Friday, November 11, 2005

Catch me if you can-by Selina

Leonardo Dicaprio played the role of Frank W.Abagnale Jr. in the firm catch me if you can. He is an outstanding actor so I enjoy his acting. Frank was active, brave and resourceful. And he always did what he wanted. He pretended to a sub of his teacher in his high school. However, his father’s company failed and his parents divorced each other. He felt depressed and could not accept it. As a result, he left home and tried to raise a loan from banks. After his failure in loan, he became a fraud and made fake checks to steal money from banks. Occasionally, he made a decision to pretend a pilot and succeeded. Finally, he was tracked by FBI but escaped frequently under control of FBI agents. I anticipate that he will go to France and be extradited from there.

Movie:Catch me if you can

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Catch if you can

EAP1 Culture Through Film
Term 056

Name: Frank Abagnale Jr.
Job : Fraud
Family information: His father is a business man, mother is a housewife.
Personal characteristics: good-looking, smart, attractive.
Problems: helpless, alone

Name: Carl Hanratty
Job: FBI agent
Personal characteristics: quiet, patient, decisive, smart
Problems: lonely

Name: Frank Abagnale Sr.
Job: Business man
Personal characteristics: well-speaking, attractive, and handsome
Problems: depressive, lonely, sadness because he failed his business

Name: Paula Abagnale
Job: Housewife
Personal Characteristics: beautiful, attractive, romantic
Problems : silly

Name: Cherly Ann
Job: model
Personal characteristics: wonderful, attractive, impressive
Problems: she needs to love

Name: Brenda Strong
Job: Nurse
Family information: his father is a lawyer, also a rich man. His mother is a housewife.
Personal Characteristics: pretty, sweety, beautiful.
Problems: she loves frank Jr. too much, and she believes him

Name: Roger Strong
Job: Lawyer
Personal Characteristics: decisive person. He loves his daughter too much.
Problems: he doesn’t recognize people.

Name: Carol Strong
Job: Housewife
Personal Characteristics: she loves her daughter too much she is also emotional.

Name: Assistant Director Marsh
Job: FBI Agent
Personal Characteristics: silly

Types of love -by Selina

Summary of “ Types of Love ”

Bernard Seal thinks that these are the types of love: ludus, storge, mania, pragma, and eros. Love is fun to the ludic lover. The ludic lover will end the relationship with the partner if he or she cannot find any interest from the partner. The storgic lovers have limited passion and strong emotions, but they can keep a longer relationship and endure the separation of long time without feeling that there are any troubles with the relationship. The emotions of manic lovers will be high and low. They love intensely after feeling the depression of life. The pragma lover is practical person. They often search the person on the Internet who matches the data that they think important. They consider social qualifications, family and background to be important. Beauty and attractiveness are the characteristics of the erotic lover.


I agree with the author that there are different kinds of love. It seems that ludus is the most romantic. To begin with, the ludic lover has to have something interesting all the time. The reason why ludic lover seeks a partner is to find something interesting. If they cannot find anything interesting from the partner, they will end the relationship. The son of my father’s sibling is a ludic lover. He has fun with his partner all the time, so he is happy. Moreover, ludic lovers have more freedom than other lovers. They hope their partners will not be worried if they have other partners. They view love is a game, so the love is under control. If a ludic lover wants to change his or her partner, it is acceptable. Consequently, I consider ludus to be the most romantic love. We can see that from the summary above, storge lacks passion; mania goes up and down extremely, high and low; pragma is too practical; erotic lover always feels unfulfilled. Ludus is fun than these.


Seal, B. (1997) Types of love. In Academic encounters (pp.203-205). NY: Cambridge.
By Selina