Monday, May 04, 2009

Chinese Hackers Infiltrate U.S. Air Force Striker Jet Program-LE

Chinese Hackers Infiltrate U.S. Air Force Striker Jet Program


Suman Srinivasan’s article entitled “Chinese Hackers Infiltrate U.S. Air Force Striker Jet Program” discusses as a result of the invasion of hackers, to prevent further confusion senior U.S. government decided to develop a network security system to protect the government and the private network security. The Wall Street Journal points out that China is suspected of hacking into computer systems of the United States. These included the Joint Strike Fighter program, whose partners were Israel and a few other European countries and F-35 Lightning II fighter jet plan. The hackers infiltrated the data which related to design and electronics systems to copy and steal. The Obama administration has done something to change the situation, such as expand the $17 billion program for cyber-security. However, they also worried about the security of the network system.


Hackers, infiltrating the system were the problem since the computer appeared. With the development of computer technology hacker’s skills have become stronger and stronger. More and more people can use computers with serious technology. For instance, all the people have blogs. We can change the theme by ourselves. It has a choice: edit as Html. We can use the program language to change the background, colors, music, and everything that you want to edit. If it is 5 years ago, this technology just would be used by computer staffs. There are a large number of talented people who are so young and so creative all over the world. I heard news: a boy, 11 years old, used his pc to infiltrate the system of the China Bank. Certainly, he was taken to juvenile prison. After that, a lot of computer companies invited him. This is the power of knowledge. :)


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