Thursday, December 06, 2007

The causes of Divorce, Hazaimeh

NOV 8, 2007

The causes of Divorce

If you have a problem with your spouse, you must try to solve this problem by seeking the solution in many ways. You should not go to select divorce, which is the worse of solutions. But sometimes the life between the partners will reach a closed road; therefore the solution is divorce. There are many reasons for divorce; such as lack of communication, a stingy husband, and traitor spouses.

The first reason, lack of communication, depending on the man; he is outside the home for working, he did not enter his home more time, so he must find a time to stay at his home. If the line of communication fails, this implies that the marriage is going to fail. They must sit together to discuss many things in this life, like public events, feeling, and their lives. You do not need too much money to take your spouse on a small trip or for a walk, hiking. You can do some exercises with her and you can kill the boring routine. If you look to your spouse with compassion, you will solve many problems.

However, there is another important reason for divorce, which is a stringy husband. The man does not pay much attention to the children. He does not care about his children and his wife. Sometimes men are careless to their family because they are stingy. Therefore, troubles come and the solution is divorce. A man who is stingy must change his bad behavior or he must stay single, since his wife and his children need food and care to stay alive, this means they need money and it is difficult for stringy man to pay money. You should not neglect your spouse and children.

Finally, there is another reason which causes divorce, which is a traitor spouse. Before or after living together, you may love your spouse. Love is not only the good qualitative of the person, but also you must love her lacks. Everyone makes mistakes, but there is a mistake different from another’s. If the spouse is unfaithful spouse, then the divorce becomes the only solution.

In conclusion, unfortunately, many small problems become big problems which can lead to divorce. Divorce is not the better solution; everyone married must understand that. If you are happy person, you can give happiness to others. You must forget selfishness, which makes life more complicated and unhappy. These reasons that I discussed lack of communication, man’s stringy, and traitor spouse, lead to divorce. But if you have wisdom, you can avoid divorce. Life is very nice if you find a good spouse and both are care and love each others.

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