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RRJ #5

Mills, E. (September 22, 2009). AT&T takes the phone out of iPhone. Retrieved October 6, 2009 from

According to the article, the author says there are some problems about iPhone. Such as the problems about reception, the iPhone owners call AT&T to ask some questions. The owners are angry about the drooped calls. Because the new produce 3G iPhone was launched so that the service is too crowed. And the spokesman of AT&T apologize to the iPhone owners about the increasing data traffic. Such these problems also happened in San Francisco accidently.

Maybe the article can change someone’s mind to buy iPhone because the problems of iPhone are known by many more people after the article was published. However, I do not think people should be worried about that. It is very common to see that problems happens to hi-tech produce today, especially for the newest produce. For example, data traffic also happens to blackberry some months ago. I do not major in electrical engineering yet, so I do not know the specific solutions for the problems. I think what both AT&T and iPhone should do is to find out the problems as soon as possible and fix it. If they cannot pay enough attention on the problems and neglect it, they lose many owners.

Miyoung's RRJ


Marcus.(2009, May 31). Fashion suggestions that will make easier for you to look thinner with no losing weight. Retrieved September 17, 2009, from


In this article, " Fashion suggestions that will make easier for you to look thinner with no losing weight," it states that losing weight is not easy, but people can appear to have a slender figure according to how people wear clothes. First, people had better wear dark clothes and spanx clothes to look like a thin person; it could be uncomfortable. Next, the author says that people think that bigger clothes than people's body shape and very tight clothes make you appear to have a slim body, but you look like a fatter person. Moreover, low rise jeans also make you appear to have a longer and slimmer stomach and some clothes which have patterns are good because pattern clothes can have an optical illusion for a slim person. In addition, when women wear high heels and women and men have a nice pose, they seem taller and thinner. In conclusion, people can show good shape without diet by wearing dress.


These days most people take a growing interest in slim shape; also they always want to be in great shape. I am also concerned about slim shape. Therefore, I know that I have to do exercise and not overeat food for good shape, but it is not easy for me. Therefore, when I pick clothing, I consider some of my problems in my body. The author says, "Say no to badly fitted outfit," before I read this article, I used to wear loose clothes, because I thought loose clothes helped to hide my body problems, but it was my mistake. In last year loose clothes were much in fashion to most women in Korea. Maybe this year also if is popular to wear loose clothes. However, women who want to appear to have a slim shape had better know that loose clothes may show bigger women than their own shape. Moreover, this article mentions good posture. I agree with it because when someone who does not have pride about their own body shape walks on street, they avoid people's gaze or do not go out well. However, they are supposed to have pride in their shape. Also, when people walk on the street, they had better walk in grand style. People have to love their shape. If people love their own body, they appear to be in good shape. This article gave me good ideas and I want to recommend if to people.


Reference: Accounting Career Feature. (2009,August 5). Employment Crossing. Retrieved on Sept, 18, 2009 from:


In this article the author discusses what you need before you start a career as an accountant. First, he gives the first myth about accounting jobs which is the experience and education qualifications that you need in your job and which job needs those and which job not. Then, he talks about how math is important for accountants and how much they need it in their jobs. Finally, he decides how much accounting jobs are growing and the opportunities in this field.


First of all, I am satisfied with the author because he gives me a lot of information about many things that are not true or are myths in my career. I agree with the author about what he says about the future in accounting jobs. Accounting jobs are growing day after day all over the world, because businesses are depending an accounting to organiza the companies. More than that, many countries have established professional organizations to take care of accounting as a career and that thing can make the accounting role more clear. So, people will have a clear image before they start their jobs as an accountant. In my countries saudi arabia we have Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA) which is the only organization that authorized to deal with accounting principles, and it makes all roles for the accounting.

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ikuri's RRJ


Wed, Oct 6, 2009

English Teaching

Reading Reaction Journal #5


Literacy News (2009, October 1) The Importance Of English As A Second language

Retrieved October 6, 2009, from


This article is written about English learning class for speakers of other language. First, ESL is designed for improve the English skill of those people with a range of techniques and methodologies by various activity. Second, there are some different types of ESL and those are available depends on the skill and requirements of people. Third, most popular ESL programs include one to one instruction. The curriculum starts with training basic skill and then, switches with the development of communication skill. Finally, Taking ESL program has benefits to fill in the missing gap in learner’s knowledge and it helps to attain success.


I chosen this article because this is about ESL that I am taking now. I learned from this article that there are various types of ESL. I agree with importance of ESL because ESL class gives intensive training with short term. I believe that intensively learning in the short time is most important point to acquire the other language. In addition, ESL classes proceed by English only. It is really important, and speaking skill and listening skill are improved at the same time. By the way, my class in ESL is advantage English course for take academic class. There are a lot of difficult technical terms for me, but it is not major, it is not so bad effect for me because I can learn new knowledge. However, sometimes, it might makes feels bad for someone who doesn’t want to learn it.

Khaled's Alnamasi RRJ 4

RRJ # 4

1/ Reference:

Belluck, P. ( 2009, Fep. 11). In new procedure, artificial arm listens to brain. The New York Times. Retrieved on Sept. 27, 2009, from

3/ Summary:

The artical discusses new invention which would be a good solution for people who lost limbs or paralysis. The articale begins with the story of kitts, who lost her left arm in a car accident, and of this new invention (artificial arm). This invention can help peopl who have lost their hands to move their wrist and elbow all at the same time. In addition, the author explines the relationship between the nerves and brains, and how they could move missing limbs in people's bodies. Also, many researchers mention this invention could effecailly solve a lot of problems in the medical field. Some sergories in this field were preformed for 30 people in the United States, Canada and Europe, including eight soldiers injured in wars. There were five patients who preformed an experiment to do ten differnt movements bu using virtual arms. These movements were not as perfect as for the able-bodied Finally, research will continue to make a normal functioning of people's missing limbs.

4/ Reaction:

I find that artical discusses important research about the connction between nerves and brains. The intresting thing in this artical is how we can combine between two different scinces to solve serious problems. For example, in this artical we can infer that we have two different scinces: Engineering, which is in this artical resbonsible for the artficail arm, and the medical field, whose function to connect the artifcail arm to the brain. In addition, this search could solve alot of problems related to disabled people like missing limbs and paralysis. In my country, there are a lot people who are injured by accidents and who thier limbs or can not even move because of paralysis. Furthermore, I find another beatiful part of this search about electrical signals could help some desaises like hight blood prssuere and dibetes.diseases like these which depand on the controling can be solved with electrical signals. I find also, it is a good begining for this invention esspcailly to do ten different movemensts. Tepiecally these movements as not like able people's movements, but it is possible to develop this invention or search until the time they can make them as natural movements. As a result, many people can do their activties in perfect ways. I know one friend who had a good position in his work but he had to quite after having an accident and losing his left hand. My point is this search can help disabiled people to have good lives no matter what kinds of injuries they have.

How Retirees can spend Enough, but Not Too much


LIEBER, R. (2009, August 28). How retirees can spend enough, but not too much. The New York Times, Retrieved September 6, 2009, from %20can%20spend%20Enough,%20but%20Not%20Too&st=Search


Lieber’s (2009) article “How retirees can spend rnough, but not too much” discusses the problems of retirees’ spending in the future. He says that the savings of retirees may not be sufficient to cover their expenses in the future, so some of them used to buy stocks and bonds to get financial returns. However, the changing prices of investment portfolio makes achieving these returns uncertain; also, these returns are affected by inflation. In fact, nobody could estimate how much better or worse stock market returns could be in the future. According to the relationship between the investment portfolio and inflation, if the portfolio lost money in any given year there would be no raise for inflation. In addition, retirees have to wonder whether the market will behave in the future as it has in the past. Experts say that to solve retirees’ problems they should create a separate discretionary fund.


Some retirees enjoy spending their savings for travelling, visiting their relatives, or making life more fun. However, most of them are concerned about the future, and they have to wonder whether their savings will cover future expenses, such as food, rentals, and treatment. Because of increasing prices, retirees try to achieve some profits by entering into the financial markets. In other words, retirees might lose their savings, rather than make profits, because of a lack of knowledge of financial market conditions. In the real world, I suggest that retirees should figure out stocks and bonds which make up their investments before investing; also they should divide their investment portfolio correctly between cash and stocks and bonds.

The Effects of Culture Shock

Do you think a new culture would be shocking? When student comes the first time to a new country, he gets culture shock. Culture shock is very difficult for students because it is sometimes good and sometimes bad. Even though, culture shock affects students, it is still exciting. America is multicultural because Chinese, Japanese, and Mexicans. On the other hand, new students find different language, food, and transportation in a new country.
The first impression for a student coming to America is the language difference. Because Libyan students find that American people speak very quickly, and there are new words and slang language, they become confused. In addition, Libyan students cannot understand what is being said. Therefore, they carry portable dictionary for translated words. Likewise, Libyan students talk with people who speak English quickly, and they cannot understand. Consequently, they can ask them "please could you speak slowly " or "could you repeat". Libyan students should learn the English language and meet American people.
Every culture has different types of food. Libya has traditional food such as Couscous and Tajin. Libyan people prefer eat their meals at home and eat fresh food. Because America has different kinds of food such as fast food, deliver food, and Buffy food, Libyan students try to figure out what kind of food is offered. In addition, libyan people eat their meals at home by traditional style. The United States of America has different restaurants that offer different types food. Therefore, our Students find it difficult to deal with different types of food. Libyan people prefer fresh food in their

meals. In America, stores sell canned foods. As a result, Libyan students do not prefer preservative food. My country does not have fast food restaurants. America has fast food restaurant such as McDonald's, which offers cheap sandwiches. Therefore, students prefer low-price sandwiches because they do not have a lot of money. Libyan students should adapt to new types of food and different restaurants that offer different types food.
Finally, transportation in a new culture is shocking to students. Libya does not have fast transportation. In America, transportation is fast, especially airplanes. The New York airport, airplanes take off and land every other minute at least. Therefore, Libyan students will find difficult to get to airplane on time. In addition, my country does not have metro transportation. In the United States of America, many cities have metro transportation, which is cheap transportation. Consequently, our students prefer to use metro for their traveling between America countries. My fatherland does not have road network. The United States of America has the greatest road network in the world. Therefore, students will confuse with the complicated road network. Libya does not have a great system tests driver license. America has a great system tests driver license. As a result, our students get easily driver license.
Actually, there are many culture shocks over all the world, which are hard to people. However, culture shock to student is very difficult in the first because student finds a new language, a new food, and a new transportation. According to information that mentions above on difference culture, people will find difficult communicating and accepting new culture.