Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why discrete Math Is Important

1. Reference:

David, P. (2004). Why discrete Math Is Important. Retrieve 2005, from CESL

2. Summary:
In P. David’s article ”Why Discrete Math Is Important, ” he states that discrete math has been considered the most important approach of mathematics science a few years ago. In the past, discrete math got a little less attention in math curricula of secondary and high schools than other approaches because advanced examinations in schools and tests to enter college didn't depend on them. In contrast, he points out that discrete math has become more and more significant because there are some causes. First, discrete math is necessary to succeed in math materials of undergraduate degrees. Second, most computer experts and staff of accounting firms need to learn it. Third, a student must have enough background in discrete math if he want to compete in math competitions. Also, most problems in discrete math can be solved with a few tactics. Finally, he maintains that materials of discrete math are more interesting than other approaches. In conclusion, a student must learn some important parts of discrete math if he want to study in science departments.