Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The best resturant

When I went to Los Angeles, there were a lot of good resturants, but in my opinion the best resturant is the Italian resturant. First, this resturant is so expensive, but the food that they make is very healthy and very delicious. They have different kinds of food such as margarita pizza, garlic cheese breads and lasanga. Also they have different kinds of drinks. Moreover, the good thing is that they make the food in front of you. Sometimes they make a party and this party will go crazy, like house parties and the night clubs, so there are a lot of people you go to meet and chat with. Also the resturant is located in Los Angeles' downtown, and that makes it easy to get to the restaurant. We know a lot of people like seafood and this resturant is very famous for sea food. Also there is one thing I forgot to tell, which is a very good thing, that when you order you will get your order very quickly, in four or five minutes, not like the other restaurants. Finally, this resturant is a very big resturant, it can take over 100 people to sit inside the raesturant.