Monday, May 04, 2009



According to Linda Toll in her article, "Music therapy as stroke therapy," music therapy has a good effect on stroke patients. First, music connects with the brain, so it is especially good for stroke patients. For this reason, music therapy allow them to get better feeling and to adapt themselves to the social circumstance. Moreover, recently it shows that music therapy is getting better united with traditional therapy to stroke patients. Nonetheless, some scientists say that music therapy and people's emotion can't connect with each other exactly. However, some people agree with music therapy's ability through their experiments including Nayak. In conclusion, music therapy has wonderful influence on patients, especially brain problem patient.


When I was in university, I made a presentation about prenatal music. Actually, after I gave the presentation, I thought about my future job. My father is a pastor. His focus is old people. Therefore, I wanted to help his work, so I wanted to be a music therapist. At that time, when I said my opinion, he respected my opinion. However, he said that "you can also help me by piano performance." For this reason, I have been studying here. After I finish CESL, I want to study my major at SIU. In addition, after I finish at SIU, I want to help my father's work by piano performance and music therapy. In conclusion, I didn't know the musical benefits exactly. However, after I read this article, I know about music therapy's importance. I think that music is the best present from God! I love my major!


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