournament, shows me that nothing can be obtained without effort, and success only comes to people who try and put effort to it no matter how talented they are. I learn that the true meaning of success is neither money nor popularity. If I try to achieve my goal and do my best, it is a true success. Choi who is the winner of the golf tournament shows me that people need perseverance and to put forth effort in order to be successful. I also learn that people get the successful life if they put forth more effort all the time, and they can’t achieve anything without perseverance.

Monday, September 10, 2007

CESL Stress

CESL students spend a lot of time in CESL. When I came back to my home, I really try. CESL teachers give us a lot of homework daily. I did not feel, I had free time to go to the gym. I did not feel free time for fun or watching a movie. TOEFL score is higher. The class is tough, so there is not time for studying TOEFL. Getting an 80 for a class score is really hard. Sometimes people do not care or do not know about homesickness or international student’s feeling. Usually activities are in one place and there is not change.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The most stressful part of being a CESL student

You are a new student and you will learn many new things. You feel that you are alone. You miss your family. You don’t understand all of the things around you. You will change your life style. You will make new friends. If you meet anyone who speaks your language you will go to him directly. After a few days you will learn many things, then you will be ok. You have to be in touch with your family. If you are ok you will understand everything around you.

fluency EX.2

There are alot of stressful emotions in life. For me the most stressful things are when my family gets angry with me, i miss classes, someone talks about me behind my back, the cops stop me. The last times i suffered from stressful matters were first when my grandmother died. I love her so much. I can't imagine that i will live without her. I cried alot when i heard she died. Second, last week i had some problems with my family. I can't sleep well. I keep thinking about them for long time. Now i solved everything with them and i hope not to have any problems with them anymore.


The most stressful things for me are failing in exams, losing marks, coming late, missing a flight, or losing important things. The last time I suffered was at the beginning of my studying in the university. I was studying computer science which was one of my dreams. But I met a group of friends and they weren't a hard studying people. At the end of the first semester I had failed in two subjects. It was my first time in my life. When I got my grades I felt like I was such a loser, and it was shameful to tell the others, especially my family. I couldn't sleep well, I keep thinking all the time about my life and what I'm going to be. Next I recognized that I have to change my major, my group, and try to meet a new studies group. Finally I found myself improved and succeeded.


One of my dreams when i was young was to be a doctor. The main reason is to help people who are suffering of sickness. There are other reasons, for example, it is a respected job, you can get a good salary, and people can't live without doctors. On the other hand, there are some negative points. For example when someone has a dangerous disease and I can't help, that work makes me feel I'm useless. Another negative point is when I do my best to treat a patient, then one of his/her family said that you killed him/her. Some people don't know that doctors like to see them fine, in a good health and in a good mood. Furthermore I would hate when some patient comes late and says, help me, and I can't do anything for him/her. In my opinion the most stressful thing would be when someone died in front of me.

Fluency EX.1

When I was young I had a dream to be a teacher. It started when I saw my father going to school and teaching the students. Teachers get a good salary in my country. Moreover, teaching is a respected job, and it is a funny job; you can meet many people each semester. But it's a stressful job. There are many responsibilities on your shoulders. For example, you have to explain very well. Also when you teach children, you should have skills in how to deal with them. Finally, this dream is still in my mind but i don't think i will be a teacher for some special resons (it is related to my girlfriend).

Thursday, September 06, 2007


The most stressful aspect of social life in the USA is culture. I lived in a tower, so everyone comes from the USA, sometimes I do something I think in my culture is Ok, but some of my friends will say “Renzhi, what are you doing, you are so wild.” So now when I do something I think is ok, it’s very stressful, I worried about after that they will say same words to me. Because culture is different, they think they can do something and can not do others, but I think both of them are ok, so culture gives me a lot of stress in the tower, Now I try to study American culture and it makes me have less stress.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My major

I’d like to be an Electrical Engineer. This job has a good future in my country. My father has this job. I liked this job when I was 12 years old. This job is done inside on the computer. The man who has this job can make enough money for his family. The money can be enough for you when you retire. When you graduate there are many companies that have a job for you in this major. I heard that the major for this job is very difficult. I don’t want to change it, because I like it.

What is the most stressful part of being a CESL student? Why?

I have the most stressful when I can't tell something that I want to tell, because I can't imagine a word in English. Actually I am an outgoing person in Korea. But in the USA, I'm a shy guy, because I'm not good at vocabulary. Even though I have some questions in class, I can't ask them to the teacher. This situation makes me be silent. And my poor vocabulary ability makes me not be able to hear. That's why I have the most stress in CESL in the USA.

Fluency Ex #1

I'm majoring in computer engineering. In South Korea, there are so many people who major in computer engineering, so it's very hard to get a good job. I'd like to work at a big company like Samsung, but it's more difficult to be hired at that company. I have a friend who worked at Samsung, he said to me that working at Samsung is very hard, because there is planty of overtime and his superior made him work like a machine. So he is very stressful. I think I will have same problems as he has.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Most Stressful of CESL Students

Most international students in CESL have a lot of stress. Smoe students want to go to SIUC when they finish CESL, and get a high-score an the test or TOEFL test. Most of all CESL students try to study English as their second language. They fell a different style between their first language and English, so they have a regard for communication and their life. Some international students in CESL also get stress from financial problems, so they usually have a troubled mind on many days. Actually, most international students sometimes don't have control of themselves because they are young age-groups. Therefore, international students have to take a positive attitude and not be afraid of speaking English.

by Tez


Most international students in CESL have a lot of stress. Smoe students want to go to SIUC when they finish CESL, and get a high-score an the test or TOEFL test. Most of all CESL students try to study English as their second language. They fell a different style between their first language and English, so they have a regard for communication and their life. Some international students in CESL also get stress from financial problems, so they usually have a troubled mind on many days. Actually, most international students sometimes don't have control of themselves because they are young age-groups. Therefore, international students have to take a positive attitude and not be afraid of speaking English.

My stressful part in CESL

I think that most stressful part of being in CESl is writing Essays. EAP1 and EAP2 class have a lot of Essays. And Essays require my brain to storming with all of my knoledge. So I need to concentrate on my Essay, or my Essay will be go astray from the main subject. Usually, when I finish writting on Essay, I feel tired and sick in my eyes. Especially, so much information translated gives to me stress.


what aspect of my social life in the USA is most stressful?

I think my story is just not much of a hard thing, but it's the first time and it is very stressful for me.
When I came to America, I had to buy food and get refunds or something like this, and do it my self, but my English skill was not good enough for that also I don't have a car. In case of my town in Korea, they have a subway so I can go anywhere very easily. So if i had stuff for a refund, I can't take it to refund such as ask to one of my friend who has a car, it was so much stress to me.

I have to pay monthly electronic fee and water fee; That was also very stressful to me, because I tried by Internet, I needed a social security number, but I don't even have it, I had to visit the bill place and pay. It was so much stress for me.


Stress of CESL students and Me

CESL students have a lot of stress. The most stressful part is how much time they need to spend in CESL and go into SIUC. Because most students want to study in an American university and they need to pass their TOEFL scores and CESL classes, the university will accept their application. Some students can pass but some students can’t; this is a CESL student’s most stressful thing. My big stressful thing is talking with American people by using English, because I sometimes don’t understand what they say. One time I lost my luggage in the airport; I had no idea how to do anything. I was nervous, and tried to find an easy way to connect with them and find a way to deal with my luggage problem. It drove me crazy. Now I don't get my luggage back and I still need to wait for 4 weeks to get the result of my luggage.

By Jeremy

stressful time

A time I suffered from a lot of stress it was when I was in my country. I was a leader of one of my youth church groups. So we were preparing for a big activity on the vacation and i was the one who was supposed to make a reservation for the place in which we should have gone. When I went there to ask about the conditions, they told me that we were supposed to pay for the location for everybody per night. I agreed about that because i knew that we were able to do so. At the moment of the activity, we went there all together but the money was not sufficient. We went to give the part of the money we'd brought in order to ask for a favor to stay and pay the remaning fee later. Directly the head of the place was very nervous. He decided to send all the 300 people back and demanded to know why I accepted the conditions that i could be unable to fulfill. I was very stressful that day.

Herve mukuna

Monday, September 03, 2007

The most stressful thihg for cesl students

The most stressful part of being a cesl student is we must to take TOEFL when we are in high levels. We must take TOEFL when a term is finished. If we can't pass the TOEFL we have to stay at the same level we studied before, again, even though we passed the class exam. So, taking the TOEFL is the most stressful thing for students. If we stay at the same level again we have to pay more money and spent more time. Almost every student's partents want their child to go to university very quickly. But if students can't pass TOEFL they must stay, and parents will feel sad. So, parents give their stress already, and TOEFL gives them stress again. Therefore, that is a really stressful thing.

by Yalanda

Saturday, September 01, 2007

CESL student's stress........

The most stressful part of being a CESL student is money. I think time is also very important. Although learn English requies spending much time, I hope I can learn it as soon as possible. Every term, I have to pay two thousand dollars for CESL. It is pretty expensive and is only eight weeks. So I have to study hard and pass the TOEFL test; then I can study in SIU. I hope I can finish CESL class this year and enter SIU in spring next year. Anyway, I should study hard to improve my English.