Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weblog Ass't # 3, Abdullah Alotaibi.

When I was in Chicago, my brother and I always walked downtown at noon. On day, I walked alone because my brother had a class at that time. I went to many places and I enjoyed seeing high buildings and the lake. I always wanted to practice English, but I did not, except with people who worked in stores. However, I saw someone standing alone outside a store. I went to him to talk and I said, "the weather is nice", but he did not answer. He nooded his head and I understood that he agreed with me. I also said,"Chicago is beautiful, isn't is? He also nooded his head. After that he signed OK by his finger. I talked to him about what places I saw and visited. Every once in a while, he smiled at me and liked what I said. I heard somethings. He said, "mm mm mm", but I did not understand anything. Furthermore, I felt that he was happy when he was standing next to me. After a while, I became bored because he did not say anything. I said to him, " I want to go to my home." He said "mm mm mm" and smiled at the same time. In that time, he started to talk with me by using his hands because I knew he was mute and could not speak. I understood from his gestures that he wanted to keep talking. Indeed, I felt sad about him; however, I learned different things from him. In the end, when I was walking to my brother's home, he was raising his hand to express "good bye".