Thursday, September 11, 2008

Homework #6

I KNOW THIS IS YOUR LAST POST!!! Try not to bail out on me now kids!

DUE OCT 6 at NOON. This week the sentence requirement is 20. I know you can do it.

How are school classes structured in your country? When does the school semester start? Do the students wear uniforms? Do you switch classrooms for each class or does the teacher come to you? Please compare your school experience in your country to your experiences here.

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This picture was taken at Ichijo High School in Sitama, Japan. I was there visiting there with a friend of mine who teaches these girls. The guy in the back is my friend Rob. Poor Rob was the only guy there (It was an All girls high school).

Also, as a blast from the past, here are some pictures from when I was in High school.
This is my best friend Mindy and I. I think think I look too different.
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At the end of every semester the school put out large cans in the hallways so that the students could clean out their lockers. The boys here decide to throw Matt out too.
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Surprisingly enough a few years later my best friend Mindy married Matt, the guy in the trash can.