Monday, November 17, 2008

Journal Question #6

I am working on the CESL Today!!! Please e-mail me what you think is your best work for the semester. Also, please e-mail me any photos that you have taken this semester. I ask that you do this by DEC 1st!!!! The sooner you send me things the better. would like to have this done for your classmates that will be returning home this semester.
We all have something in our lives that remind us of happy memories. There are many things that I enjoy for that reason, one of those being puns. Puns are jokes that are made by playing with words. An example is “To write with a broken pencil is pointless.” These kind of really bad jokes remind me of my Grandpa! Whenever I hear one I think of him. What kinds of things are precious to you?

Due 12/1 10 Sentences. This is your last blogger assignment. Aren't you sad?? I am. >_<

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Journal #5

Sorry I put this up late. I'll take it on Tuesday but I'll give a point extra credit if you turn it in by the normal time! Thanks!!!

I have always heard that in some cultures people who spend time by themselves are considered strange. I am the kind of person who needs some time by myself. I love to be around people, but to really relax and not die of stress I need to spend time alone. During that time I like to sleep, read a book, take a walk, sleep, write or some other activity that puts me at ease. What do you think of alone time? Do you need it or is it something strange to you?
REMEMBER- Due 11/17 at 5pm. 10 Sentences.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Journal Questions #4

People tend to think that fears and dreams are really different things, but sometimes the things that we fear the most are things that might get in the way of our dreams by making them impossible. My dream is to travel. Ever since I was a child I have wanted to see the world. I have been able to travel out of the country 3 times in my life, once to England and twice to Japan. I was so excited every time, actually I cried tears of joy the moment I saw Japan for the first time from the air! I used to have to many fears about traveling. That would not have money, that I would not be able to make close friendships with anyone outside of my culture. Now that I’ve made many friends from outside of my culture I am excited to be able to travel more in the future! Maybe one day I will have the pleasure of visiting your country too!

What are your dreams and aspirations for the future? What kinds of fears do you have that relate to this? Or do you not have any fears? Why not?

Due 11/10 at 5pm!! 10 sentences required.

My best friend Ayumi and I wearing Yukata.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Journal Question #3

This next week many Americans will celebrate ‘Halloween,’ a day dealing with the dead. This is a holiday that was once created in respect of the dead, but now is primarily a time for people to dress up in costumes, get candy and share scary stories. In your culture, do you have a holiday around this time of the year? Is this holiday similar to Halloween? If yes, how is it? If no, do you have a holiday that concerns the dead?

I personally don't celebrate the holiday but I do like to have some fun with my friends.



Monday, October 20, 2008

Journal Question #2

Courtship, dating, arranged marriages, online dating sites, random stranger; these are all possible options that one has in finding a husband or wife. Are you in a relationship? How did you meet that person? If you aren’t currently in a relationship were you before? Have you not yet been in a relationship, why not? (I (Anna) haven't and I'm quite happy with how I am!) If you don’t want to talk about your love life, then what can you tell me about common ways that people in your country meet the love of their life.

REMEMBER THE REQUIREMENTS - 10 Sentences, Due 10/27 at 5 P.M.

I'm looking forward to what you have to say on the topic!

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Hello Students!
I know that you are all exciting (or at least should be) about being in writing this term.
If you have had to do my assignments before I should warn you that they are a tad different this term.
You will always find the homework assignment on this page. If you cannot post on your page, or if you have any questions of any kind please post a comment on the homework assignment. (To post on a homework assignment, click on it's title and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link that says "Post a Comment").

There will be a homework assignment due every monday at 5pm. Any homework turned in after this time will still be accepted, but there will be a 1.5 point reduction. Also, any homework that does not meet the sentence length requirements will receive a 1.5 point reduction. Each assignment is graded out of 10 points so if your assignment was late and didn't meet requirements there is the possibility that you will receive 7/10 (70%) if your entries content is good.
Also, I grade these assignments based on content. Grammar is not as important as your ideas, so please try to express yourself as best as you can. Be creative and funny, these two things will get you a good grade.

I am available to tutor if you need hep in any of your courses so please e-mail me at

This first question will be simple and will be due OCTOBER 20th at 5pm. It is required to be 10 full sentences long. I could sentences by PERIODS.

Tell me what you did during your break these past few days. Share a picture and even if you were bored the entire time because you missed CESL so desperately tell me what it was that you missed during that time. Have fun with the assignment!!

Note: If this is your first CESL Term tell me about your first impressions of Carbondale so far? How was traveling here?

Hope to hear from you soon!!

Here is a little treat that amuses me. I hope you enjoy it too!!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Welcome to the News and Exciting Term of CESL 086!!!

Hello Students!
I know that you are all exciting (or at least should be) about being in writing this term.
If you have had to do my assignments before I should warn you that they are a tad different this term.
You will always find the homework assignment on this page. If you cannot post on your page, or if you have any questions of any kind please post a comment on the homework assignment. (To post on a homework assignment, click on it's title and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link that says "Post a Comment").

There will be a homework assignment due every monday at 5pm. Any homework turned in after this time will still be accepted, but there will be a 1.5 point reduction. Also, any homework that does not meet the sentence length requirements will receive a 1.5 point reduction. Each assignment is graded out of 10 points so if your assignment was late and didn't meet requirements there is the possibility that you will receive 7/10 (70%) if your entries content is good.
Also, I grade these assignments based on content. Grammar is not as important as your ideas, so please try to express yourself as best as you can. Be creative and funny, these two things will get you a good grade.

I am available to tutor if you need hep in any of your courses so please e-mail me at

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Homework #6

I KNOW THIS IS YOUR LAST POST!!! Try not to bail out on me now kids!

DUE OCT 6 at NOON. This week the sentence requirement is 20. I know you can do it.

How are school classes structured in your country? When does the school semester start? Do the students wear uniforms? Do you switch classrooms for each class or does the teacher come to you? Please compare your school experience in your country to your experiences here.

Photobucket Image Hosting
This picture was taken at Ichijo High School in Sitama, Japan. I was there visiting there with a friend of mine who teaches these girls. The guy in the back is my friend Rob. Poor Rob was the only guy there (It was an All girls high school).

Also, as a blast from the past, here are some pictures from when I was in High school.
This is my best friend Mindy and I. I think think I look too different.
Photobucket Image Hosting
At the end of every semester the school put out large cans in the hallways so that the students could clean out their lockers. The boys here decide to throw Matt out too.
Photobucket Image Hosting
Surprisingly enough a few years later my best friend Mindy married Matt, the guy in the trash can.

Homework Question #5

DUE SEPT 29th at NOON This week I will require 15 sentences again. Please remember to try and be creative with this writing assignment. HERE'S A TIP: If you can make me LAUGH I will most likely give you a good grade. This assignment is about creativity.

Photobucket Image Hosting
"I (Anna) love coffee and tea. In your country is coffee and tea popular? Is there a traditional drink that people prefer, or that reminds you of coffee and tea? If you also love these drinks, tell me why. What is it about them that you like? If you do not like these drinks, I will cry for you, but after that tell me why. Please tell me how it is possible to not love them. "

This here is's amazing!
Photobucket Image Hosting
Matcha is Japanese green tea and it is one of my favorite things ever!

Homework Question # 4

A lot of you have been coming to me lately telling me that you need to turn assignments in late. I can take them but please know that the grading will be harder so please put some effort into the post.
Do not forget to post on time. It is your responsibility to get your work in on time. Thank you.

DUE SEPT 22 at NOON Please type about 15 sentences for me this week. From this point on I will be changing the number of required sentences so please pay attention!!

In the United States movies are a very important piece of culture. In your country is there a huge movie industry? Do people in your country prefer to watch national films or foreign films? If they prefer foreign films what country do those films come from? Do you prefer your national movies or foreign films? What is your favorite movie?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Many of your posts were very interesting and made me very hungry. I really wish that there was some sort of restaurants that served food from each of your countries here, I bet you do too. I really appreciated the pictures that you all shared with me and that some of you even told me the recipe for your favorite food. Good job!!

Here is the question: It is due Sept 15th at NOON. Don't forget!!!

Also, this week I will be expecting 10 sentences again. Next week I will increase the amount by 5 sentences.

What is your favorite type of music? Why do you like it? Do you have a favorite artist and song? When you hear this music does it make you feel anything special? When and where did you first hear this music?

I love all kinds of music. Too many to mention, but I think the main thing is that I love how music expresses emotions and feelings. When I want to relax or focus I play music, actually for every activity I play music! (Unless I am not allowed to...T-T)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Journal Question #2

I want to start off saying that if sometime today you do not get a comment on your post for the first post that is because I never saw it and you got a zero for the first assignment. You need to make sure that I can see your page by posting on my blog somewhere. Make sue to post your class. If you don't then it's as good as not posting at all.

For the people that did post and got a comment; GOOD JOB!!! Your posts were very interesting. As long as you stuck to my guidelines you did well.
I also enjoyed some of the pictures that people put up. I hope you will share more with time!
The question this week is: "What is your favorite food and why? Does eating this meal remind you of a special time in your life? Is this food native to your country? How is it made?" Due Sept 8th.
I personally love curry in all of it's forms.
Also, you may recall that I said I would post all of the questions for the rest of the term. I did that on my page. You have to check your page each week for the specialized edition of the question that I will have for your class. I intend on changing the requirements for the paragraph as the semester goes on to improve your skills.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Journal Question #1

What was your reaction to the first time you came to the United States?

Please have this typed and posted on your personal Weblog by 1:00 pm September 2nd.

To be sure you remember them. My requirements for a paragraph are:

At least 10 sentences. I want your paragraph to be a complete thought. Also, be creative. This is a reflection of who you are, so have fun!!!!

Also please post pictures and other fun things you want to share!!

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welcome 085 CESL students!

What was done below this picture was done before 085!

Monday, August 04, 2008

cmb final

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HSBC 'Eels' Ad ( Neil )

13. Speed dating


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Qantas Ad (Aaron)

Qantas Ad

#12 Brenda's blind date


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Saudi Women (Eid)

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More Heart Health ( KHALID )

Istanbul (Yassin)

Mariah Carey--Through The Rain (Feeling)


fruit glorious fruit (Caroline)

Fruits and Vegetables for Healthy Eating (Caroline)

100 Life Saving Health Food Tips (Caroline)

College life (han wu)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

travel China(Han wu)

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College - Trailer ( Lilian)

CMB Midterm

Shopping can be fun

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#11 college life


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Food pyramid ( Helen )

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Ice Hotel

site 1

site 2

Ease of shopping ( Neil )

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Travel in Germany (Aaron)

site 1
site 2

CMB #10 Valley man's eBay scam


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Korea, sparkling (hana)

Discover Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Like Never Before (Eid)

CMB#9 Green shopping enviro-tip


CMB #8: Farmer's Market


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Introduction of Paris (Caroline)

Eiffel tower fireworks (Caroline)

Tour of Seine river (Caroline)

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Fastest Growing City in the World! DUBAI ( khalid )

Dubai and Moscow's Moving Skyscrapers ( khalid )

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Bizarre foods TAIWAN (Lilian)

Carson's YouTube

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Taipei (Helen)

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CMB YouTube #7- NYC


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

CMB YouTube- Los Angeles


CMB- Las Vegas


CMB YouTubes- Chicago

Driving in Chicago

Downtown from Sears Tower

boat (Lake Michigan)

Magnificent Mile

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Welcome to CESL, 084 students!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Narrow the academic language gap to reduce the achievement gap


O’ Donovan, E. (2007). Narrow the academic language gap to reduce the achievement gap. Journal of Arts & Activities, 142(2), 41-42. Retrieved May 22, 2008, from EBSCO database.


In O’Donovan’s (2007) article, “Narrow the Academic Language Gap to Reduce the Achievement Gap,” the author mentions why teachers have to teach their students academic language and how teachers can teach their students new vocabulary successfully. First, the author states that the knowledge of academic language is very important to be successful in their school and jobs. If they know a lot of vocabulary, they can get an achievement in their speaking and writing. Next, the author explains the methods of teaching the words in class. Also, he gives us an example of the lesson that is designed by useful words. After that he mentions the rules of the specific word directions and how teachers can select the word lists. Finally, the author comments that all student need to use the academic vocabulary in their writing.


Maybe, most EAP1 students in CESL should have been experienced learning the vocabulary in class. Especially, in my class, we choose the words that we don’t know when we start the new chapter. Then, the teacher writes the words that we choose on the board. After that, we try to select the essential vocabulary that is useful to know in many situations. Then, we pronounce the words, repeat after teacher and guess the meaning in texts. Sometimes we explain words to a partner or group members. We are given the definition of words by a teacher. It is difficult to use academic words in speaking and writing. Also, we are not familiar with using the academic words. But, if we could know lots of academic words, it might be very useful to understand the articles. However, just to remember the words is not a good way to improve English because our power of remembering might be limited. So, the teacher offers us opportunity to use several words in writing. It is very useful to remember the words and to know how to use the words in the texts. Especially, English learners like me have to try to use the academic words. In the classroom there are a lot of way to teach and learn but one of the important things is that we must develop using academic words.

A new phenomenon: sleep lines on the face



According the article “A new phenomenon: sleep lines on the face” describes the aetiology of sleep lines on the face and also, other wrinkles due to other reasons such as aging and ultraviolet radiation are mentioned here. Langer.K did the first wide study of skin lines of tension, therefore, the lines are called “Langer’s lines”. Furthermore, the skin lines as “sleep creases” could appear on the face and were related to the superficial musculoaponeurotic system. There are three cases of different wrinkles from the typical horizontal and vertical skin lines on the faces, especially the forehead. In all these cases, three men’s lines were unilateral and bilateral oblique wrinkles and these lines arose from sleeping prone, with their faces buried in the pillow. These men’s lines were compared with each other because they were the same age, sex, status, and had the same sleeping position in common, however, their socio-economic groups were different. In addition, this article includes a discussion about lines on the face. There have been many proposed physiological bases for skin lines, but aging and exposure to sunlight being more important bases then others. The changing of skin with aging and the number of wrinkles increases frown and crow’s lines. However, sleeping lines are not related to aging, they are caused by physical habit. Finally, we can reduce the sleeping lines by changing the sleeping position, but we can not stop the wrinkles of aging.

21st-Century Dentistry

Maged Basharahil

Reference: Shulman Matthew. (Feb 25, 2008), 21st-Century Dentistry. US & World Report. Retrived (June 04, 2008),from


The article “21st-Century Dentistry” shows us some of new findings in Dentistry. The author explains three novel methods used in dental clinics. The advanced findings reduced pain, treatment and healing time. The author mentions the laser-assisted new attachment procedure, or LANAP, mini-implants, and digital impression technology. The LANAP can treat infected gums without using scalpels. It killed the bacteria and infected tissue by color distinguishing, helps reform the surrounding tissue, and less reinfection happen. Also, the laser heat seals gums and creates a physical barrier to bacteria. Also, it is used in reshaping gummy smiles in cosmetic clinics. The second advanced technology is Mini-implants. In fact, this kind of implants help the limited jaw bone patients to wear dentures. Also, it does not require scalpels, it is cheaper than conventional implants and can be inserted in one visit. At last, digital impression technology, that is used instead of traditional paste impression used in restorative treatment. It is more comfortable for patients, has less waiting time, and gives the patients more options to select color and type of restorative materials.


First of all, this article definitely interests me. Although, I am a dentist, I found new information in “21-st Century Dentistry”. For example, I am really happy to hear about Mini-implants finding. It will end the aging problem because in the past, we could not do implants of patients with limited bone in their jaws. These new findings helps the patients as well as the dentists. Also, digital impression helps the patients who suffer from gag reflex. In other words, some patients feel nausea and vomiting while impression taking. But, with the digital impression will finish this problem. Finally, I hope the scientists keep discovering new results.

The Same People

ZhiChu Huang

Quindlen, Anna, (2008, June, 09th), The Same People, retrieved June, 06th, 2008 from Newsweek, 70.


According “The same people” (2008), the author discusses what the effect caused by gay-married in the modern society. One of the author’s sons cannot forget what the two boys did at the dinner table. They are not like author’s friends in high school because they made friends with gay. First, one of the most obvious changes of our lives is about the fight of gay rights. The great success has made them to break tradition with a simple answer, because “We are all the same people,” Ellen DeGeeners has said to John McCain. The CSC (California Supreme Court) also said the rules and rights of gays should be based on equality. Someone said that gay marriage is just a thing without following any normal rules. From the Roman poem in the second century it can be found that women should get married with men. Then, in order to find a way to keep the importance of different-sex marriage, some people want to get the support and find out ignored factors from laws against gay marriage.

Gay men and lesbians usually suffer to avoid the public. Their life styles are similar to the hetero marriage, but they cannot get enough rights as same as normal couples. So, without legal support and help, same-sex couples have to trend to depend on the people who do not care about them. Then, the author has a question about why we cannot accept many kinds of love around the world. If the same-sex couples can love and honor each other forever, so we should afford them and give them acceptance and support. The gay-marriage will be told about all around the world, and the younger people will easily find who is gay, and also easy to support them to get married. Maybe someday people will treat gay-marriage as a product of history, as the voting rights of women and black-white marriage.


From this article, the opinions about gay-marriage begin to change to normal with the acceptance by more and more young people and organizations. The gay-marriage or gay-couples are hard to see in my country, but when I have been to America, I have seen gay-couples many times, even kissing in public.

At first, my opinions were the same as those people who do not accept the same-sex love. A large number of people think “Most men love women, and men should love women, so men love men are unordinary.” I never believed love will happen between the same sexes and even getting married. It never occurred to me and my friends and that is really such an abnormal thing to me. But after looking at them many times, I think they are not some strangers. Wearing, eating, studying, playing, most of them are the same as normal couples, beside their relationships.

Sigmund Freud has said everyone in the society has the tendency of bisexual, so the percentage to be the people who tend to be bisexual maybe the all people in society, that means 100%. Although I do not totally believe this opinion, I am not negative about the rights gotten by gays. From schools, barracks, monasteries, prisons gays are usually be found. Their becoming to gay may be affected by the society, so they should be seen as a normal part of society and get the same rights as other so-called normal couples.

With the development of society, gays are not seen as a mental disease as before, and are treated as a normal relationship. From to legalizing the gay-marriage and adopting their own children in some states or countries, many people can correctly treat the relationship between the same sexes. Now, in my opinion, couples or marriage depends on two people and whether they love each other, instead of have to base on male and female.

Revealing Medical Errors to Your Patients


Reference: Murphy, J. G& McEvoy, M.T.(2008)Revealing Medical Errors to Your Patients. Chest joarnal,133:1064-1065.retrived 05/22/08 from EBSKO database.


In Joseph G. Murphy and Marian T. McEvoy article "Revealing Medical Errors to Your Patients." The authors discuss how those medical errors can happen by professional physician. There are three common errors, over dose of anesthesia, which cause death, informing the patient what's happened to him by mistake, and mixing the name of patient with her husband in the patient's record. The patients must get all there ethical rights whether for personal autonomy and dignity or for the outcome of wrong treatment. Most of the studies show the patients were not informed about their medical errors. Also, the patients want to know full information even though cannot understand. On the other hand many states in the US recently did not accept the medical apology laws that protect physician against liability. It is clear to inform patients when the errors are harmful, but if it is near miss and they already fixed it, so, that unnecessary to be known. New studies show most of medical errors came from slight. Many physicians want to tell the patient every thing because recently anyone can get all information from medical internet websites. Recently, we can see decreasing in the number of errors or at least remaining it in the same level after the financial compensation. Patients and their families may be dismayed at the outset, in fact they accept the apology, and would like to know if the doctors learn about their mistakes.


Medical errors are a significant threat to the lives of patients today. We have found a lot of medical errors come through negligence. We can't ignore newspapers which talked about some doctors who forgot some their stuff in the abdomen of the patient such as towels or even a clipper?? The social status created by the community which appears the doctors as over critic does not mean condoning the errors. Physician like ordinary employee all of them must be hold when they defaults. Somebody could argue that this may affect the work where the doctor may feel uncomfortable with the promise of self-confidence .We can understand that, but we must put some regulations to protect the patient's lives.Some of government like Saudi Arabia have some rules to keep those mistakes under control. One solution proposed is a comprehensive medical insurance, but for this discussion there is another place.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Welcome to CESL, 083 students!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Welcome to CESL, 082 students!

Things done below this picture were done in 081 or earlier.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Drinking survey

1. Introduction
Do you ever go back to your home and see people who can’t stand up because they are so drunk? Do you drink? Do your friends drink or does one of your family drinks? Should we allow alcohol for people under 21, like 19 or 18? Scientists find that drinking is really bad for our health. We may have serious diseases such as addiction to alcohol, and poisoning, and you may die or you may get stomach ulcers.
Drinking is a problem these days because the research has found that 22% of all students under 21, compared to 18% over 21 years old, are heavy drinkers (Engs, 1998, para.5). Also, they have found that only 32% of under age youths compared to 24% of legal age youths are heavy drinkers. Some people think that states should raise the drinking age to 21 and this is the right thing to do. But some think that drinking age should be less than 21, they think that 18 is the best age to start to drink. Also, males and females may have a different idea about drinking. Moreover, young people and old people may have different ideas.
2. Purpose
Our group, EAP1-A, including me, decided to find out some things; first, if the females started to drink before the males, or the males started first. Second, we wanted to know at which age they started to drink alcohol. Third, what do the people think about lowering the drinking age to 18? Another thing we wanted to know was if they think much drinking is a problem in Carbondale or not.

3. Hypotheses
I had two hypotheses abut drinking alcohol. First, I thought that males start to drink alcohol before females. Second, I thought the teenagers, at age 18 and under, would want to lower the drinking age to 18 or less.

4. Methods and procedures
Each person in our group was supposed to ask 6 people who were of different genders and ages in the Student Center and on the S.I.U. campus to get different opinions; all respondents were probably students at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. In addition, we asked anyone we saw. We prepared a survey that had 9 questions. Those questions were almost all yes or no questions, so it was easy for respondents to answer the questions.

5. Data + chart
6. Results
Actually, most of the people we asked said that they drink. 8 out of 12 (67%) 18-20 years-olds told us that they started to drink at age 18-20 years old. 20 out of 25 males (88%) drink and 19 out of 24 (79%) females drink. 3 of 25 (12%) males and 4 out of 24 (17%) females started drinking when they were 13-15 years old so the females started first. 9 of 25 males (36%) and 11 of 24 (46%) females started drinking when they were 16-18. 11 of 25 (44%) males and 6 of 24 (25%) females started drinking when they were 19-20. 4 of 12 (33%) people who are 18-20 years old and 8 of 25 (31%) people who are over 21 said that they should lower the drinking age.

7. Conclusion and discussion
I believed that males started to drink alcohol before females. However, it was not true because our survey showed that females started to drink before males. I was shocked at that fact, because I thought that males started to drink first. Also, I thought that teenagers at age 18 and under would want to lower the drinking age to 18 or less. The survey showed they were only slightly more likely to farer lowering the drinking age. This was true; 33% of people who are 18-20 said that they should lower the drinking age, and 31% of people who are over 21 said that they should lower the drinking age. I think the results came out as they did, because people who are 18 are more likely to say yes, to lower the drinking age. They want to drink as adults and they think that they have the right to do it. They think if they can get marred and go to the war when they are 18 they can drink alcohol; it is not a big deal. Moreover, 4 out of 20 (20%) people who are 18-20 years old, and 8 out of 64 (12.5%) people who are over 20 think that too much drinking is a problem in Carbondale. This means that Engs was right about that underage people drink. Finally, if I do another survey about the drinking age I will ask two more questions. I want to know how can they get alcohol when they want to drink? Also, I want to know how they would feel if they made alcohol illegal in the U.S.A.
8- Reference
Engs, R. (1998, March 20). Why the drinking age should be lowered: An opinion based upon research. Applied Health Sciences, Indiana University. Retrieved February 20, 2008, from

Smoking survey

1. Introduction
Do you ever smoke? Do your friends smoke? Do any members of your family smoke? Should we be allowed to smoke in public places? Should we increase the price of cigarettes? Today doctors know that smoking is very bad for your health. And it causes some of the most dangerous diseases, such as lung cancer and heart disease. They still don't understand that almost everybody knows about what smoking does to their bodies and they still smoke. This is serious problem in society because they don't just affect themselves also; they affect the people who are around them.
Some of the researchers had found "staggering health risks of smoking; are women still lighting up? Today, 25.2 percent of women ages 18 to 24 and 27.8 percent of women ages 25 to 44 smoke--and these numbers are increasing. Dr. Larry Laufman, assistant professor at the Center for Cancer Control Research of Baylor College of Medicine, attributes the prevalence of young women who smoke to the recent rise in teen smokers". This increase in teen smoking is particularly worrisome because CDC studies have shown most people begin to smoke as teens. In fact, 82 percent of adults who smoke (or smoked in the past) had their first cigarette by the time they were 18, and more than half had become regular smokers by that time. Furthermore, people who have not tried cigarettes by the time they graduate from college are unlikely to ever start smoking". according to Stefanie, A. Doebler. A Smoking Gun. (1999, para.5).
2. Purpose
Our group, S. Aluqeel, G. Yoo, and I, decided to find out how smokers think about smoking. And what did they think the best solution to make people quit smoking is? I wanted to examine the relationship between gender and when people started smoking. Also, I wanted to know the difference between ages when they want to quit smoking. Moreover, I wanted to know the relationship between gender and their feeling about smoking’s legalization in public places.
3. Hypotheses
I had three hypotheses about smoking. First, I thought that males would say they started to smoke earlier than females. Second, I thought that females would be more likely to say that they started to smoke due to peer pressure than males. Third, I thought that increasing the price of cigarettes is the best solution to make males quit smoking, but it will not work with females.
4. Methods and procedures
Our group asked thirty people who are different gender and age in Carbondale to get different opinions. In addition, we decided to ask smokers because we wanted to know how smokers thought about smoking. We collected the surveys around the student center where the smokers like to spend time. We also decided to ask only smokers. We prepared a survey that has ten questions. Those questions are short questions, so it was easy for respondents to answer the questions.
5. Data + chart
6. Results
Actually, when we asked people, we found that males started to smoke cigarettes earlier than females. We found that 4 out of 15 (26%) of males started to smoke at age 11-15. And 14 out of 15 (93%) of females started to smoke at age 16-19 and 10 out of 15 (66%) of males started to smoke in age 16-19. And 1 out of 15 (6.7%) females started to smoke in age 20-24 and 1 out of 15 (6.7%) of males started at age 20-24. Also we found that more females started to smoke due to peer pressure than males. We found that 14 out of 15 (93%) of females and 10 out of 15 (66%) males started to smoke due to peer pressure. Moreover, we asked people to find out what they thought the best solution to make them quit smoking was and we found that 10 out of 15 (66%) of males and 8 out of 15 (53%) females think high price is the best solution. And the same result for males and females 3 out of 15 (20%), think that making smoking illegal in public places is the best solution. Moreover, 4 out of 15 (26%) of females and 2 out of 15 (13%) of males think that making smoking illegal until age 24 is a good solution.
7. Conclusions and Discussion
I believed that males would say they started to smoke before females. It was true because our survey showed that. And Stefanie A. Doebler mentioned it in her research. I think that happened because males wanted to prove that they are men, they are not children. Also, males thought that smoke, will make them cool and more attractive for females. Moreover, I believed that females be more likely to start smoking due to peer pressure than males. However, it was not true, because our survey showed that males were more likely to start smoking due to peer pressure than females. I was shocked at that fact, because I thought that females would start to smoke due to peer pressure more than males. I think that happened, because boys don’t like to say no to their friends if they asked them to try something, because they want to prove to their friends that they are men and they aren’t scared. Another thing I thought was that increasing the price of cigarette is the best solution to make males quit smoking, but it would not work with females. And our survey showed that is true. I think that happened, because males care about money more than females do, and because they are more responsible than females. I think if I do the survey again I will ask one more question. I want to know how smokers feel if the government of the U.S. makes it illegal to smoke and sell cigarettes?

8. Reference

Doebler, S.A. (1999, September). A Smoking Gun. American Fitness. Retrieved February 20, 2008, from

Monday, March 03, 2008

The influence of media in the teenager

The media influence the teenager in many ways. One of them is their clothing; the teenagers dress up like what they are watching on the television. Also, the media affect the words that the teenagers use when they are speaking very badly. They learn some bad words from the media. Moreover, the media change how the teens think about some dangerous things, such as smoking. For example, when they watch movies and the handsome hero smokes they think it is cool to smoke and they will look handsome if they smoke. Another effect of the media is that the children will watch bad stuff and they will start to think about it in bad way. For example, if they watch adult movies such as movies with a lot of harm, they will start to think about it and ask a lot of questions. Finally, the parents should control what their children see on the television. And the time that their children will spend in front of the television will increase the television’s harm on their children.

Internet Dating Survey Results

1) Sex


male - 15
female - 15

2) Age


18-20 - 7
21-23 - 15
24-26 - 6
27-29 - 2
more than 30 - 0

3) How many times have you used an internet dating service?
0 -20
1-3 -7
4-6 -3
7-10 -0
more than 10 -0

If your answer is 0, do you want to try?
yes - 6
no -14

4) Which gender do you think does more internet dating?
male -21
female -9

5)Do you think what age of people usually use internet dating service?
16-25 -8
26-35 -16
36-45 - 6
45-60 -0
more than 60 -0

6)Why do people choose internet dating to find a girlfriend or boyfriend?
(write down 1-5, 1-most important, 5- lease important)
It's cheap. - 4
It's interesting. -5
It's convenient. -4
It's fun. -12
It's fast. -5

7) Do you believe strongly all the information in other people's profiles?
yes -5
no -25

8) Do you think the company that offers services for online dating should check the criminal background of its member?
yes -29
no -1

9) What kind of mate are you looking for?
(write down 1-5, 1-most important, 5- lease important)
smart -12
funny -6
rich -6
sex -0
handsome / beautiful -6

10) What do you think about an internet dating service's ability to help you find a serious girlfriend or boyfriend?
very good -4
good -14
bad -8
very bad -4

Internet Dating Survey

1) Sex

2) Age
more than 30

3) How many times have you used an internet dating service?
more than 10

If your answer is 0, do you want to try?

4) Which gender do you think does more internet dating?

5)Do you think what age of people usually use internet dating service?
more than 60

6)Why do people choose internet dating to find a girlfriend or boyfriend?
(write down 1-5, 1-most important, 5- lease important)
It's cheap.
It's interesting.
It's convenient.
It's fun.
It's fast.

7) Do you believe strongly all the information in other people's profiles?

8) Do you think the company that offers services for online dating should check the criminal background of its member?

9) What kind of mate are you looking for?
(write down 1-5, 1-most important, 5- lease important)
handsome / beautiful

10) What do you think about an internet dating service's ability to help you find a serious girlfriend or boyfriend?
very good
very bad

Having Premartial Sex Survey Results

Males-19, Females-20

1. Have you had sex before?(what age)


yes 27
no 12


yes 15, no 4


yes 12, no 8

>13 -yes 1
14-21 Males 15, Females 11
not yet- Males 4, Females 8

2. Is premarital sex immoral?


yes- 11
no- 22
don't know- 6


yes- 6
don't know- 3


don't know-3

3. Who has the most influence on your opinion about premarital sex?

Parents-males 6, females 8
Friends-males 7, females 9
Media-males 4, females 1
Boy/girlfriend-males 1, females 3
None-males 1, females 2

4. Do you agree with religions that ban sex before marriage?

Strongly agree-males 4, females 3
Agree- males 5, females 9
Disagree- males 9, females 5
Strongly disagree- males 1, females 2
Don't know- males 0, females 1

5. Do you think premarital sex contradicts chastity?







Having Premarital Sex Survey

1. Gender

(a)male (b)female

2. Age

(a)18 (b)19-21 (c)22-25 (d)over 25

3. Have you had sex before?

(a)yes (b)no

If yes, at what age?

(a)Under 13 (b)14-15 (c)16-18 (d)19-21 (e)over 21

4. Does safe sex change your opinion?

(a)yes (b)no

5. Do you think that having safe sex before marriage is condsidered immoral or unethical behavior?

(a)yes (b)no (c)I don't know

6. If/when you have children, would you try to control them in order to prevent them from having sex before marriage?

(a)yes (b)no

7. If a couple has a baby before they get married, what's the best thing to do in this case?

(a)Get married right away and have the baby.
(b)Retain the baby without getting married.
(c)Provide the baby for adoption

8. Who has the most influence on your opinion about having sex before getting married?

(a)parents (b)friends (c)media (d)boy/girlfriend

9. Do you agree with religions that ban sex before marriage?

(a)strongly agree (b)agree (c)disagree (d)strongly disagree

10. Do you agree with people who say that having sex before marriage contradicts the concept of purity and chastity?

(a)yes (b)no

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Cause of Stress

A stress is the twentieth century diseases. Most of the people start his/her day by a cup of coffee and most of them are Cigarettes smoker they smoke cigarette with it. After that they go to the job and work for a long time, and in some times they get a tough job they take all the day to finish it. Some of jobs people have to use a computer for along time, even that when they get back to home the have to drive there cars in the traffic, when they want enjoy there free time they are using computer or watching TV. All of these things are make them able to get stress when they exercise there normal life but they don’t watch there behaviors.

First, stress is a psychological and physiological response to events that upset our personal balance in some way. This happen when the person tries to do something bigger than his/her power or push the body to do something in up normal matter. These things cause stress which is mean the person feels like Heart Pounding in the chest, muscles tensing up, breathe coming faster.

Second, why we get stress? You have a lot of responsibilities and worries, you may be running on stress most of the time, starting with an emergency mode with every traffic jam, phone call, or something in the evening news. But the problem with the stress is that the more it’s activated, the harder it is to shut off. Instead of leveling off once the crisis has passed, your stress hormones, heart rate, and blood pressure remain elevated.

Third, because there are a lot of diseases coming after stress or because of it, we have to be carful and take care of our health by forcing that causes of stress and try to relax in other word Relaxation is the perfect treatment for stress with some massage in some cases, and there is some direction Doctors put it in CD’s or Taps to learn people how to deal with stress, how to manage there life and how to use good nutrition system to avoid stress

In conclusion, people do not watch there behaviors so the running on stress and most of the big diseases start with small stress but people don’t take care of it in the current time and they keep doing what they did so it will be more hurter for psychological and physiological

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Practice Survey Results

The survey itself is here.

Males- 25, Females- 24

18-20- 12
>20- 36
n/a (no answer)- 1

1. Do you drink?

Total - yes 41, no 8

Males - yes 22, no 3
Females - yes 19, no 5

18-20 - yes 8, no 4
>20 - yes 32, no 4
n/a - yes 1, no 0

2. Which describes your feeling about alcohol?

41- A little alcohol is good for you but too much is bad
2- You should drink as much as you can
5- All drinking is bad for you, but it's fun anyway
1- Drinking should be illegal for everyone
0- Drinking makes you a cool person

Do you ever do "binge" drinking?


yes 10, no 39

Males - yes 5, no 20
Females - yes 5, no 19

5. When (at what age) did you start drinking?


13-15 - 7
16-18 - 20
19-20 - 17
n/a - 5


13-15 - 3
16-18 - 9
19-20 - 11
n/a - 2


13-15 - 4
16-18 - 11
19-20 - 6
n/a - 3

6. Do you think the drinking age should be lowered in Carbondale?

Yes- 15
No- 34

by age
Yes- 4
No- 8

Yes- 11
No- 25

No- 1

Do you think too much drinking is a problem in Carbondale?

Yes- 13
No- 36

by age
Yes- 4
No- 8

Yes- 8
No- 28

Yes- 1

our childrin

There are big problems facing young teenagers. In this time everything is change, people change them mind, everything now is available, whatever you want. So teenagers before fifty years ago were completely different than teenagers now, this since everything available now, like alcohol, weed, drugs and bad friends, absolutely they will deviate. Moreover the teenagers face problems in them school, therefore, all family who has teenagers should every family take care of this teenagers carefully. They have to know about them children or teenagers everything they going to do, what they are doing with their lives, also where they are going, with howm and how they are. Each father and mother should sty with their children to talk together, to know about them and what they think about. the important part in our life after marriage our children. There are some teenagers or guys who already have bad behavior, they want every body similar them. They won’t let everybody he/she will be better than them or successful more than them. Teenagers in this age they excited to do anything; they want try everything.

How are teenagers different in the US and Japan?

Almost all Japanese teenagers put makeup on their face. Actually I started to put makeup on my face when I was 13 years old. Also, they start having interest in making earring holes on their bodies; especially their ears. On the other hand, American teenagers usually don’t put makeup on themselves. I think some people do, but most don’t. I was surprised at parents who allow them to making earring holes on their body even when they are children. In Japan, many parents disagree with making earring holes on their body. I felt a big difference about fashion between the US and Japan. In addition, I think Japanese are more fashionable than Americans, because Americans are always wearing jeans, parka, and sneakers. I feel pity for that, because Americans have longer legs than Japanese, so they can be more fashionable.

The different between the weather here and in my country.

The weather that we had in Carbondale is unusual and it is way different from the weather in my country. The weather in my country in the summer is very hot but at night is nice, and in Carbondale the weather in the summer is very nice, nicer than my country's weather. Also in the cold season it becomes very cold, but we don't have snow over there. But in Carbondale we got the very cold weather and even the people who live in Carbondale say that they haven't had this much snow since 2000 or 2001. Also Carbondale has TORNADOES, but in my country we never saw a TORNADO over there. Moreover, here in Carbondale we have a lot of rain but in my country has become last year and this year stronger and colder. Finally, I think in the future the weather will become stronger in Carbondale too.

The best city to live in...

There are a lot of beautiful cities in the world. Also, people get confused when they are going to move to another city, because each city is better than the other. I think the best city in the world to live in is Miami. Miami has a lot of good things for living. The main reason that makes me think that Miami is the best city is that there are a lot of international people, who make me think that I am not going to be alien. Also when we compare between Miami and other cities, we are going to find that you don't have to spend as much money as people spend in other cities. Moreover, the other reason for me to live in Miami and makes it the best city for me in the world that the weather in Miami is very similar to the weather in my country. Also Miami doesn't have as much crime as the other cities have, so I can live safely. Finally, it has a lot of jobs, so I can secure my future and be sure that I am going to handle my kids and my wife's day trips.

Chating online with my friends

The good thing about speaking with my friends online is that it did not cost me that much money. Also, in some situations it let me be in touch with my friends most of the time more than cell phones. For example, when I came to the United States of America I can not call all my friends from time to time because it is going to cost me too much money, but after I suggested using online chatting, it did not cost me that much money. Moreover, there are some problems when I speak to my friends online. Sometimes I think there is no serious talk between us; it is all going to be asking how we are doing, playing together and kidding. Also we are losing time more than with other kinds of communication, and these problems come from the fact that we do not talk seriously, we are just having fun. Also, sometimes it does not let me pay attention to what he or she said. Finally, there is one more thing that I don't know the answer for, which is that sometimes I talk more openly to my friends than with the other kinds of communications.

SIUC students with drinking alcohol

At SIUC university people are drinking too much alcohol. Also, people want drinking alcohol to be legal from age 18. Moreover, some of the people drink alcohol every day. Alcohol drinking at SIUC is very dangerous because a lot of people when they drink alcohol drive their cars. Many of the people at SIUC drink alcohol legally. But SIUC is way different than the universities in my country. The first thing that is different; almost none of the people drink alcohol because it is illegal in my country. Also the people who drink alcohol in my country can not go out to the street while they are drunk. When the police arrest the person who drinks alcohol from different ages, they have to put them in jail even if he is over 21. Drinking alcohol in my culture and my religion is a taboo.

The best resturant

When I went to Los Angeles, there were a lot of good resturants, but in my opinion the best resturant is the Italian resturant. First, this resturant is so expensive, but the food that they make is very healthy and very delicious. They have different kinds of food such as margarita pizza, garlic cheese breads and lasanga. Also they have different kinds of drinks. Moreover, the good thing is that they make the food in front of you. Sometimes they make a party and this party will go crazy, like house parties and the night clubs, so there are a lot of people you go to meet and chat with. Also the resturant is located in Los Angeles' downtown, and that makes it easy to get to the restaurant. We know a lot of people like seafood and this resturant is very famous for sea food. Also there is one thing I forgot to tell, which is a very good thing, that when you order you will get your order very quickly, in four or five minutes, not like the other restaurants. Finally, this resturant is a very big resturant, it can take over 100 people to sit inside the raesturant.

Stress with the TOEFL

We know that students sometimes get stress from the TOEFL test. And sometimes it improves their scores and sometimes it makes them worse. When I take the TOEFL test I feel very comfortable, and that makes my scores go up. But the problem is when we take the TOEFL exam and we start with it, we are going to get confused by some of the questions. After these confusing questions I have stress, then I'll have a big problem which is that I am going to think about these confusing questions and I'll lose a lot of time. So when I lose a lot of time I won't have time to read all the questions, and these problems make you get more stress. So all these things make the scores worse. When I get the right answers I'll blow the stress away and I feel more comfortable to answer the other questions. Also when I feel comfortable I'll have a lot of time to use with the confusing questions, so that will make my scores go up.

Dealing with stress

We know that is each person has to have stress. Also the stress is different from person to person, and the same stress is different from level to level. But the problem is there are a lot of people who don't know how to deal with stress or how to fight stress to put it away. A lot of people fight stress by using exercises or talking to somebody or smoking. A lot of time I fight stress I smoke a lot and talk to someone that I know very well. The thing that is working out most with me to get the stress away is doing exercise, because I always have stress when I get angry. So, I exercise and get my anger off, and after I get my anger away, the stress will go away too. All these things are very helpful. Also if I am not going to control myself and know how to deal with the stress I think that I am going to have disease problems, such as heart attack and cancer from the earliest age.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Practice Survey

Mini Survey

Thank you for participating in our survey.

___ male ___ female

___ <18 ___ 18-20 ___ >20

1. Do you drink alcohol?

___ yes ___ no

2. Which describes your feeling about alcohol the best?

___ a little alcohol is good for you but too much is bad
___ you should drink as much as you can
___ all drinking is bad for you, but it's fun anyway
___ drinking should be illegal for everyone
___ drinking makes you a cool person

3. How often do you drink?

___ 1x week ___2-3 X/week ___4-5X/week ___ every day

4. Do you ever do "binge drinking?"

___ yes ___ no

5. When (at what age) did you start drinking?

___ 10-12 ___ 13-15 ___ 16-18 ___ 19-20

6. Do you think the drinking age should be lowered to 18?

___ yes ___ no

7. Why or why not?

8. Do you think too much drinking is a problem in Carbondale?

___ yes ___ no

9. Do you think Carbondale/SIUC has more underage drinking than other universities like it?
___ yes ___ no

My future job

I already planned for my future job and i decided to work with Saudi Cultural Mission. I plan to be an adviser for students. Also, I'll work with the financial part. I plan to work there because i'll have a lot of money and a lot of knowledge of people. Moreover, in this job I don't have to work a lot of time. For example, there are people who work more than 6 hours a day, but with this job I am going to work about 5 or 6 hours a day and sometimes less than that. But it does not mean that this job is so easy; it is hard sometimes, because the person who is going to work there has to have responsibility. What I have been thinking about is that I am going to be far away frim my family and how I am going to be allowed to stay and work in the USA. These all are disadvantages. But the advantage is that I'll know a lot of important people and I'll have a chance to help the people who need help, and this will be good to get people to like me.

Alcohol is bad for child

If my children are teenagers, I will tell them alcohol is bad for them. Alcohol is unhealthy; it can make their minds unclear. It might make them have accidents. If they want to drink, I will tell them not to drive. It is very dangerous. It can make them die. Their growth is not done. So, if they drink early, it could make their growth late. When they drink too early, alcohol might make them get cancer or other diseases. I will show some addict video or pictures to them, and let them know drinking will make like those people.

My teenagers and alcohol

I will teach my children a lot of things about alcohol, because i hate it. I will teach them how it is dangerous to their health and their mind. Also, it is bad in our religion, and God will be angry with us if we drink alcohol. I will teach them that alcohol will affect their mind and they will do bad behavior, that they would never do if they weren't drunk. I will teach them about the side effects of drinking alcohol.
1. alcohol makes you gain weight.
2. it makes you feel sick.
3. it gives you bad breath.
4. it slurs your speaking.
5. it makes you feel out of control.
And how is it dangerous to their body and health; they may have serious diseases such as addiction to alcohol, poisoning, and they may die or get stomach ulcers.

My favorite restaurant

Olive Garden is an Italian restaurant which is my favorite restaurant. This restaurant is so elegant and it is a nice place to go. Also, they have delicious food. They have an unbelievable menu. The have soups, appetizer, salad, desert and steak. They also have all kind of Italian pasta. For me, I really like the fettuccini that is made with chicken and Alfredo sauce; it tastes so good. Moreover, their waiters are very polite. When you want to invite someone to such a nice place, it is the perfect one. I really like it and I enjoy my time there. Now I feel hungry to just think about it.

In K.S.A. Alcohol Is Illegal

It is totally different in K.S.A; we don’t drink alcohol, which is good. In SIUC I always see students who went to the bar on the weekend. When they went there, they seem to me that they are so happy. But after midnight the bars start closing, and the students look terrible. They do crazy things; such as sleep on the ground. I thank god that the people in K.S.A can't drink alcohol. In K.S.A the students have different things to do on weekends. They go to a place where they can play sports or they go to their friends' house and they watch movies together or watch television. Or study. They are really healthy young people. I wish that one day they will outlaw alcohol in the U.S.

I don’t have to go to the mall anymore

In the past the people had to go to the mall if they needed anything or go to the stores where they could find what they needed. But the world has been changing now; if I need anything I can log in to the Internet and go to an online shopping website and choose what I want and buy it, and they will send it to me. I prefer online shopping because it is easy, I can get anything I want when I am sitting in my home. Another benefit is that I can find a big collection, I can see everything, any brand from any store. I don’t have to buy just what we have in the next mall. So I have a choice. Also, it can be cheaper than buying stuff from the stores, I can find many collections and I can combine the model, the brand name and the size. Nowadays it has be come a very illustrious business, and I think that people who have an online business can make good money very easily.

I love Carbondale

Carbondale is the best city in the world to live in, because it is not a big city, it is not very crowded, and it is a student's city, so it is cheap to live here. It does not cost me too much to rent an apartment or for other services. I believe that Carbondale is a healthy place to live in, because it has many green trees. Also it doesn't have any factories. Moreover, it has the most wonderful university in the U.S, S.I.U. Also, it is very quiet, which is good for me as a student. Finally, Carbondale actually is a beautiful city. It has so many lakes, beautiful green trees and wonderful weather; it has all the four seasons, winter, spring, summer, and fall.

The difference between the weather in the U.S. and in the K.S.A.

The weather in the U.S. and in the K.S.A. are totally different.
In the U.S. the weather has all the four seasons, spring, winter, summer and fall. But in the K.S.A. we just have two seasons, winter and summer. Also, when the winter comes in the U.S., they have a lot of rain and snow and it is too cold here. In the K.S.A., when the winter comes, it is too cold, but that’s it, no rain, no snow, we have nothing except cold weather. It is so different for me to live in the U.S. Sometimes I face some difficult time, like driving in the snow, or walking when it is raining, because I may fall down. But I love it here because you feel you are alive. Also, we don’t close our schools because of the weather. Moreover, K.S.A. is not a beautiful place to visit, because we don’t have anything like what the U.S. has of beautiful nature.

Deal with stress

Stress is something we face every day in our lives. The stress is caused by different things. However, the important thing is how we should deal with stress. When I feel stressful the first thing I do is take a long breath. If I feel stressful in a public place I try to walk to be more relaxed. In addition, when I feel stressful because I have a quiz or exam I try to go to the recreation center and I do some body exercise such as aerobic exercise. The best thing for my case to relieve my stress is to go to the swimming pool, because that makes me more relaxed. Sometimes I would like to see some of my friends, because that helps to break stress. Moreover, I like to watch movies when I feel in a bad mood, because that helps to be stressing less. All these ways work very well and change my mood to be better.

CESL Stress

In my special case I feel stress when I have something to do. When I prepare for any exam I do not feel stressful. However, when I go to my class to take the exam I feel stressful. On the other hand, TOEFL drives me crazy and is stressful even if I start to study it. Moreover, the listening part is the most stressful part on the exam. Then I become a little bit stressed when I move to the other parts. Also, there is a big stressful point on the TOEFL which is the time. On TOEFL I face many reasons that increase my stress such as the level of questions and the time. In fact, the stress makes my grade worse than what I deserve. Finally, I should be stressed less on my exams because that will improve my grades.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

If I have children, what will I tell them about alcohol?

If I have children, I won’t ban alcohol from them. I started drinking when I was under 18, but I’m a healthy person. To tell the truth, I used to drink a lot when I was younger than now, and I hurt myself. Actually, too much alcohol at one time is bad for our health, but I believe appropriate alcohol is good for our health. Therefore, if I have children, I will let them drink appropriate amounts of alcohol whatever their age. My parents have strict personalities, so I drink behind my parents’ back. I don’t want my children to tell me a lie, so I will permit them to drink whenever they want. In addition, I think I have to tell them not to drain their glass in one gulp, because it may cause acute alcoholism. I know many people who become acute alcoholics because of it, and some may die of it. Parents have to tell their children how to cope with alcohol.

The weather in Carbondale

The weather changes very quickly in Carbondale. In the morning, we see there is enough sunshine and we are feeling good, but it maybe rain in the afternoon. For example, these days we feel very bad. At first, it rained heavily and then the weather became snowy. All the car froze and traffic was stopped. But now, we all stand in the sunshine and feeling good. I don't know what will happen next hour. But Carbondale is warm all year. Although it often rains and snows but it is warm because Carbondale is located in the South part of Illinois. Carbondale sometimes has a storm or tornado but it is not very big. So I think it is OK. I like Carbondale’s weather, because it is better than that of my hometown.


I think Korean parents overprotect their children. They usually take them to school by car when they are teenagers. They take them not only to school but also everywhere their children are. In the US, they are also worried about their children who are teenagers, but they don’t overprotect them as they do in Korea. I think it is the most important thing that makes teenagers become independent. However, if we do like Korean parents, teenagers will not be able to be independent easily. So we always say that teenagers, only those who are men, have to take military service for two years. And then they change when they have finished that. It is not necessary, but if you want to learn how to survive when you have grown up you should take that. I think every Korean man needs to take military service because of that reason.

Teenagers in U.S or in China

China has more than 5,000 years of history. Also China has a long history of education. So Chinese teenagers’ education is mostly traditional and formal. Chinese teenagers should know politeness. And teenagers must go to school from 6AM to 9PM. It is not joking. They have lots of homework to do after school also. So they don’t have time to play or to create something they like. They cannot have extra time to do what they want to do. But teenagers are different in America. Their education is leading in the world. Parents give them enough freedom and teenagers can do everything they want to do. School needs them to be themselves. Also school gives them lots of time to do they like to do things. That is the big different between teenager in U.S. and in China

Teenagers Are Different In The US And Thailand

Teenagers in the US and Thailand have different lifestyles. Because of Thai culture, Thai teenagers have to live with their parents until they get married, but American teenagers are separate and live by themselves. In Thai culture, parents pay tuition and allowance to children until they work, but American teenagers have to get student loans and work to earn their living. Many American teenagers start smoking earlier than Thai teenagers. American teenagers can live together before they get married, but we can not. In school, Thai teenagers are usually shy and scared to ask question in class. Americans always ask teachers if they do not understand. I like this culture because if we keep some question that we do not understand in our mind, we can not continue to study the next chapter. After class, American teenagers spend too much time with friends. We have the rule that after finishing school, we have to go back home to do homework and much housework. These are some examples of how teenagers are different in the US and Thailand.

Teenagers Different in the US and Korea

Teenagers in the US and Korea grow up in different environment. In addition, American teenagers have a stronger independent spirit because they are independent from their parents earlier. However, Korean teenagers do not get an independent spirit from their parents early. But some teenagers become independent from their parents. Moreover, Korean teenagers cause many problems, related to their smoking, drinking, and using drugs. Sometimes they behave violently. It is called a juvenile delinquency. However, I think American teenagers do less than Korean teenagers. American teenagers are exposed to violence more than Korean teenagers. So, Korea has to have more protection of teenagers.

Different Teenagers

In America, teenagers get to the root of things. They do not care about whether their family was broken or they lost their studies. They never care about their future. In my country, teenagers also have a period of contrariness. But they still study hard. They are not drinking a lot of alcohol. American teenagers are more lively than my country's teenagers. American teenagers are very generous. In my country, they always have a lot of worries. They worry about their future, family, and studies. American teenagers and my country's teenagers have different characters.

How to tell children about alcohol

If I have children, I want to tell how dinking alcohol is bad to my children. First, I want to tell them drinking alcohol can make big trouble, because alcohol can make us confused when we drink a lot. So we cannot remember something we did, and sometimes we cannot control our mind and do something ugly or worse. Second, drinking too much alcohol is not good for us. It makes us get heart disease and some other disease. It is too bad for our health. Last, I think I should tell my children that alcohol costs too much money and the smell is not good. Drinking alcohol can make us fail in our job, have a broken marriage and some other bad things.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Between US and My Country

Teenagers in my country have only one aim, university. We study for fifteen hours per day in high school, in order to go to university. There is no reason, it's just because every student does that and we believe that it’s a good way for success. We learn too much in high school even though it’s not necessary for anyone. We think there is an occasion for study. If you are old, you can’t study because you have to be responsible for your family. However, Americans think their life is theirs. They prepare to be independent. They look for their life in their teenage years. Therefore, they can study or do what they want if they are old. And it’s related with their country's situation.

TOEFL! Stressful!

When I took TOEFL test. I really feel stress. Part of listening is better. But Reading makes me sleepy and tired. I can't read clearly anymore. And I can't put my mind in a right way. Worth worth worth... And I can't think the article so I can't answer quickly. And before TOEFL test I feel worried. And I can’t sleep so I feel very sleepy on TOEFL test. I feel tired and I can’t answer question very clearly. Almost I can get 500. But if I feel stress I just got 450. And I got lower score I stay same level again and I feel more stressful. I can’t happy any more then I can’t study very well. And at last I will stay CESL a long long time. So I want to control my mind to think and answer the TOEFL and get higher score. Finish CESL class quickly and go to SIUC. That’s the better way I want to. So control our mind is very important. If we can’t control stress very well, maybe we will be crazy.

My Children with Alcohol

If I have children, I don’t want my children to drink as teenagers. I will absolutely control their drinking. Of course, they can drink sometimes, but they should not let me know. It’s polite for me, and maybe it can be a model for managing them. I will teach them that alcohol is not bad, but you can’t drink it. There is no reason, it’s my rule. I am father. Father should be father, children should be children. If they don’t want this, they can leave when it is possible. But I hope not.

Safer From The Influence Of Alcohol

Alcohol causes many problems in our society. It is especially teenagers that are high risk of drinking. Environment is one of the best ways to protect them from alcohol. In my opinion, I think the most important environment is family. Members of the family should talk to each other every day. It will create a good relationship in the family, and members will know problems and can help to solve problems. Parents should pay attention to children’s friends. When children spend time with their friends, parents should ask them about the time they will come back home, or call them when the time is too late. Children also have to live in a good environment that is not crowded and not full of addicted people. In addition, children have to study in a good school that has good teachers, friends and activities for them. I think these methods would keep them safer from the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol improve my English

Drinking alcohol is good for me to improve my English. If I want to drink alcohol, I will go to bar. And all the waiters are Americans. So I buy alcohol with English. I drink and talk with Americans. That is great; also it is a bust way to study vocabulary that Americans often use in the life. In the other hand, drinking makes me brave and I can talk with American and fell happy. We discuss everything we want to know each other. And then my English just improve every time. Atlought that is a little bit increase, but I think if I drink a little and speak more, that will be better for my health and English. Yes, my opinion is drinking alcoho0l can improve my English and also let me make new American friends.

Influence of Alcohol (Fe #9)

I think parents or family are important in teaching drinking alcohol, because the young do not know how to drink alcohol. Many teenagers are exposed to alcoholic drinking. We need to protect teenagers, because they can cause serious problems. These kinds of events cause drunk driving and fights with other people. Moreover, teenagers have a spirit of insubordination, because they are in adolescence. However, some people do not have concern for teenagers. So, we need to protect teenagers. We teach decorum, and they should control themselves when they have a drinking party. And we have to have concern for teenagers

My children about alcohol

If I had children I would teach drinking manners when they were underage. In Korea we usually drink alcohol with our father at first. The reason is that if we do that when they grow up enough to drink, it would prevent problems and accidents, because we can learn how to control ourselves with from those who are like father. Therefore we also aren't curious about drinking, because already we have got experience. So if I have children, I will teach them how to drink. And also I will teach them how to control themselves. I don't want to let my children have problems. So I have responsibility as their father. That means I want to protect them from accidents because of alcohol.

Friday, February 15, 2008

San Francisco

San Francisco is a very beautiful city. I like this place because it has a wonderful river and beautiful structure. When I visit San Francisco, I have surprise time. The weather is so cold because it is a port town. It has many tourist attractions. For example, there are Golden Gate Bridge, Cliffhouse, and Alkatraz Island. There are many Korean restaurants and it has fresh air. I like San Francisco. So, I want to live in San Francisco.

The best city in the world to live

In my opinion, Tokyo is the best city in the world to live in, because the public transportation system is very convenient, people keep order and welfare facilities also are good. The first time I went there I was alone and I didn’t know anything about transportation, but I could find out where I wanted to go, because transportation was really easy to understand. People also were really kind to me. They keep order well of course. Everywhere you can see welfare facilities for the disabled. Above all I love the night view in Japan. I always dream that I will live in Japan one day. So I should start studying hard now. And then when I graduate university I will get a job in Japan. I think everyone understands why I have chosen this city.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Abdullah Al-Mutrif

The important thing in our life is technology. The entire world tries to advance with technology; there are many things technologists do, that if we don’t have maybe we can’t advance our life and country. I’ll start with my country. 60 years ago they didn’t have any kind of technology in some parts of my country they didn’t have electrically ether. It was a very difficult life. So, now Saudi Arabia is totally changed by the technology. Also, technology changed the rules of the country too. For example, we weren’t having any kind of technology like cameras, DVD or color television. So when the technology came to Saudi Arabia all things changed. The advances are continuing in my country; at this time we can see that each house has three or four TV, DVDs and cameras some families have many electric things; all these things are by technology. No body in this time can live without technology, because technology now is part of our life. Technology can make our life easy and comfortable.

Abdullah Al Mutrif

There is only one restaurant in Carbondale that I can say is my favorite. This restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in the world. This restaurant is Hunan; this restaurant introduced Chinese food. They make many type of food a taste perfect. Moreover, you can see a lot of people of different generations or different nationalities who like Hunan restaurant. So we can see this restaurant in many places around the world. Furthermore, they have a good dessert selection. They have excellent decorating in dishes, wall and food design. In addition, the waiters are very polite and give a good serves. I would like to say this type of restaurant is my favorite, and I love Chinese food.

Rush huor

Abdullah Al Mutrif

Rush hour gives most of people stress. We can see that they are many cars and crowds in the big city after employees and school let out when they finished they job or school. In this time the crowed in the street give some of drivers stress and nerves. Now I will talk about the stressful throng in the street, especially in the rush hour. For example, when the driver cuts off the road of the other driver or He /She drives with nonchalance maybe they can fight each other. Moreover, the weather is important to change the mood. For example, when the weather is so hot it can give stress to people when they drive. So the most stressful thing in the road is when they can’t drive easily with crowds of cars, when the weather is hot or when they have something to do quickly and they can’t.

I would like to be a businessman and be successful. When I was young I went with my father to his job. In my father’s job he had stores and buildings for rent. So with many times when I went with him, I started to love this kind of job. This kind of job is so good, because it gives me feerdome without limits in my life. Also I do many things without rules and I can make more maney. So my job in the future will be businessman. I will try to make huge business around the world. It will be a grate job when you have a freedom.

Weather (Fe #8)

I come from South Korea. Carbondale weather is similar to that of my country. However, my country has more snowing and raining. Moreover, summer is very hot, and winter has more cold than Carbondale. We have a short spring and fall, because I think it is caused by environmental pollution. When I first arrived here in San Francisco, there was a very strong wind and it was very cold. It was just May at that moment. I think Korea has more pollution. So, nowadays Korea has more serious weather changes. I hope that we have to have a good environment.

Weather comparison

When I first arrived here, I was surprised because there was a snowfall. I had not seen this before when I was in Korea. In Korea, there is snow sometimes, but not such like here. Here it is much colder than Korea. Sometimes I cannot even breathe, because it is too cold. And something is strange here, because some days it is really warm, but the next day it is very cold. I cannot understand how weather can change suddenly. Another thing is sometimes it was snowing, but a few hours later it was raining. And then finally it was icing. I think Korean weather is better than that of the U.S.A.

The weather

A few days ago it was snowing. It was not snow. It was an ice storm. Here winter is sometimes warm, sometimes cold. It is very uncommon. This place and my country have some differences. In my country the seasons are very clear. In summer it is very hot, and in winter it is very cold. Here, summer is hotter than in my country, but winter is so warm. It may be because of global warming. We should protect the enviroment.

How is the weather different here from where I am from?

Carbondale is much colder than Japan definitely. Actually, I have two hometowns, because I’m living alone. My parents are living in Kochi prefecture in Japan, and there is a temperate climate. It is called southern country, but it is not. I’ve never seen snow in Kochi. On the other hand, my second hometown, Osaka prefecture, has severe climate. It has severe heat in summer because of land conditions. Osaka is the second biggest city in Japan, so too many buildings block winds and windows of high buildings reflect sun light. However, it has severe cold in winter. Sometimes I saw snow, but not usually. I think winter climate is similar to Carbondale, because both Osaka and Carbondale are cold in winter, but don’t have much snow.

Move From Hot To Cold Weather

I come from Thailand, which is located in Southeast Asia. The weather in my country is very hot. However, in the winter, the weather in my country is very nice. It is a little cold. In contrast, when I came here in August, the weather was very hot. I think it was hotter than the weather in my country. Now, in the winter, the weather is very cold but I like it. When I walk outside, I have to run to get inside as soon as possible. I do not understand why America has very different weather in different seasons. I think it is because this country is very big and it has different climates in different areas. Thai people who live in America usually go back to Thailand in the winter because they are not used to living in very cold weather. For me, I can live in either America or Thailand.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Boston is very beautiful. I like it. In this city I can do many things. In summer I can be with my family or friends, go to the beach, and be exposed to the sun. Boston is located in the inshore. So, when I feel very bad, I can see the beach. When I see the beach, my heart can feel peaceful. Sometimes I can be with my friends and go fishing. One important thing is that I can eat fresh the yield of the sea. The beach can give me animation. So, I hope if I have a chance to live there, I exactly want to live in Boston.

Friday, February 08, 2008

The Best City In The World

I want to recommend to you my hometown, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Chiang Mai is the second capital of Thailand, which is located in the north. Chiang Mai has a long history more than 700 years. There are very famous tourist spots, such as Suthep Temple, and beautiful waterfalls. One famous tourist spot is Doi Intanon, which is the highest mountain in Thailand. The weather in Chiang Mai is not hot like Bangkok. Every winter, a lot of tourists go to Chiang Mai for traveling. Chiang Mai people are very kind. The transportation is convenient and there are no traffic jams. Northern food such as Kao Soi and Sai Oua is very popular for Thai people and foreigners. All living expenses are very cheap, for example, the price of a bowl of noodles is only 70 cents, and you can see the food everywhere. For these reasons, I think Chiang is the best city in the world to live in.


My favorite sport is billiards. There are many kinds of billiards in Korea, for example, three ball, four ball, six ball and pool. I often play four ball. Anyway, billiards doesn’t require much physical strength. When I was young, I liked to play basketball, but it’s so difficult for me right now because I’m fat and a little bit old. Billiards doesn’t require that I prepare something. If you want to play, just go a billiard room, and it also doesn’t require too much time. Moreover, the rules are very simple. You can learn them very easily. And it isn’t expensive. I like billiards for various reasons. Billiards is the best sport.


Paris would be the best city in the world to live in. There are many beautiful constructions in Paris, for example the Eiffel tower, the Triumphal Arch, and the Versailles Palace. Not only are there famous sightseeing spots, there are also thousands of beautiful buildings there, because even ordinary houses are delightful. You can see many colorful pretty houses when you travel there. In addition, Paris is an urban city of course, and is so convenient to live in. There are many lines for subways and buses working until midnight. Some people say they don’t like living in a city because of too many people, but I don’t think Paris is a crowded city. French people have calm and gentle personalities, and also are a little lazy in nature. Therefore, we don’t need to wear a wristwatch all the time, I thought when I visited Paris. Paris is the best city to spend a slow life.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Online Shopping

Recently, we often buy something online. There are many shopping malls online, and many other malls are coming. Because it's more cheap, convenient and easy than offline, we often use that. It might change the nature of business. For example, my friend, who makes furniture and sells it, also made a web site-related his shop to sell. Before, people came to his shop and bought furniture, but they don't do like that nowadays. So he made an online shop, and there are more customers than offlne. I think it's s general trend nowadays.


These days, our technology has changed a lot. So our life is also more comfortable now. In this century, we can talk online with friends who stay in another country. And we can also talk with friends face to face. We can use a cam, which makes us able to see our friends. Quality is getting better, and price is going down now. So you can talk with your family or friends whenever you want, without charge. But most people do not know that. So we should let them know. I will tell my mother to use this one, because cell-phone payments are high.

Easy to talk with friends

Now technology is growing very fast. In former days, if I wanted to contact my friends, I just called them. But now we can use Internet to talk. It is convenient for our lives. Before I just had one choice, but now I can e-mail her or use MSN to talk. It helps us to get more information easily. Although I do not go out or go to my friends' home, I also can talk with her. If I go abroad to study, I cannot call her every day. But I can use online communication every day. Although we are far apart, we can contact each other anytime. It is very easy to use.