Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Journal Question #2

I want to start off saying that if sometime today you do not get a comment on your post for the first post that is because I never saw it and you got a zero for the first assignment. You need to make sure that I can see your page by posting on my blog somewhere. Make sue to post your class. If you don't then it's as good as not posting at all.

For the people that did post and got a comment; GOOD JOB!!! Your posts were very interesting. As long as you stuck to my guidelines you did well.
I also enjoyed some of the pictures that people put up. I hope you will share more with time!
The question this week is: "What is your favorite food and why? Does eating this meal remind you of a special time in your life? Is this food native to your country? How is it made?" Due Sept 8th.
I personally love curry in all of it's forms.
Also, you may recall that I said I would post all of the questions for the rest of the term. I did that on my page. You have to check your page each week for the specialized edition of the question that I will have for your class. I intend on changing the requirements for the paragraph as the semester goes on to improve your skills.