Monday, May 04, 2009

Reading Reaction Journal(Let’s Do Things Differently)



Horyn, Cathy (2009, April 15). Let’s Do Things Differently. The New York Times. Retrieved April 22, 2009 from




In Horyn, Cathy’s article” Let’s Do Things Differently,” she points out that fashion will not be changed, but some fashion of details are changed by designer and customer now. First of all, Customers can’t stop their shopping of desire, so they buy the producer and return it because they don’t want to spend money. However, fashion stores need to think how to sell producers in economies of social which are going down. Moreover, fashion should decide that how to reduce the advertisement fee to get useful advertisements. Finally, author states that designers must to be strong determination to devise producers that ordinary customers want. In summary, customers can influence fashion because of their consumption in fashion stores.




Fashion looks like very pretty, but fashion has some potential problems. For example, everyone thinks fashion stores can earn much money, but it’s not true because it spends a lot of cost for making advertisements, hiring models and designers. Moreover, sometimes fashion stores should offer their producers to some fashion shows or celebrities. However, I tell myself if I had opportunities to relate fashion, I would know what the fashion is first because fashion has to care design more. Actually, I will study fashion design in S.I.U.C after I graduate C.E.S.L. Also, I read some news and articles which are related by fashion; therefore, I afraid of fashion now. There are too many potential problems that I can’t figure out. For example, fashion can’t provide whatever they want to show because they need to follow customer habits. Although, I knew that I still want to try to create my own brand and stores, I also have to consider that how to attract customers buying my producers. In summary, fashion is not very sublime. Even though, fashion attracts any people to pay money for getting clothes, it still has some problems about the cost. We only one thing you can believe that fashion’s stuff will be popular forever.