Monday, August 03, 2009

What Reasons Lead to Stress

According to Amy Maxmen’ s article, secret shame, the author introduces what reasons lead to stress, what disease caused by stress, and how to conquer stress. The author said that shame is an important reason lead to stress and more stress will produce cortisol ,which is too bad to our body. Cortisol always comes from bad habits and poor emotion.

From the article, I know some reason lead to stress. However, I don’t agree with author’s points. In my opinion, I think that stress not comes from bad habits and poor emotion, and it comes from everyone’s mind.

First point should be mentioned that stress doesn’t come from bad habit. In most people’ eyes, bad habits are more salt intake, cigarette smoking and alcohol. They are all influence people’s health. Actually these bad habits are a way to release stress. I have a friend who likes smoking very much. When I asked him why are you often smoking and don’t know that is really bad for your health, he told me that in his eyes, smoking was a best way to reduce stress and ignore anxious. So that I think these bad habits just say that they are all bad for your health, but not lead to stress.

Then, author said that bad emotion also caused stress. Bad emotion includes angry, fear and anxious. They are also too bad to our body. At the same situation to bad habits, poor emotion is also a good way to release stress and depression. My mum has a bad temper and she always yelled at me. She looked like relaxed herself after she angry. I think that yell at others is also a good way to reduce stress. From the article, although it produces cortisol ,which is bad for our body, it can’t lead to stress.

The last point I should be mentioned that stress is always coming from our mind. Nowadays the rhythm of society has became faster and faster. People always try their best in everywhere. So they may meet stress. Actually stress is always coming from our mind. This mind let people do everything best and not stop. So people hard working all the time and sad for losing job. In order to reduce stress, people have to sleep more time and even have bad habits. It is to say that this bad mind leads to people get stress.

Everyone has stress ,which is not come from bad habits and poor emotion, just comes from everyone’s mind. Bad habits and poor emotion just help you to reduce stress. Actually stress is coming from mind. Keeping your mind relaxed is good. The world we live is not a heaven or a hell, and we just adapt it, enjoy it and live in it.

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