Wednesday, October 06, 2004

My experience in CESL

During the time that I have been in the U.S., I have learned many things. First, I think my English has improved so much. Before I came here I could not write a page in English, but now not only I can write more than a page but also I have been learning new forms to write. For example, I am learning how to write summaries, summary responses, and argumentative essays. This is new for me because I did not know that until I came here. I think it is interesting and I like do that.
I think that writing a summary is like eating an apple because almost every body eats an apple in the same way (biting the apple) and with a special system (APA).
Also I think a summary response is like an orange because when you eat an orange you have to take away the peel to enjoy the fruit. When you do a summary response not only you have to do a summary but also you have to say what are you thoughts about the article.
Finally I think that when you do an argumentative essay you have to know about the topic in order for your readers to enjoy whatever you write. And like a mango, you have to know the exact moment to eat and enjoy that.

Writting class

Actually I have learned many things in this class (Writing Class).
First of all, I have learned how to write my summary, a short paragraph that represents the author idea using my own words. I have to start the summary with author name and article title in specific format.
Second, I have learned how to write a summary-response, which means write a summary that concludes with my thesis and show if agree with the author in his article or not. This thesis should be clear, specific and supported by evidence and examples from your life.
Third, I have learned how to write an argument essay which means to choose any topic and say your opinion about it and discuses other people's opinion about the same topic.

Male's advantage will be nothing

A man has more advantageous points than a woman. It is the same in US and other countries. Of course, it is also true in Japan. So, while female’s right is made equal to a male in many countries, it is common for a male to be still have advantages and a female to have a disadvantages. I think this is not buried easily, but it slot will surely be buried in the near future.
In Japan, advancement in the society of a woman is not new and the woman also wishes it so. In a company or an organization, a male still has an advantageous position. For example, a company employs the same numbers as man and woman in twenties. Ten years later, the woman’s number is half of male’s. Because the woman will usually quit if she gets married. The woman who does not quit even if she gets married is disliked in the company. On the other hand, since the male thought to work till retirement age, he is considered useful. Therefore, at middle age there are only men in the company or organization.
In a family, man has a more advantages. Many Japanese men think that housekeeping is a woman's work and women also; however, many women think that housekeeping is joint work for husband and wife. For example, if there is a man who does not do housekeeping at all, he earns the salary, and nobody complains.
Before, Japanese women did not have human rights, because society was led by men. Now, Japanese woman is powerful and active. The relationship between a male and a female is changing. The idea that a man is predominant is old, but still, there is not equality. In the future, the difference between man and woman will have the same meaning as the color of eye and skin. Then, man’s advantage will be nothing.


Summary was first time very difficult to me. When I read and write summary first time, I didn’t know about 3 words rule. So, I wrote same sentences in my summary. Summary is a apple that every people can eat easily. Response was very difficult, too, because I did not have experience English writing. Expressing my mind has been difficult to me. Although I want to describe my opinion, I cannot do my best and I cannot understand some article very well because of difficult structures and vocabulary. But, now I can write better than before, because I have written many summary-response, reading journal reaction and argumentative essay. Summary response is watermelon. Writing a argumentative essay is sometimes very interesting, because I like to write my opinion to some fields and I can argue more freely than summary response. It is a banana.