Monday, March 05, 2012

Hazhar Amin-Egypt lifts travel ban on Americans, Judge Says -Newastalk#5

 Name :Hazhar Amin

AUTHOR:Muhamed Fahmi
TITLE OF ARTICLE: Egypt lifts travel ban on Americans, Judge Says
DATE OF ARTICLE:FEB: February 29, 2012

At the end,  Egyptian government ended the travel ban on ten of the Americans. During the last two months, the Egyptian government accused some of the American and Europeans with supporting instability in Egypt. There were ten of Americans accused from Egyptian government with supporting instability in Egypt, thus  the government was bane and forbidden them from traveling. This week, the Egyptian government ended this ban on these ten Americans. The American officials welcomed  this decision, but they added that this decision is not enough and considered the decision as "unconfirmed" and "the deal is not done" because there are still a big amount of fines on the ten Americans.        

1- Is the ban on the Americans and Europeans a good and reasonable decision?
2- Is the ban on Americans solve the Egyptians problems?
3- Is lifting the ban on Americans indicate that the Egyptian Government's decision against the ten Americans  was wrong at the beginning? 

I think, these kind of decisions against Americans and Europeans are not wise decision or logic behavior from the Egyptian government. It is not helpful for Egypt to solve it's real political problems with it's people. I think it is better for the Egyptian's government respond honestly to the people's demands in Egypt rather than accusing others and banning their freedom of traveling to and from Egypt.  

Sunday, February 12, 2012



   Russia and china vetoed a UN resolution a against the Syrian Government`s violation of protestors` right, meanwhile the Syrian Governmental troops continued killing civilian citizens in Homes and other Syrian cities. USA and other western governments are upset with Russian and Chine`s   vetoing against UN resolution.

1-  What should the international community do after this step?
2- Why both, Russia and China, so strongly support of Assad?
3- What should the Arab countries and people do?

 The international community should cooperate more with Arab countries to help Syrian people and put an end for ASAAD`s crime against his civilian citizens. Both country, China and Russia afraid they loosing one of the Arabian alien state in middle east, they do not care about human rights and democracy in the world, they just care about their interests.    

Monday, January 30, 2012

Article report- Nuhad

Author: Michael Dresser
Title of article: O'Malley to unveil new approach to wind power.
Publication: The Baltmore Sun.
Date of article: 01/23/12
short summary
Gov.O'Malley's bill is promoted off shove wind power which is borrowed ideas from New Jersey bill signed bu republican Gov.Chris Christie . this Bill situated 10 miles off the ocean city coast. the bill is too expensive and requires from electricity customers to pay an extra $2 a month. the way is used to promote the plan by creating jobs in so called "green" industries.
Issues that you can find: what are the electricity customers opinions about adding extra $2 to their bills to pay for wind mills?
My opinion:
I think that the renewable energy is safe foe our environment compared with used oil or gas. the government should encourage the people to use the clear energy.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

article report-Jungwon Moon

Author : There is no author's name By AP
Title of article : 3 inch nail removed from Illinois Man's brain.
Publication : TIME
Date of article : January 21, 2012

short summary :
Dante Autullo has felt nauseated, his friend Glaenzer suggested to him to go to hospital. The result of X-ray, surprisely 3-inch nail floated in his brain. He had successful surgery.

Issues that you can find
lodging nail is unsual, but extremely rare.
The nail went through the ear.
The nail came within millimeters from the part of the brain that controls motor function.

Your opinion
It is an impressive thing for me that they removed a lodged nail in the brarin. Actually lodging nail is very surprising happening.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ataallh Alatoai

Three years ago, I traveled to Malaysia; it was a nice place, and Malaysia people are very respectable. However, I ran up against a problem. It was a bout some types of nonverbal communication. For example, I went to a store to buy some gifts for my family. I saw a man who waved his hand from right to left. In my country that gesture means "good bye". My reaction was like him; I waved mine to the right and left. Unfortunately, in Malaysia that gesture has different meaning. It means "come here". When I knew its meaning, I was really embarrassed. In fact, after that experience, I believe that knowing common nonverbal signals in a country which you will visit is important, so I became careful about learning common nonverbal communication.

Weblog Ass't # 3, Abdullah Alotaibi.

When I was in Chicago, my brother and I always walked downtown at noon. On day, I walked alone because my brother had a class at that time. I went to many places and I enjoyed seeing high buildings and the lake. I always wanted to practice English, but I did not, except with people who worked in stores. However, I saw someone standing alone outside a store. I went to him to talk and I said, "the weather is nice", but he did not answer. He nooded his head and I understood that he agreed with me. I also said,"Chicago is beautiful, isn't is? He also nooded his head. After that he signed OK by his finger. I talked to him about what places I saw and visited. Every once in a while, he smiled at me and liked what I said. I heard somethings. He said, "mm mm mm", but I did not understand anything. Furthermore, I felt that he was happy when he was standing next to me. After a while, I became bored because he did not say anything. I said to him, " I want to go to my home." He said "mm mm mm" and smiled at the same time. In that time, he started to talk with me by using his hands because I knew he was mute and could not speak. I understood from his gestures that he wanted to keep talking. Indeed, I felt sad about him; however, I learned different things from him. In the end, when I was walking to my brother's home, he was raising his hand to express "good bye".

Difficult Situation

Two years ago, I traveled to India to visit my uncle. I had a very interesting time. Indian people were very friendly and helpful. My uncle was living in a small and quiet village. One night, I went to the market to buy candy. When I reached the market, I met a very old woman. She seemed very poor. I smiled at her and waved. Suddenly, she started screaming and said: "thief! thief!" A lot of people came and started to shout at me. I was shocked and could not speak. Finally, my uncle came and helped me. My uncle told me that women in this village do not accept smiles from strangers. I learned that non-verbal communication is very important.

Monday, December 12, 2011

If There Is No Non-Verbal Communication

When I read about non-verbal communication in Academic Encounters, which is used in EAP 1 core class, there are many ways of non-verbal communication. I imagined that if people do not use non-verbal communication in conversation, what will happen to them? It will be hard to express their emotion and will be very awkward. Here are interesting instances. If I am just standing or sitting like a robot or a skeleton in a science lab during conversation, how does my friend feel? It looks like a "conversation machine." Or if someone tries to propose to his or her partner without non-verbal communication, how does the partner show reflex? Does it work well? I do not think so. I think that non-verbal communication is an important part in conversation like an ingredient in a meal. Delicious food needs a good source, and awful food has a bad source. I want to ask to my classmates, "was it an interesting subect in core class?" In addition, not very important, we can make a game that only uses a non-verbal communication with time limitation. The person who is smiling or laughing first is the loser. It will be very fun.
Sungu Kim

Saturday, November 26, 2011


AL-Mutanabbi is one of the greatest poets in the Arabic language. He made more than 326 poems. His poems were about pride in himself, the philosophy of life and praising leaders and kings. Actually, I like this great poet because of his wonderful poems. Indeed, his poems spread in all the Arab world. However, he was simple minded in some situations. For instance, he praised kings to take money and gifts. Believe it or not, he claimed that he was a prophet! Also, he made some poems to insult others by using bad words. Nevertheless, with a good judgment, he was genius even though he made some mistakes. Finally, to err is human.